Bridlington A-Z

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 Victoria Terraces towards Flamborough

Bridlington is one of several well known seaside resorts on the East Yorkshire coast. Situated some 26km from its more illustrious neighbour Scarborough. It lies some 288km from the capital city of the UK, London. From the harbour the land rises gently inland to a maximum elevation of 50m on Bempton Lane.

According to the 2021 census, Bridlington had a population of 34,858 with a population density of 4,218/kmē.
16,927 were male.
17,931 were female.
33,483 were born in the UK (96%)

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Abbey Road
Abbotts Way
Acorn Close
Admirals Mews
Airedale Drive
Albert Street
Albion Terrace
Aldershot Drive
Alderson Court
Alexandra Court
Alexandra Drive
Alexandra promenade
Alexandra Walk
Alton Road
Amy Johnson Avenue
Annerley Drive
Applegarth Court
Applegarth Lane
Ashbourne Avenue
Ashville Street
Auburn Close
Auburn Walk
Autumn Close
Avocet Way
Aysgarth Rise
Badminton Close
Balmoral Close
Baptist Place
Barley Rise
Beacon Road
Beaconsfield Promenade
Beaulieu Court
Beck Hill
Bedford Grove
Beech Drive
Belgrave Road
Belvedere Close
Belvedere Grove
Belvedere Parade
Belvedere Road
Bempton Close
Bempton Crescent
Bempton Drive
Bempton Gardens
Bempton Lane
Bempton Oval
Bemrose Grove
Bessingby Gate
Bessingby Hill
Bessingby Road
Bessingby Way
Billsdale Court
Bilsdale Crescent
Birch Close
Blackburn Avenue
Bladon Road
Blenheim Road
Blythe Walk
Borough Road
Boundary Road
Bow Street
Boynton Avenue
Bransdale Road
Bretel Walk
Brett Street
Brick Kiln Balk
Bridge Street
Bright Crescent
Britannia Court
Britannia Road
Bronte Walk
Bosville Walk
Brookland Road
Buckrose Grove
Burlington Gardens
Burstall Hill
Burstall Walk
Butterfly Lane
Butts Close
Byass Avenue
Cadman Road
Calderdale Close
Cambridge Street
Canton Villas
Cardigan Road
Carlisle Road
Carlton Street
Carnaby Avenue
Carroway Close
Castle Garth (Sewerby)
Castle Howard Close
Cedar Court
Chantry Court
Chapel Street
Chatsworth Close
Chestnut Close
Church Close
Church Green
Church Lane
Church Walk
Clarence Avenue
Clarence Road
Cleeton Way
Cliff Road
Cliff Street
Cloverley Road
Coniston Close
Cornfield Crescent
Cotterdale Close
Coverdale Garth
Cranbeck Close
Cross Street
Curlew Grove
Dairy Close
Dale Road
Danes Croft
Darwin Road
Deepdale Close
Derwent Gardens
Dovedale Court
Durham Rise
Eagle Close
Easby Close
East Road
Eastfield Road
Easton Heights
Easton Road
Easton Walk
Edgecliffe Villas
Edwardian Drive
Eighth Avenue
Eleanor Avenue
Elizabeth Close
Ellerburn Drive
Elma Avenue
Elma Villas
Emsdale Walk
Ennerdale Court
Enterprise Way
Eskdale Drive
Evesham Croft
Fairfield Road
Fangdale Court
Farndale Road
Ferndale Terrace
Field Road
Fifth Avenue
Finley Cottages
First Avenue
Flag Yard
Flamborough Road
Foresters Way
Fort Terrace
Fortyfoot Court
Fortyfoot Grove
Fountains Avenue
Fourth Avenue
Garden Court
Garden Walk
Garrison Street
Garrison Square
