Architectural features illustrated

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Architectural features illustrated

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Abacus - A flat slab forming the uppermost member or division of the capital of a column.
NZ1759 : Column to Liberty, Gibside (detail) by Andrew Curtis SK4641 : Church of St Mary, Ilkeston by Alan Murray-Rust

Accolade - A sculptural embellishment of an arch.
TG2208 : Norwich city coat of arms by Adrian S Pye SP5106 : Entrance to Brasenose College by Steven Haslington SU5599 : Ornate entrance by Bill Nicholls ST7064 : Old school entrance by Neil Owen TL8268 : Detail above the door at Hengrave Hall by Adrian S Pye

Aisle - Subsidiary space alongside the body of a building, separated from it by columns, piers, or posts.
SO2559 : The South Aisle by Bill Nicholls SO2459 : Church of St Stephen, Old Radnor by Alan Murray-Rust TA0928 : North aisle and nave, Holy Trinity church, Hull by J.Hannan-Briggs SK8172 : Church of St Gregory, Fledborough by Alan Murray-Rust

Ambulatory - a place for walking, especially an aisle or cloister in a church or monastery
TG1937 : The ambulatory beneath Metton church tower by Adrian S Pye ST7684 : Ambulatory at Horton Court by Rick Crowley

Apron - 1. raised panel below a window or wall monument or tablet.
SP9499 : Church of St Peter, Barrowden by Alan Murray-Rust TQ2978 : Regency Street by Stephen Richards

Apron - 2. open portion of a marine terminal immediately adjacent to a vessel berth, used in the direct transfer of cargo between the vessel and the terminal.
SZ0091 : Holes Bay, Poole by Jill Mcleod NT3774 : Foot of the sea wall, Prestonpans by Jim Barton

Apron - 3. concrete slab immediately outside a vehicular door or passageway used to limit the wear on asphalt paving due to repetitive turning movements or heavy loads.
NT1473 : The Apron at Edinburgh Airport by Glyn Baker TQ0675 : Heathrow Terminal 3 apron scene by David Martin

Apse - Vaulted semicircular or polygonal end of a chancel or chapel. That portion of a church, usually Christian, beyond the "crossing" and opposite the nave.
SU6474 : The apse at St Nicholas by Bill Nicholls TQ4275 : St Barnabas church, Eltham: chancel and apse by Stephen Craven SK7251 : Church of St Denis, Morton by Alan Murray-Rust SO4430 : Kilpeck Church, the Apse by Humphrey Bolton TF6204 : Wimbotsham St. Mary's church by Adrian S Pye

Araeosystyle - An architectural term applied to a colonnade, in which the intercolumniation is alternately wide and narrow.
TQ3181 : Ludgate Hill by Richard Croft TQ3181 : Bankers! by Steve  Fareham TQ3181 : St Paul's Cathedral - London by Mick Lobb

Arcade - Passage or walkway covered over by a succession of arches or vaults supported by columns.
SJ8398 : Barton Square and Barton Arcade by David Dixon TQ3004 : Imperial Arcade, Brighton by Simon Carey SE3033 : County Arcade, Leeds by Alan Murray-Rust TG2308 : The Royal Arcade by Evelyn Simak

Arch - A curved structure capable of spanning a space while supporting significant weight.
TL7243 : Floriston Hall, Wixoe under the railway arch by Adrian S Pye TG2521 : Two arches of Mayton Bridge, Horstead by Adrian S Pye TM1678 : Beneath Billingford Bridge by Adrian S Pye TQ0213 : Amberley - St Michael - Chancel Arch by Rob Farrow

Architrave - Formalized lintel, the lowest member of the classical entablature.
SJ8647 : Josiah Wedgwood's House, Etruria by Steven Birks TR2335 : Globe Inn - Folkestone by David Wright SY6878 : Hope Congregational Chapel, Weymouth by Andrew Abbott SP7387 : Market Harborough United Reformed Church by Andrew Abbott

Area - In Georgian architecture, the small paved yard giving entry, via "area steps", to the basement floor at the front of a terraced house.
NT2574 : Great King Street basements by Callum Black NT2474 : Passage from India Street by Richard Webb

Arrowslit - A thin vertical aperture in a fortification through which an archer can launch arrows.
TF0920 : Arrowslit window by Bob Harvey TF0920 : Slit window at the Shippon barn by Bob Harvey NY3701 : Mountain Goat Bus at Wray Castle by David Dixon SO5719 : Goodrich Castle - View through arrowslit in East Range by Rob Farrow

Articulation - is the manner or method of jointing parts such that each part is clear and distinct in relation to the others, even though joined.
G9479 : County Council Offices at Drumlonagher by louise price TQ3281 : New Lloyd's Building - 1989 by David Wright TQ3182 : Finsbury: Charles Rowan House by Nigel Cox

Ashlar Masonry - large blocks cut with even faces and square edges.
TF0206 : 8 & 9 St Peter's Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust SK5739 : Trustee Savings Bank, 11 Low Pavement, Nottingham by Alan Murray-Rust SK4430 : Broughton House, London Road, Shardlow by Alan Murray-Rust ST5773 : Lansdown Place, Victoria Square, Clifton by Alan Murray-Rust

Atlas - A support sculpted in the form of a man, which may take the place of a column, a pier or a pilaster.
TG2308 : Samson and Hercules by Evelyn Simak

Atrium - Inner court of a Roman house; in a multi-story building, a top-lit covered court rising through all stories.
SX8274 : Atrium, Trago Mills by Derek Harper SJ8598 : The atrium, Royal Mills by Oliver Dixon ST5972 : Government offices, Rivergate, Bristol by Derek Harper TQ2482 : Top of atrium, Ark Brunel Primary Academy by David Hawgood

Attic - a room or rooms in the top story within a roof above the uppermost ceiling or eaves.
SK4833 : Bridge Mills, Long Eaton - attic by Chris Allen SP8796 : Lyddington Bede House roof by Richard Croft SJ8308 : Boscobel House attic by Richard Croft J3674 : Nos 10 & 12 Pim's Avenue, Belfast (2013-2) by Albert Bridge


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