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2015 [1700 images]

SK4246 : UK Temporary Road Work Sign by Gary
SK4246 : Temporary Traffic Lights Sign by Gary
SU5806 : Bath Lane Cricket Pavilion (3) by Barry Shimmon
SU5806 : Bath Lane Cricket Pavilion (1) by Barry Shimmon
TQ4069 : Bromley North station by Christopher Hilton

2014 [1696 images]

SE3132 : St Saviour , Ellerby Road, Leeds by Mark Stevenson
SE3132 : St Saviour , Ellerby Road, Leeds by Mark Stevenson
SE3132 : St Saviour , Ellerby Road, Leeds by Mark Stevenson
SE3132 : St Saviour , Ellerby Road, Leeds by Mark Stevenson
SE3132 : St Saviour , Ellerby Road, Leeds by Mark Stevenson

2013 [1157 images]

SC4199 : A17 junction with A9 by Shaun Ferguson
SC4099 : A19 entering Andreas by Shaun Ferguson
NX4000 : A19 passing the Ballakelly Farm Cottage by Shaun Ferguson
NX3900 : A19 passing Kiondroughad Farm by Shaun Ferguson
NX3800 : A19 road passing Ballacamaish by Shaun Ferguson

2012 [1648 images]

SO9387 : Lodge Farm from feeder to sport-West Midlands by Martin Richard Phelan
SU7139 : Flood Meadows by Billy
SU7238 : Little Caker Bridge at the end of Water Lane by Billy
SU7238 : Steps down to cross the Alton Bypass (A31) by Billy
NM4551 : Track to Loch Frisa by William Starkey

2011 [1937 images]

SK0543 : House over the mill pond by Brian Deegan
NT5485 : North Berwick station by Tim Glover
NT5585 : West beach, North Berwick by Tim Glover
NN4727 : Glen Dochart Caravan Park by Tim Glover
J3020 : Newly refurbished lawn at the Silent Valley Lodge by Eric Jones

2010 [1205 images]

SU6420 : SDW towards Old Winchester Hill by easthantsxc
SU6420 : Looking south from SDW by easthantsxc
SU6320 : SDW near Exton by easthantsxc
SU5227 : South Downs Way at Cheesefoot Head by easthantsxc
NZ0759 : Hedley on the Hill : a linear village atop a ridge by Robert W Watt

2009 [1626 images]

SS7249 : Lynmouth and the Rhenish tower by Oliver Mills
SS7249 : Lynmouth and the cliffs by Oliver Mills
TF0919 : The Old Grammar, School, Bourne, Lincolnshire by Rex Needle
TF6928 : Sandringham House, Norfolk by Paul Bryan
TF6928 : Lych gate at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Sandringham by Paul Bryan

2008 [1262 images]

TM0379 : Middle Road to Blo' Norton by Geoff Pick
SU2163 : Narrowboats on the Kennet and Avon Canal below Cadley Bridge by David Martin
TF0627 : The parish church at Kirkby Underwood, near Bourne, Lincolnshire by Rex Needle
SU2662 : Kennet and Avon canal at Crofton by David Martin
SU5291 : Steam Train at Didcot North Junction by Wayland Smith

2007 [1103 images]

SJ9494 : Construction work on Reynold Street by Gerald England
SJ9594 : Hyde Cemetery by Gerald England
ST2077 : Freight Train Passing Pengam by Wayland Smith
NS9888 : Machinery At Rest During Harvest by James T M Towill
TR3140 : Port of Dover - 2007 by Helmut Zozmann

2006 [1149 images]

NY7110 : Clapper bridge over Helm Beck by Tim Glover
NY7708 : River Eden downstream from Frank's Bridge by Tim Glover
NG4744 : Possible site of Chapel, Portree by Alpin Stewart
NM6125 : Wrapping the bales by Fred Howard
TQ3544 : Long Meadow Farm by Dr Neil Clifton

2005 [267 images]