George Street
Georgian Mews
Georgian Way
Gilbert Street
Givendale Close
Gladstone Terrace
Glaisdale Close
Gordon Road
Grange Road
Grasmere Grove
Greame Road
Great Barn Street
Great Meadow Road
Green Dragon Lane
Greenfield Road
Greenways Close
Grindale Lane
Guildford Crescent
Gypsey Bank
Gypsey Road
Haddon Road
Hamilton Road
Hanover Grange
Harbour Road
Harewood Avenue
Harland Road
Harrington Road
Hartley Court
Hartshead Walk
Haslemere Avenue
Hastings Walk
Havelock Crescent
Havelock Place
Havelock Street
Haworth Walk
Headlands Close
Headlands Drive
Hermitage Road
Heron Mews
High Green Court
High Sewerby Road
High Street
Hilderthorpe Road
Hill Street
Holyrood Avenue
Horseshoe Drive
Horsforth Avenue
Hustler Road
Iona Road
Jameson Road
Jason Close
Jewison Lane
Jubilee Avenue
Jubilee Grove
Jubilee Walk
Kent Road
Kent Square
Keppel Close
Keppel Drive
Kestrel Drive
Kingfisher Drive
Kingston Close
Kingston Crescent
Kingston Road
Kirkham Road
Laburnum Court
Lambert Road
Lamplugh Lane
Lamplugh Road
Lamplugh Square
Langdale Court
Langdale Mews
Lansdowne Crescent
Lansdowne Road
Lawrence Croft
Lawson Road
Leconfield Garth
Leys Court
Leys Road
Limekiln Lane
Litondale Court
Little Beck Road
Long Lane
Longleat Avenue
lords Way
Lowood Drive
Lynhams Road
Lyth Close
Main Street (Bessingby)
Main Street (Sewerby)
Malthouse Lane
Manor Street
Maple Close
Maple Road
Market Place
Marlborough Terrace
Marshall Avenue
Marton Avenue
Marton Court
Marton Gate
Marton Road
Marton View
Matson Close
Matson Court
Matson Road
Mayfield Road
Meadow Road
Meadow View
Meadowfield Road
Medforth Road
Medina Avenue
Melbourne Avenue
Midway Avenue
Milford Avenue
Milford Crescent
Mill Close
Mill Court
Mill Gate
Mill Lane
Millfield Road
Milner Place
Milner Road
Moor Road
Moorfield Road
Mordacks Close
Mordacks Road
Mount Avenue
Mount Crescent
Mount Drive
Mulberry Close
Nelson Street
Neptune Drive
Neptune Street
New Burlington Road
New Pasture Close
New Pasture Lane
New Pasture Walk
Newsham Hill Lane
Newstead Crescent
Newtondale Garth
Nidderdale Close
Nightingale Drive
Nightingale Road
Norlands Lane
Normandy Garth
North Back Lane
North Leas Drive
North Leas Walk
North Marine Drive
North Marine Promenade
North Street
North view Terrace
Northorpe Rise
Northorpe Walk
Nostell Close
Nostell Grove
Nostell Way
Nursery Grove
Oakwell Avenue
Oatlands Road
Olinda Road
Olivers Lane
Omega Close
Omega Road
Orchard Close
Owthorne Close
Owthorne Walk
Oxford Street
Paddock Court
Palace Avenue
Palanza Terrace
Park Avenue
Park View
Parkfield Drive
Partridge Close
Pasture Rise
Pauls Yard
Pembroke Terrace
Penny Lane
Pinfold Close
Pinfold Gardens
Pinfold Grove
Pinfold Lane
Pinfold Meadows
Pinfold Street
Pinfold Way North
Pinfold Way South
Pioneer Drive
Pirbright Close
Plantation View
Poplar Drive
Portland Mews
Portland Place
Postill Square
Prickett Road
Prince Street
Princess Mary Promenade
Princess Street
Princess Terrace
Priory Close
Priory Crescent
Priory Walk
Prospect Street
Providence Place
Quay Road
