Assistance Launching a Geograph Project

Published: 14 November 2017
We - as in the team behind maintaining the Geograph Britain and Ireland project/website - would like to extend the following offer to any anyone looking to create a new Geograph project covering another country.

The code itself is free, but there are a lot of considerations to get going. We hope to make the process a little easier by providing 'getting started' hosting - one less thing to worry about!

Website hosting

Geograph Project Ltd offers...
... on the basis it's not entirely unlimited. If/when the site grows big enough to be costing us money, we can talk and work out how to cover the costs.


Developer Assistance

Our own developers can help...

What would still be needed...

Alas there is still lots of work to be done...

Contact us: Link to get started.
Text © Copyright Barry Hunter, November 2017
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