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Listed below are the top 200 contributors based on number of completed hectads where they are the ONLY contributor. This page only counts First Geograph images.

Number in brackets is the the number of land squares making up the hectad. Double click a list of hectads to expand (also displays as tooltip).

1stKenneth Allen 17 C30,C50,H28,H35,H36,H...
2ndToby Speight 4 NA81[3],NC47[2],NB40[...
3rdHywel Williams 3 TR46[3],TR18[2],TR47[1]
   "Richard Webb 3 NS00[2],NS22[1],V81[1]
5thJonathan Billinger 2 T16,SX14[1]
   "Graham Horn 2 M43,M94
   "Anne Burgess 2 NO74[3],NH97[1]
   "George Brown 2 NF68[2],NG10[1]
   "Andy Strangeway 2 HP62[1],MC01[1]
10thPatrick Mackie 1 NM90
   "Adam Ward 1 NM51[3]
   "Cered 1 SN36[3]
   "David Dixon 1 SZ78[2]
   "Joe Pritchard 1 SW65[2]
   "Andy Farrington 1 NX23[2]
   "Douglas Wilcox 1 NR33[2]
   "Ian Warburton 1 SH59[1]
   "Oast House Archive 1 TV79[1]
   "Paul Glazzard 1 TA42[1]
   "Phil Williams 1 TA25[1]
   "Simon Leatherdale 1 SY38[1]
   "David Stowell 1 SX33[1]
   "Chris Heaton 1 SX03[1]
   "Nigel Homer 1 SW81[1]
   "Hugh Venables 1 SM60[1]
   "dave challender 1 SM50[1]
   "PeterB 1 SM40[1]
   "John Naisbitt 1 SJ09[1]
   "Nick Ray 1 NF61[1]
   "kevin rothwell 1 SC36[1]
   "Peter Standing 1 OV00[1]
   "Snaik 1 NT59[1]
   "James Allan 1 NT38[1]
   "Brian Robertson 1 NR91[1]
   "John McMillan 1 NO72[1]
   "Roger McLachlan 1 NF80[1]
   "RIJones 1 NA93[1]
   "Dave Wheeler 1 HZ16[1]
   "Rob Burke 1 HY35[1]
   "Greg MacThomais 1 HW62[1]
   "Steve Bryan 1 HU77[1]
   "Becky Williamson 1 V91[1]
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