Queen's Square
Queen Street
Queensgate Square
Railway Walk
Ramsey Close
Ramsey Road
Rectory Walk
Redwood Close
Redwood Way
Regent Terrace
Remembrance Court
Rhodena Avenue
Ribblesdale Close
Richmond Street
Rickaby Close
Rigby Close
Ripley Close
Riviera Drive
Romyn Close
Rope Walk
Roseberry Avenue
Rosedale Walk
Rosewood Close
Rosewood Walk
Roundhay Road
Royal Crescent
Royal Prince's Parade
Rudding Drive
Ryelands Avenue
Sandgate Road
Sandringham Close
Sands Lane
Sandsacre Avenue
Sandsacre Drive
Sandsacre Road
Sandsacre Way
Savage Road
Sawdon Grove
Sawmill Yard
Scarborough Crescent
Scarborough Road
Scargate Close
Scholars Way
Sea Gate View
Seathorne Road
Seathorne Way
Second Avenue
Seventh Avenue
Sewerby Avenue
Sewerby Court
Sewerby Crescent
Sewerby Headlands
Sewerby Heads
Sewerby Park Close
Sewerby Rise
Sewerby Road
Shaftesbury Road
Sheeprake Lane
Short Lane (off Marton Road)
Short Lane (off Bempton Lane)
Sidings Close
Sirius Court
Sixth Avenue
South Back Lane
South Cliff
South Cliff Road
South Marine Drive
South Promenade
South Street
Southorpe Close
Springfield Avenue
Squire Lane
St Aidan Court
St Aidan Crescent
St Aidan Road
St Alban Close
St Alban Road
St Andrew Road
St Annes Road
St Anthony Road
St Augustine's Drive
St Augustine's Grove
St Chad Crescent
St Chad Grove
St Chad Road
St Christopher Road
St Columba Road
St Cuthbert Road
St George's Avenue
St Georges Croft
St Hilda Street
St James' Road
St John's Avenue
St John's Avenue West
St John's Close
St John's Street
St John's Walk
St Jude Grove
St Jude Road
St Martin's Grove
St Martins Drive
St Mary's Crescent
St Mary's Walk
St Oswald Road
St Stephen Road
St Thomas Road
St Wilfred Grove
St Wilfred Road
Stamford Walk
Stanley Gardens
Station Approach
Station Avenue
Station Road
Stepney Avenue
Stepney Drive
Stepney Grove
Stowe Garth
Stuart Close
Studley Meadows
Summerfield Road
Swaledale Mews
Swanland Avenue
Swindon Street
Teal Garth
Teesdale Mews
Tennyson Avenue
The Bolt
The Crayke
The Crescent
The Glimpse
The Hollows
The Lawns
The Spa Promenade
Third Avenue
Thixendale Road
Thompson Street
Thoresby Avenue
Thoresby Close
Thoresby Mews
Thornton Grove
Thornton Road
Thorntondale Drive
Thorpe Street
Tintern Avenue
Towse Pasture
Trafalgar Crescent
Travis Street
Trentham Close
Trentham Drive
Trentham Mews
Trinity Avenue
Trinity Grove
Trinity Mews
Trinity Road
Troutsdale Close
Tudor Close
Turmer Avenue
Ullswater Avenue
Vernon Road
Victoria Road
Victory Way
Viking Road
Warminster Close
Waterdale Close
Watsons Avenue
Wayside Crescent
Wayside Road
Well Lane
Wellington Road
Wensleydale Close
Wentworth Road
West Crayke
West Street
Westbourne Avenue
Westmoreland Avenue
Westmoreland Grove
Westridge Road
Wharfedale Drive
Wheatley Drive
Wheeldale Court
Willow Drive
Willowdale Close
Windermere Drive
Windsor Crescent
Woburn Close
Wold Walk
Woodlands Close
Wright Close
Wright Crescent
Wycliffe Lane
Wykeham Close
Yordas Court
York Road

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