Airfields and their Memorials in East Anglia

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During World War Two over 100 Aerodromes or Airfields were constructed in East Anglia. Most have been returned to agriculture, the occasional runway still exists and a precious few are still used by Flying Clubs and a handful are still either in use with the Royal Air Force, United States Air Force or the British Army.

Most Airfields have a memorial of some description or other and these are pictured here. The memorials do not usually bear any names of those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Where additional useful information can be found a link is offered. Hopefully they will continue to work.
The AAF number (in parenthesis) is the American Air Force's Station Designation number where appropriate.

Not all memorials have yet been discovered by the author and information about any missing memorials will be gratefully received.

TQ2879 : Bomber Command Memorial by Colin Smith TQ3079 : London - Battle Of Britain Memorial by Chris Talbot TL8564 : USAAF War Memorial, Abbey Gardens by David Dixon  TL4059 : US Forces Memorial Statue (3) - The Airman by Keith Edkins  TM1745 : Ipswich Old Cemetery, WWII Field of Remembrance by Adrian S Pye  TG2307 : The Spirit of Coltishall by Evelyn Simak  TL4717 : Airfield memorial by John Smith

Alconbury to Covehithe

AirfieldGroupMoreMemorial or a remaining structure
Alconbury + Abbotts Ripton Royal Air Force & USAAF. Opened in 1938 for use by RAF Bomber Command, the station has been used from 1942 by the USAAF. Due for closure 2020.-TL2175 : The Alconbury gate guardian by Adrian S Pye
Andrews Field (Great Saling)RAF & (AAF485) USAAF 96BG(H) 322BG. Only airfield to be named in honour of a person. The 1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional) was formed at Andrews Field in February 1944 and equipped with B-26s, carrying the Oboe radio transponder blind-bombing device.[1] When the unit was formed the squadron consisted of 14 aircraft. LinkExternal link TL7025 : RAF / USAAF Andrews Field, Great Saling by Adrian S Pye
Attlebridge (Weston Longville)(AAF120) 8AF - 466BG. Opened in 1941, for RAF No. 2 Group. Transferred to USAAF 1942. Link TG0914 : 466th Bomb Group memorial by Adrian S Pye
BarnhamSatellite station of RAF Honington. Weapons storage facility LinkExternal link LinkExternal link TL8479 : One of the four watchtowers by Adrian S Pye
Barton BendishThe only aircraft known to have operated out of Barton Bendish were Wellington bombers from Marham. It was abandoned in 1942, as it was considered too close to the parent station to be developed further.[LinkExternal link]no memorial
BassingbourneRAF then (AAF121)8AF 91BG(H) 94BG(H) LinkExternal link TL3445 : RAF / USAAF Bassingbourn Station Memorial by Adrian S Pye
Beccles (Ellough)(AAF132)8AF The airfield was the last to be completed in Suffolk and never used by USAAF. RAF/FAA HMS Hornbill. Link TM4488 : Control Tower / Watch Office, RAF Beccles by Helen Steed No memorial
BedfieldOpened October 1916, RFC/RAF. Used by 51 Sqdn for Home Defence against Zeppelin raids. Later 75 Sqdn flew BE2 and BE12s. closed after WW1 in 1919. TM2166 : Memorial plaque to RFC / RAF Bedfield and seat by Adrian S Pye
Bentwaters RAF during the 2nd WW, then USAF (AAF151) during the Cold War, with the 81st Fighter Wing LinkExternal link. Cold War Museum TM3553 : Airfield Memorial and Bentwaters Control Tower by Adrian S PyeTM3553 : Airfield Memorial at Bentwaters by Adrian S Pye TL8555 : Memorial To Johannes Bartholomeus Jat Van Mesdag by Keith EvansTM4156 : 81st Fighter Wing Memorial at Iken church by Adrian S Pye
BexwellSee Downham Market
BinbrookRAF Binbrook was opened as a Bomber Command station in June 1940[LinkExternal link]TF1995 : Station memorial at RAF Binbrook by Adrian S PyeNC0612 : Erratic in its own pond by Simon Bonney
BirchRAF & (AAF149)8AF reserve transport airfield LinkExternal link No known memorial
Bircham NewtonOpened in WW1 then 16 Group RAF Coastal Command. Tech site now the Construction Industry Training Board School Link TF7934 : RAF Station Bircham Newton memorial by Adrian S PyeTL4268 : Rampton: All Saints - bomber crew memorial by John Sutton