TF0307 : Stamford School Cricket Pavilion by Kim Fyson
TF0307 : Stamford School by Kim Fyson
TF0307 : Stamford School Carpark by Kim Fyson
HY4448 : Harbour, Pierowall by Alpin Stewart
TF0307 : Stamford School Chapel by Kim Fyson

2004 [97 images]

NH7241 : Fundamental benchmark, Daviot by Richard Webb
ST5394 : Chepstow castle, early one morning by Roy Parkhouse
SP9632 : Antiques centre at Woburn Abbey by nick macneill
NY6820 : Appleby - footbridge over River Eden by Dave Bevis
NY6820 : Appleby - west side of Boroughgate by Dave Bevis

2003 [47 images]

SS6290 : Cycle path to Swansea by DS Pugh
SS6290 : Clyne outflow by DS Pugh
SS4190 : Rhossili Dunes by DS Pugh
SS4190 : Rhossili Beach sign by DS Pugh
SS4190 : Towards Hillend by DS Pugh

2002 [22 images]

TL0935 : Wrest Park, Silsoe by Stephen Richards
TL0365 : Melchbourne Park. Melchbourne by Stephen Richards
SE0754 : The Cavendish Memorial by Hugh Chappell
NZ9505 : A side street in Robin Hood's Bay by Elliott Simpson
TQ9258 : St Catherine, Kingsdown, Kent - Window by John Salmon

2001 [23 images]

SN0041 : Dinas Head by Ian Taylor
V5744 : Ballydonegan Strand by Chris Andrews
V6644 : Dunboy Quay by Chris Andrews
V5945 : Mountain Mine, Allihies by Chris Andrews
V5945 : Steam Boiler, Caminches Mine by Chris Andrews

2000 [16 images]

NY4308 : Summit of Froswick by Tim Glover
NY4307 : Cairn at the rim of the summit plateau of Ill Bell by Tim Glover
NY4306 : The summit of Yoke by Tim Glover
NG8964 : Poca Buidhe by John Ferguson
SJ6923 : Howle Pool Farm House by Phillip Hayward


SU1869 : Marlborough High Street 30.7.99 by Roy Hughes
TM2039 : Nacton Sunset by Gerald England
NY5129 : Penrith Castle by Carl Bendelow
TG2813 : Rackheath Industrial Estate from the air by Jonathan Neville

1998 [11 images]

SO2122 : Pen Cerrig Calch by Alan Richards
SO2219 : Tuag at Grughywel / Towards Crughywel by Alan Richards
SO2118 : Castell Crughywel / Crickhowell Castle by Alan Richards
SO2033 : Pen Rhos Dirion by Alan Richards
SO2133 : Rhos Dirion by Alan Richards

1997 [22 images]

SM9801 : Castell Penfro / Pembroke Castle by Alan Richards
SM9603 : Twr Matello Tower by Alan Richards
SM9704 : Pont Cleddau Bridge by Alan Richards
SM9604 : The Promenade, Neyland by Alan Richards
SM9505 : Eglwys Sant Tudwal / St Tudwal's Church by Alan Richards

1996 [8 images]

SU1361 : Bowden's Bridge 119, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SU1361 : Remains of Wilcot Swing Bridge 118, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SU1461 : Wilcot Bridge 117, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SU1461 : Stowell Park Footbridge 116, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SU1561 : Bristow Bridge 115, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton

1995 [6 images]

SK5023 : The River Soar tumbles over the weirs at Zouch by Tim Glover
SK5122 : Looking across the River Soar to Normanton on Soar church by Tim Glover
SK5419 : The Great Central Railway crosses the Grand Union Canal by Tim Glover
SK5419 : Little Moorlane Bridge crosses the Grand Union Canal by Tim Glover
TG0020 : River Wensum North Elmham by David Leeming


SE2232 : New Street Mills, Pudsey by Chris Allen
NM7735 : Light on the southern tip of Eilean Musdile by Elliott Simpson
NM7535 : Coastline on the East Side of Duart Point by Elliott Simpson
SE2234 : Entrance to Hainsworth's Mill, Stanningley Bottom by Chris Allen
NX7447 : Dundrennan Abbey by Gareth Foster

1993 [8 images]

