Airfields and their Memorials in East Anglia

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During World War Two over 100 Aerodromes or Airfields were constructed in East Anglia. Most have been returned to agriculture, the occasional runway still exists and a precious few are still used by Flying Clubs and a handful are still either in use with the Royal Air Force, United States Air Force or the British Army.

Most Airfields have a memorial of some description or other and these are pictured here. The memorials do not usually bear any names of those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Many small villages however have small memorials to airmen who died when their aeroplane crashed, these too are listed here at their station rather than where they crashed and most of those do bear the names of the dead. There are also a few of them on the last page.

Where additional useful information can be found a link is offered. Hopefully they will continue to work.
The AAF number (in parenthesis) is the American Air Force's designation number where appropriate.

Not all memorials have yet been discovered by the author and information about any missing memorials will be gratefully received.

Abbreviations used in this article:
AAF= Army Air Forces (designation number)
AF= Air Force (as in 8th Air Force)
AOP= Air Observation Post
ASR= Air Sea Rescue
BG= Bombardment Group
BG(H) / (M) / (L)= Bombardment Group (Heavy) (Medium) (Light)
EFTS= Elementary Flying Training School
ERS= Emergency Rescue Squadron
FAA= Fleet Air Arm
FG= Fighter Group
FIS= Fighter Interception Squadron
FTG= Flying Training Group
HCU= Heavy Conversion Unit
HMS= Her Majesty's Ship
MU= Maintenance Unit
OCU= Operational Conversion Unit
OTU= Operational Training Unit
RAF= Royal Air Force
RFC= Royal Flying Corps
RG= Reconnaissance Group (USAF)
RNAS= Royal Naval Air Service
SAD= Strategic Air Depot (USAF)
TCG= Tactical Communications Group (USAF)
USAAF= United States Army Air Forces
USAF= United States Air Force

TL8564 : USAAF War Memorial, Abbey Gardens by David Dixon         TL4059 : US Forces Memorial Statue (3) - The Airman by Keith Edkins         TM1745 : Ipswich Old Cemetery, WWII Field of Remembrance by Adrian S Pye         TG2307 : The Spirit of Coltishall by Evelyn Simak         TL4717 : Airfield memorial by John Smith


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