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Located on and around the famous Lickey Hills, the Lickey & Blackwell Parish Council covers an area just 10 miles from Birmingham city centre. Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council was established in May 1993, making it one of the newer of the 19 Parish Councils in the District of Bromsgrove.

It comprises nine Councillors who are elected to represent five wards within the Parish; Linthurst Ward (3 councillors), Shepley Ward (2 councillors), Grange Ward (2 councillors), Lickey Ward (1 councillor) and Monument Ward (1 councillor)


The area is entered by many roads. Starting in the north and working clockwise around the boundary they are

Monument Lane at the junction with Beacon LaneSO9875 : Beacon Hill approaching the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesRose Hill opposite the entrance to the Golf ClubSO9975 : Entrance to Lickey Hills golf club and visitors centre on Rose Hill by Roger A SmithCherry Hill RoadSP0074 : Cherry Hill Road, Barnt Green, as it Enters the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesFiery Hill RoadSO9973 : Fiery Hill Road At The Lickey & Blackwell Parish Boundary by Roy HughesLinthurst NewtownSO9972 : Linthurst Newtown At The Lickey & Blackwell Boundary by Roy HughesAgmore RoadSO9971 : Railway Bridge over Agmore Road, Blackwell. by Roy HughesBlackwell RoadSO9871 : Blackwell Road Approaching the Lickey & Blackwell Parish Boundary by Roy HughesVigo Bridge, Hewell LaneSO9871 : Vigo Bridge under the Lickey Incline, Hewell Lane, Burcot. by Roy HughesPikes Pool LaneSO9871 : Pikes Pool Lane, Burcot, Approaching Junction With B4096 by Roy HughesGreenhillSO9871 : B4096 Bromsgrove, Junction with Greenhill As It Enters Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesSpirehouse LaneSO9872 : Spirehouse Lane As It Enters Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesLittle Heath LaneSO9772 : Little Heath Lane As It Enters Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesStaple FlatSO9773 : Staple Flat, Bromsgrove as it enters  the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesOld Birmingham RoadSO9774 : Old Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove as it enters  the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesBraces LaneSO9774 : Braces Lane, Bromsgrove as it enters  the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesCottage LaneSO9774 : Cottage Lane, Bromsgrove as it enters  the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy Hughes
Cottage DriveSO9774 : Cottage Drive, Bromsgrove as it enters  the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesBeaumont LawnsSO9774 : Beaumont Lawns, Bromsgrove as it Enters Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesAlvechurch HighwaySO9775 : Alvechurch Highway, Bromsgrove as it enters Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy HughesAnd finally Beacon HillSO9875 : Beacon Hill approaching the Lickey & Blackwell Parish by Roy Hughes


The many faces of Old Birmingham Road

FloodingSO9774 : Old Birmingham Road - Flooding 20 July 2007 by Roy HughesSO9774 : Old Birmingham Road November 2000 Floods by Roy HughesUpper Cottage FarmSO9874 : Upper Cottage Farm - Old Birmingham Road by Roy Hughes
Junction with Alvechurch HighwaySO9874 : Alvechurch Highway - Old Birmingham Road Junction by Roy HughesSpringtimeSO9874 : Old Birmingham Road 1st April 2012 by Roy HughesSpring blossomSO9874 : Old Birmingham Road 1 April 2012 by Roy HughesJunction with Lickey SquareSO9874 : Old Birmingham Road, Junction with Lickey Square 1st April 2012 by Roy Hughes
Water main pipe replacement in 2020SO9874 : Replacing Water Mains on Old Birmingham Road Lickey by Roy Hughes

The tree lined verges and bulbs in springtime are a big feature of Old Birmingham Road. So when a fairly mature tree died, The Parish Council got together with the Lickey Community Group to remove the old tree and replace it with a Cotoneaster. This was bought with the help of a donation from the Community Group

Here is the hardworking Chairman Cllr. Dr Bakul Kumar putting his hammer to good use on the stakeSO9874 : Replacing an old tree on Old Birmingham Road by Roy Hughes
Sue Hughes, Committee member of the Lickey Community Group, ready to plant the new treeSO9874 : Replacing a dead tree on Old Birmingham Road by Roy Hughes

It's no surprise, therefore, that in December 2023 at the Star Council Awards in London, Bakul was recognised as one of the best Council Chairmen in the Country.

Information about The Lickey Community Group can be found on their website at:-

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The Marlbrook Tip

The problems surrounding the remediation works to the Marlbrook Tip have been of great concern to the residents in the area for many years. Thankfully, things seem to have now settled down and the Tip is being gradually reclaimed by mother nature. These images give a flavour of what has happened.

Remediation work in progress in 2007SO9774 : Marlbrook Landfill Site - Remediation in progress. by Roy HughesSimilar view after remediation with sheep grazing on siteSO9774 : Marlbrook Landfill Site - Remedial work completed, sheep on site by Roy Hughes

Looks quite good from hereSO9774 : Alvechurch Highway - Dip in Road to Bridge Crossing Stream by Roy Hughesbut look to your left and see thisSO9774 : Marlbrook Tip Overgrown "Reservoir" by Roy Hughesor thisSO9774 : The Marlbrook Tip reservoir by Roy HughesBut it looked better in winter like thisSO9774 : Marlbrook Tip Site First Snow of Winter 2017/18 by Roy Hughesand thisSO9774 : Willow in the Snow Lickey by Roy Hughes

Christmas Day 2014 - no shepherds watching this flockSO9774 : Midday Christmas 2014 Marlbrook Tip - no shepherds watching their flocks by day by Roy HughesFlooding in 2008SO9874 : Marlbrook Landfill Site - Floods 6 September 2008 by Roy HughesA better drainage system in 2011SO9774 : Pines, Poppies & A Pond by Roy Hughes
The Tip dominates Marlbrook LaneSO9774 : Marlbrook Lane With The Tip  Dominating The Skyline by Roy Hughes

Entrance to the Tip in 2020SO9874 : Alvechurch Highway entrance to The Marlbrook Tip by Roy HughesIt have some use however, when the Air Ambulance needed a landing spot in an emergencySO9774 : Air Ambulance Lands on Marlbrook Tip 2008 by Roy Hughes


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