Scottish Castles

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An evolving List of surviving Castles in Scotland.
This does not include earthworks and demolished castles.

Also see England, Ireland and Wales

Aberdeenshire to Ayrshire

PhotoRegionCastleGrid square
NJ5414 : Asloun Castle by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireAsloun CastleNJ5414
NO2895 : Abergeldie Castle by Peter GordonAberdeenshireAbergeldie CastleNO2895
NJ5814 : Balfluig Castle & the Howe of Alford by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireBalfluig CastleNJ5814
NO2595 : Balmoral Castle by JThomasAberdeenshireBalmoral CastleNO254950
NJ7925 : Barra Castle by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireBarra CastleNJ7925
NO5290 : Birse castle by Simon HorneAberdeenshireBirse CastleNO520906
NK1341 : Ruins of Boddam Castle by Richard SlessorAberdeenshireBoddam CastleNK1341
NJ5945 : Castle Remains by Greg StringhamAberdeenshireBognie Castle (Conzie Castle)NJ595450
NO1592 : Braemar Castle by LizzieAberdeenshireBraemar CastleNO155923
NK0163 : towards Cairnbulg Castle by Ken FitlikeAberdeenshireCairnbulg CastleNK015639
NJ2508 : Corgarff Castle, Strathdon (20miles north of Braemar) by victor cammackAberdeenshireCorgarff CastleNJ2508
NJ5609 : In the pink! by Stanley HoweAberdeenshireCraigievar CastleNJ5609
NJ5609 : Craigievar Castle by Richard SlessorAberdeenshireCraigievar CastleNJ5609
NJ7655 : Craigston Castle by Anne BurgessAberdeenshireCraigston CastleNJ762550
NO7396 : Winter at Crathes Castle by Richard SlessorAberdeenshireCrathes CastleNO7396
NJ7550 : Delgatie Castle by Martyn GormanAberdeenshireDelgatie CastleNJ7550
NJ7900 : Drum Castle by Alan FindlayAberdeenshireDrum CastleNJ7900
NO6980 : Southwest tower of Drumtochty Castle by C Michael HoganAberdeenshireDrumtochty CastleNO699800
NJ8964 : Dundarg Castle and Fort by Des ColhounAberdeenshireDundarg CastleNJ895648
NJ6128 : Dunnideer Castle by Bill HarrisonAberdeenshireDunnideer CastleNJ613282
NO8883 : Dunnottar Castle and Old Hall Bay by Richard SlessorAberdeenshireDunnottar CastleNO8883
NJ6958 : Eden Castle near Banff by David HawgoodAberdeenshireEden CastleNJ697587
NJ9329 : Esslemont Castle by Anne BurgessAberdeenshireEsslemont CastleNJ932298
NO6475 : Fasque House by Richard SlessorAberdeenshireFasque CastleNO648756
NO8485 : Main entrance, Castle of Fetteresso, with front lawn in foreground by C Michael HoganAberdeenshireFetteresso CastleNO841855
-AberdeenshireFiddes, Castle ofNO8281
NJ5467 : Findlater Castle by JThomasAberdeenshireFindlater CastleNJ5467
NJ6219 : Castle Forbes by Gilbert ScottAberdeenshireForbes, CastleNJ621191
NJ5563 : Fordyce Castle by Anne Burgess AberdeenshireFordyce CastleNJ5563
NJ7212 : Castle Fraser by JThomasAberdeenshireFraser, CastleNJ722125
NJ7639 : Cracking Up by Mike and Kirsty GrundyAberdeenshireFyvie CastleNJ7639
NJ8239 : Gight Castle by Alison MackAberdeenshireGight CastleNJ8239
NJ3914 : Glenbuchat Castle by Stanley HoweAberdeenshireGlenbuchat CastleNJ3914
NJ6825 : Harthill Castle by Andrew WoodAberdeenshireHarthill CastleNJ6825
NJ7546 : Hatton Castle on the morning of a shoot by Des ColhounAberdeenshireHatton CastleNJ7546
NJ5340 : Huntly Castle by Anne BurgessAberdeenshireHuntly CastleNJ5340
NJ6560 : Inchdrewer Castle by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireInchdrewer CastleNJ6560
NK0462 : Remains of Inverallochy Castle by Stanley HoweAberdeenshireInverallochy CastleNK040628
NO1792 : Invercauld House by Alan FindlayAberdeenshireInvercauld CastleNO173924
NK1048 : Inverugie Castle by David PurchaseAberdeenshireInverugie CastleNK1048
NO7664 : Kaim of Mathers - 2006 by Matthew RingAberdeenshireKaim of MathersNO7664
NJ4516 : Ruins of Kildrummy Castle by Bill HarrisonAberdeenshireKildrummy CastleNJ4516
NO1591 : Kindrochit Castle by Stanley HoweAberdeenshireKindrochit CastleNO151913
