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The High Weald Landscape Trail (HWLT) is a 90 mile route between Horsham, West Sussex and Rye, East Sussex, designed to pass through the main landscape types of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It does not follow the highest ground, and the eastern section is only a few feet above sea level. It keeps to the northern edge of the High Weald except in the west where it runs close to the southern edge for a short distance.
It is a trail of regional importance supported by the High Weald Forum and local authorities in East and West Sussex, and Kent. The route is well signposted. It follows public rights of way and roads with the occasional permissive path.
The geology is alternating sandstones and clays, and the latter can be very muddy in wet conditions so boots are a must except in very dry weather. Some sections become very overgrown in summer with nettles and brambles.
by N Chadwick
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TQ6941 : Shelterbelt and orchard, High Weald Landscape Trail by N Chadwick
TQ8732 : Plummer Lane by N Chadwick
TQ6841 : High Weald Landscape Trail in the bottom of the valley near Brenchley by N Chadwick
TQ8430 : Trees by the HWLT by N Chadwick
TQ6441 : High Weald Landscape Trail, Snipe Wood by N Chadwick
TQ8231 : Orchard by the HWLT by N Chadwick
TQ2131 : High Weald Landscape Trail, St Leonard's Forest by N Chadwick
TQ7736 : High Weald Landscape Trail crosses Waterloo Rd by N Chadwick
TQ6741 : An old orchard by High Weald Landscape Trail by N Chadwick
TQ7237 : High Weald Landscape Trail signpost, Maypole Lane by N Chadwick
TQ7039 : Broken stile, High Weald Landscape Trail by N Chadwick
TQ7436 : High Weald Landscape Trail sign, Glassenbury  Rd by N Chadwick
TQ8132 : Sheep by the HWLT, Benenden by N Chadwick
TQ7336 : Pond by High Weald Landscape Trail by N Chadwick
TQ6841 : Redundant stile, High Weald Landscape Trail by N Chadwick
TQ8231 : HWLT leaving Pookwell Wood by N Chadwick
TQ8431 : Woodland by the HWLT by N Chadwick
TQ6441 : The High Weald Landscape Trail joins Bramble Reed Lane by N Chadwick
TQ6941 : High Weald Landscape Trail through orchards by N Chadwick
TQ8921 : High Weald Landscape Trail to Clayton Farm by N Chadwick
TQ8430 : Pond by the HWLT by N Chadwick
TQ6941 : HWLT along a shelterbelt by N Chadwick
TQ7536 : High Weald Landscape Trail heading to Glassenbury by N Chadwick
TQ6139 : Approaching Little Bayhall Farm by N Chadwick
TQ8733 : High Weald Landscape Trail , Plummer Lane by N Chadwick

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