SP4814 : Sign for the Wise Alderman by Stephen Craven
ST7520 : Westland Lysander, Henstridge Airfield by Chris Andrews
ST3087 : Freight train heads west at Gaer Junction  by roger geach
SE5403 : Birds of Prey at Cusworth by Gerald England
SE5403 : Owl at Cusworth by Gerald England

1992 [12 images]

NM6589 : Lon Liath by Douglas Nelson
SD5425 : Railway south of Lostock Hall by Stephen Craven
SD6226 : Bridleway alongside the railway at Hoghton by Stephen Craven
SD8848 : Above Greenberfield Top Lock No 44, Leeds and Liverpool Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SD8847 : Tortoiseshell butterfly on creeping thistle by Dr Neil Clifton


SX6739 : Hope Cove from the Sea Wall by Anthony Parkes
SW8432 : St Mawes Castle by Chris Andrews
NZ2362 : Dunston Staithes by Chris Allen


NJ3464 : River Spey Railway Viaduct by Elliott Simpson
NJ1457 : Pluscarden Abbey by Elliott Simpson
NJ0965 : Coastal defenses on Roseisle Beach by Elliott Simpson
F5907 : Lough Nakeeroge by Bart Horeman

1988 [14 images]

SP8212 : Bifurcated and Tubular Rivets - Weir pumps by Chris Allen
SP8212 : Bifurcated & Tubular Rivets, Aylesbury - boiler house by Chris Allen
W5598 : 80-class passenger special at Mallow - 1988 by TheTurfBurner
SE5951 : 'Mallard' at York Station, 1988 by Rob Newman
NO7157 : Class 37 at Montrose, 1988 by Rob Newman


TQ2980 : Street artist at work by Carl Grove
TQ2980 : Charing Cross Road by Carl Grove
TQ2782 : Baker Street station by Carl Grove
TQ2980 : Shaftesbury Avenue by Carl Grove
NJ7428 : Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circle by ronnie leask

1986 [9 images]

SZ5881 : View from Hope Hill in 1986 by Barry Shimmon
NN2229 : River Orchy, a nice looking pool by Peter Bond
NT2791 : Kirkcaldy Station by Rob Newman
NM6797 : Mallaig Harbour by Elliott Simpson
NM6691 : Former SYHA Hostel by Elliott Simpson


NZ2563 : Gateshead Traction Maintenance Depot, 1985 by Rob Newman
SS1399 : South Beach - Tenby by Anthony Parkes
SY4692 : Steam engine, Palmer's brewery, Bridport by Chris Allen


NH7644 : Class 47 and the Nairn Viaduct, 1984 by Rob Newman
NJ0258 : Train Approaching Forres Station, 1984 by Rob Newman
SO8376 : Opening train by David Stowell

1983 [10 images]

SU3987 : The former Post Office Vaults sign by Steve Daniels
SU3987 : The Post Office Vaults on Market Square by Steve Daniels
SU3987 : Alfredian Park in Wantage by Steve Daniels
C8432 : Hanover Place, Coleraine (1983) by Albert Bridge
C8532 : Former Moore's foundry, Coleraine by Albert Bridge


SW7659 : Holywell Beach by Sarah Charlesworth
SW7760 : Porth Joke by Sarah Charlesworth


SX9193 : Exeter St. Davids railway station, Devon, 1981 by Nigel Thompson
SH5938 : Train Leaving Minffordd BR Station 1981 by Rob Newman
SW9680 : Port Quin Creek from Doyden Castle by Sarah Charlesworth


SC3988 : View Towards Laxey from Snaefell Summit by David Dixon
SC3988 : View to the North from Snaefell Summit by David Dixon
SC3987 : Snaefell Mountain Railway by David Dixon
SC3987 : Snaefell Mountain Railway by David Dixon


NY9324 : Shake holes and approach to Middleton-in-Teesdale by Clint Mann
SX8851 : Kingswear Station for Dartmouth by roger geach
SO8554 : Above Lock No 3, Worcester and Birmingham Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SO8554 : King's Head Lock No 3, Worcester and Birmingham Canal by Dr Neil Clifton