NJ9967 : Fraserburgh Wine Tower by Nick Mutton 01329 000000AberdeenshireKinnaird CastleNJ998675
NJ6049 : Kinnairdy Castle by Greg StringhamAberdeenshireKinnairdy CastleNJ609497
NO3595 : Knock Castle. by Peter WardAberdeenshireKnock CastleNO352951
NJ9926 : Knockhall Castle by Anne BurgessAberdeenshireKnockhall CastleNJ993264
NT2076 : Lauriston Castle by William StarkeyAberdeenshireLauriston CastleNO761666
NJ5924 : Leslie Castle by Colin SmithAberdeenshireLeslie CastleNJ599248
NO8991 : Muchalls Castle by Alan ThomsonAberdeenshireMuchalls CastleNO892918
NJ5857 : The Castle of Park by Stephen BowdenAberdeenshirePark, Castle OfNJ588571
NJ9367 : North-eastern part of Pitsligo Castle by Ulrich HartmannAberdeenshirePitsligo CastleNJ937670
NJ9467 : Pittulie Castle by JThomasAberdeenshirePitullie CastleNJ944670
NK0948 : Ruins of Ravenscraig Castle by Jim DavidsonAberdeenshireRavenscraig CastleNK095487
NK0530 : Old Slains Castle by Martyn GormanAberdeenshireSlains CastleNK052300
NJ5420 : Terpersie Castle by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireTerpersie CastleNJ546202
NJ6611 : Tillycairn House by Stanley HoweAberdeenshireTillycairn CastleNJ6611
NJ8728 : Tolquhon Castle by Bill HarrisonAberdeenshireTolquhon CastleNJ8728
NJ8826 : Udny Castle by Andrew WoodAberdeenshireUdny CastleNJ8826
NJ9308 : Wallace tower by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireWallace TowerNJ9308
NJ6726 : Westhall by Richard PaxmanAberdeenshireWesthall CastleNJ6726
NO4938 : Affleck Castle by Douglas NelsonAngusAffleck CastleNO4938
-AngusAirlie CastleNO292521
NO3354 : Balfour Castle near Kingoldrum by Alan MorrisonAngusBalfour CastleNO33775460
NO4153 : Ballinshoe Tower by Richard PaxmanAngusBallinshoe TowerNO4153
NO4434 : Ballumbie Castle by stephen samsonAngusBallumbie CastleNO44643448
NO6250 : Braikie Castle by Alan MorrisonAngusBraikie CastleNO6250
NO5959 : Brechin Castle by Bill IrvingAngusBrechin CastleNO597599
NO5359 : Careston Castle and surrounding area by Alan MorrisonAngusCareston CastleNO530598
NO6146 : Colliston Castle by Dominic Dawn Harry and Jacob PatersonAngusColliston CastleNO612464
NO3959 : Cortachy Castle by Ian ClelandAngusCortachy CastleNO397595
NO7054 : Dunninald Castle by Dominic Dawn Harry and Jacob PatersonAngusDuninald CastleNO7054
NO5869 : Edzell Castle by Anne BurgessAngusEdzell CastleNO584691
NO6846 : Ethie Castle by Anne BurgessAngusEthie CastleNO687468
-AngusFarnell CastleNO624555
NO4956 : Finavon Castle by Donald ThomasAngusFinavon CastleNO494564
NO1864 : Forter Castle by Maigheach-ghealAngusForter CastleNO1864
NO5748 : Gardyne Castle by 824505AngusGardyne CastleNO5748
NO3847 : West tower, Glamis Castle by DanAngusGlamis CastleNO384479
NO5650 : Guthrie Castle by Dominic Dawn Harry and Jacob PatersonAngusGuthrie CastleNO562504
NO3041 : Hatton Castle, Newtyle by Mike PenningtonAngusHatton CastleNO302411
NO4480 : Glen Lee Tower by Richard WebbAngusInvermark CastleNO442806
NO4157 : Inverquharity Castle by Alan MorrisonAngusInverquharity CastleNO411579
NO6357 : Kinnaird Castle by Dominic Dawn Harry and Jacob PatersonAngusKinnaird CastleNO634571
NO5456 : Melgund Castle by Anne BurgessAngusMelgund CastleNO545563
NO6851 : Redcastle by SnaikAngusRed CastleNO688510
NO5675 : Close up of Shanno Castle (remains of) by Richard HollidayAngusShanno CastleNO5675
NM8039 : Achadun Castle, Lismore by William StarkeyArgyll And ButeAchadun CastleNM8039
NN3244 : Achallader Farm Tower by Graham EllisArgyll And ButeAchallader CastleNN3244
NS3684 : Arden House by David DixonArgyll And ButeArden HouseNS3684
NM5644 : Aros Castle by Rob FarrowArgyll And ButeAros CastleNM5644
NR9470 : Asgog Castle by Leslie BarrieArgyll And ButeAsgog CastleNR9470
NS3983 : Balloch Castle by Stephen SweeneyArgyll And ButeBalloch CastleNS3983
NS3484 : Bannachra Castle by George RankinArgyll And ButeBannachra CastleNS3484
NM9040 : Barcaldine Castle by ronnie leaskArgyll And ButeBarcaldine CastleNM907405