BlytonIt was built in 1942 and was heavily used during the Second World War but it was used little after the early stages of the Cold War.[LinkExternal link]SK8796 : Memorial to former RAF Blyton by Adrian S Pye SK8497 : Aircrew Memorial by Tony Hibberd
Bodney RAF Bomber Command during 1939-1940 then (AAF141) 8AF - 352FG Currently used by Army in part LinkExternal link TL8598 : USAAF Memorial at Bodney Camp by Adrian S Pye
Boreham(AAF161) 8AF - 349BG, 315 TCG Opened in 1944, it was used by the USAAF. Bomber and troop transport. Closed in late 1945 LinkExternal link TL7412 : RAF / USAAF Boreham Airfield memorial by Adrian S Pye
Bottishamopened in March 1940 as RAF FC. Later (AAF374) USAAF 361FG LinkExternal link TL5461 : Memorial on the corner of Tunbridge Lane by Adrian S Pye
BournRAF 101Sqdn, satellite airfield for Oakington. LinkExternal link TL3256 : Bourn Village Sign - detail by Keith Edkins
Boxted (AAF150) 8&9AF 386BG(M) 354FG 5ERS LinkExternal link TM0131 : RAF Boxted memorial by Adrian S PyeTM0131 : RAF & USAAF Boxted memorial by Adrian S Pye
Bungay (Flixton)(AAF125)12AF 428BS 329BS 446BG(H) & 8AF- 352FG planned as a satellite for nearby RAF Hardwick. Briefly HMS Europa. 53 MU until closure in 1955 Link Museum TM3186 : RAF / USAAF Bungay (Flixton) by Adrian S PyeTM3187 : 446th Bomb Group (H) memorial by Evelyn Simak TM3187 : 446th Bomb Group (H) memorial - plaque by Evelyn SimakTM3187 : The Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum in Flixton by Evelyn Simak
BurySee Upwood
Bury St EdmundsSee RoughamTL8564 : Seat made from the wing of a B17 Flying Fortress by Adrian S Pye
Bylaugh Hall100 Grp HQ Link TG0318 : Bylaugh Hall (south facade) by Evelyn Simak
Cambridge (Teversham)Opened in 1938, when it replaced the old airfield at Fen Ditton. Now operated by Marshalls Aerospace and Cambridge Airport No memorial found
Castle Campsopened as a satellite of RAF Debden in June 1940 LinkExternal link TL6342 : R.A.F. War Memorial by Robert EdwardsTL6342 : RAF Castle Camps airfield memorial by Adrian S Pye
Caxton GibbetAn RAF Relief Landing Ground, operated between summer 1940 and 9 July 1945, in the field to the east of Ermine Street. It was used by Tiger Moths of the 22 EFTS from Cambridge and huts there were used to house personnel from 105 Squadron at RAF Bourn. No memorial
ChedburghOpened on 17 June 1943 as a RAF heavy bomber station. 3 Group Bomber Command, 620,214 & 218 Squadrons, 1653HCU & 301 & 304 Polish squadrons. [LinkExternal link]TL7857 : RAF Chedburgh station memorial by Adrian S PyeTL7857 : R.A.F. Chedburgh Memorial by Keith Evans
Chilton See SudburyTL8942 : U.S.A.F. 486th Bombardment Group Memorial (Detail) by Keith Evans
CockfieldSee LavenhamTL8951 : RAF / USAAF Lavenham Control Tower by Adrian S Pye
ColtishallRAF 12 Group Designed as a single runway Bomber station but developed as a fighter station, later Strike command. Link TG2307 : Spirit of Coltishall at Norwich Archive Centre by Adrian S PyeTG2523 : A memorial plaque to R.A.F. Coltishall by Adrian S Pye TG2523 : The church of St Edward the Confessor (plaque) by Evelyn SimakTG2724 : Memorial to those who served at RAF Coltishall by Evelyn Simak TM4996 : American Airmen Memorial by Kevin LloydTG2523 : A memorial plaque to R.A.F. Coltishall by Adrian S Pye
ConingsbyRAF Coningsby was built just before World War Two and became the home of 617 Squadron (known as the Dambusters) during the second half of the war. Later, it was the base for the Vulcan bomber.TF2156 : Lancaster AR-L running-up her engines at Coningsby by Adrian S Pye TF2257 : FOR 2 Phantom XT 891 by Adrian S Pye TF2257 : Tornado F3 ZE 760 at RAF Coningsby by Adrian S Pye
ConingtonConington village was closely associated with RAF Glatton. This memorial is in Conington churchyardTL1885 : Memorial to USAAF 457th Bomb Group (H) in Conington churchyard by Richard Humphrey TL1885 : American Aircrew Memorial by Chris Stafford
CovehitheFormer Royal Naval Air Service airfield opened in 1915. A satellite station for RNAS Great Yarmouth and used for anti-Zeppelin patrols as a night landing ground between 1915 and 1919. The 82 acre site had various buildings and was home to 73 Wing. In 1918 the airfield was transferred to Number 4 Group RAF and it became the home for a detachment of DH9s, DH4s and Sopwith Camels from 273 Squadron. The airfield was closed down in link TM5180 : Wartime airfield at Covehithe by Evelyn Simak

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