SJ9664 : Bearda Farm and Valley River Dane Summer 1976 by Barry Dale

1975 [17 images]

S6012 : A view of the road bridge across the River Suir by John Lucas
T1312 : Train departing from Rosslare harbour by John Lucas
NC5825 : Creag na h-Iolaire by Alan Reid
NC5929 : Meall an Eòin with a glimpse of Loch Choire by Alan Reid
NC5728 : On the slopes of Creag an Lochain by Alan Reid


NG7627 : Kyle of Lochalsh station by Ian Taylor
TQ3877 : National Maritime Museum and Naval College by Dr Neil Clifton
TQ3877 : Greenwich Riverfront, 1973 by Dr Neil Clifton
TQ3877 : Greenwich Pier by Dr Neil Clifton


NT2673 : Holyrood Palace by Whatlep


NY1420 : Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater, in 1969 by Jim Barton

1968 [6 images]

NM9586 : Strathan and the Streaps by ronnie leask
SD9414 : 'Antioch', near Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough, Lancashire by Dr Neil Clifton
SD9413 : Motorway construction on M62, Tunshill, near Milnrow, Lancashire by Dr Neil Clifton
SD9413 : M62 construction, Castle Hill, near Rochdale, Lancashire by Dr Neil Clifton
SD9312 : Claylands Head, Milnrow, Lancashire: 1968 by Dr Neil Clifton


TG4111 : River Bure, Acle Bridge by Alfred Dixon
SK3536 : British Trolleybuses - Derby by Alan Murray-Rust

1966 [10 images]

SJ3249 : Up freight at Croes Newydd Junction, Wrexham, 1966 by Ben Brooksbank
SJ3250 : Ex-GWR 0-6-0 Pannier tank at Croes Newydd Locomotive Depot by Ben Brooksbank
SJ3168 : Manchester - Bangor express approaching Shotton Low Level by Ben Brooksbank
SJ3168 : Llandudno - Leeds express east of Shotton Low Level by Ben Brooksbank
SJ3168 : Up train of oil tankers at Shotton (Low Level) by Ben Brooksbank


SU4210 : Southampton Harbour, Hampshire, taken 1964 by Christine Matthews
SZ2984 : The Needles taken from Cross Channel Ferry in 1964 by Christine Matthews


TL5203 : Blake Hall Station by Ben Brooksbank
TL5844 : Bartlow Station by Ben Brooksbank
TL6130 : Thaxted by Ben Brooksbank


TQ0058 : Ex-LSWR '0395' class 0-6-0 shunting at Woking by Ben Brooksbank
SU6352 : Summer Saturday relief express entering Basingstoke by Ben Brooksbank
SU6352 : Basingstoke station, with semi-fast train to Waterloo by Ben Brooksbank
SU7173 : SR 4-4-0 at Reading General station by Ben Brooksbank

1951 [8 images]

SH9839 : NE on A494 down the Cors-y-Sarnau valley near Bethel, 1951 by Ben Brooksbank
SH8223 : SW down Wnion Valley from near Drws-y-nant, 1951 by Ben Brooksbank
SH5905 : NE up valley of Dyffryn Dysynni to Cader Idris, 1951 by Ben Brooksbank
SH6111 : Mawddach Estuary from Fairbourne, 1951 by Ben Brooksbank
SJ0843 : Barmouth - Birkenhead train just east of Corwen by Ben Brooksbank

1949 [6 images]

SO9020 : Local goods train near Churchdown, with a real Old Stager, 1949 by Ben Brooksbank
SO9020 : Westbound GWR freight near Churchdown, 1949 by Ben Brooksbank
SO9120 : Up empties near Churchdown, 1949 by Ben Brooksbank
SO8719 : Ex-GW 48XX 0-4-2T running Light Engine near Churchdown by Ben Brooksbank
SO8719 : Cheltenham St James' - Gloucester local train near Churchdown by Ben Brooksbank


SO9234 : Long empty coaching stock train northbound on the main line near Ashchurch by Ben Brooksbank

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