NS3884 : Boturich Castle Loch Lomond by George RankinArgyll And ButeBoturich CastleNS3884
NM1553 : Isle of Coll: the new Breachacha Castle by Chris DownerArgyll And ButeBreachacha Castle ('New')NM1553
NM1553 : Isle of Coll: the old Breachacha Castle by Chris DownerArgyll And ButeBreachacha Castle ('Old')NM1553
NM3044 : Cairn na Burgh More by Oliver DixonArgyll And ButeCairnburgh CastleNM3044
NM9113 : Caisteal na Nighinn Ruaidh by Richard WebbArgyll And ButeCaisteal na Nighinn RuaidhNM9113
NM3751 : Calgary House by Alan StewartArgyll And ButeCalgary CastleNM377512
NM8300 : Carnasserie Castle by Rich TeaArgyll And ButeCarnasserie CastleNM839008
NS1994 : Carrick Castle by wfmillarArgyll And ButeCarrick CastleNS194944
NR9389 : Entrance to Loch Gair from Ardcastle Point by Rich TeaArgyll And ButeCastle, The (Lochgair)NR9290
NR4762 : Claig Castle on Am Fraoch Eilean by Rob FarrowArgyll And ButeClaig CastleNR471627
NM8543 : Caisteal Chaifinn by Euan NelsonArgyll And ButeCoeffin CastleNM8543
NM7701 : Craignish Castle by Anne BurgessArgyll And ButeCraignish CastleNM771017
NM7435 : Duart  Castle from the North by A A LangArgyll And ButeDuart CastleNM748353
NS0491 : Dunan's Castle, Glendaruel by Elliott SimpsonArgyll And ButeDunans CastleNS040911
-Argyll And ButeDunaverty Castle-
NN1409 : Dunderave Castle, Loch Fyne, Argyll by Brian D OsborneArgyll And ButeDunderave CastleNN1409
NS3634 : Dundonald Castle by Humphrey BoltonArgyll And ButeDundonald CastleNS3634
NM8531 : Dunollie Castle by Andrew WoodArgyll And ButeDunollie CastleNM852314
NS1980 : Dunselma Castle, Strone by Rob FarrowArgyll And ButeDunselma CastleNS191807
NM8834 : Dustaffnage Castle by JThomasArgyll And ButeDunstaffnage CastleNM883344
NR7995 : Duntrune Castle from the east by Patrick MackieArgyll And ButeDuntrune CastleNR793955
NR4045 : Dunyvaig Castle, Islay by Tom RichardsonArgyll And ButeDunyvaig CastleNR406454
NM8904 : Fincharn Castle, Loch Awe, Argyll by Patrick MackieArgyll And ButeFincharn CastleNM898043
NN1025 : Fraoch Eilean Castle on Loch Awe by Andrea HopeArgyll And ButeFraoch EileanNN1025
NM8226 : Gallanach House by Sarah CharlesworthArgyll And ButeGallanach HouseNM8226
NM4357 : Glengorm Castle by David WyattArgyll And ButeGlengorm CastleNM439572
NM8026 : Gylen castle, Kerrera by anthony buckleyArgyll And ButeGylen CastleNM806265
NS3690 : Loch Lomond Island Castle by George RankinArgyll And ButeInchgalbraith CastleNS3690
NS3786 : Inchmurrin by David DixonArgyll And ButeInchmurrin CastleNS3786
NM9711 : Innis Chonnell, Loch Awe, Argyll by Brian D OsborneArgyll And ButeInnes Chonnel CastleNM976119
NN0909 : Inveraray Castle by Kenneth MallardArgyll & ButeInveraray CastleNN0909
-Argyll And ButeInveruglas CastleNN3209
-Argyll And ButeIsland I Vow CastleNN3312
NS0667 : Kames Castle by Richard DearArgyll And ButeKames CastleNS063675
NR6917 : Kilchrist Castle by chris kamperArgyll And ButeKilchrist CastleNR6917
NN1327 : Kilchurn Castle by John WallaceArgyll And ButeKilchurn CastleNN1327
NS3578 : Kilmahew Castle - SW corner by Lairich RigArgyll And ButeKilmahew CastleNS 351786
NR8399 : Kilmartin Castle by Patrick MackieArgyll And ButeKilmartin CastleNR835991
NR8686 : Kilmory Castle by Patrick MackieArgyll And ButeKilmory CastleNR868867
NS0095 : Castle Lachlan by ronnie leaskArgyll And ButeLachlan CastleNS005952
NR9794 : Minard Castle by Patrick MackieArgyll And ButeMinard CastleNR973942
NM6124 : Moy Castle on Mull by s allisonArgyll And ButeMoy CastleNM617247
NS3689 : Tower by George RankinArgyll And ButeRossdhu CastleNS3689
NS0864 : Rothesay Castle by Sarah CharlesworthArgyll And ButeRothesay CastleNS087645
NR7831 : Saddell Castle by Sarah CharlesworthArgyll And ButeSaddell CastleNR789315
NR9057 : Skipness Castle. by Steve PartridgeArgyll And ButeSkipness CastleNR908577
NM9247 : Castle Stalker by Dominic MooreArgyll And ButeStalker, CastleNM9247
NR8671 : Stonefield Castle Hotel by Johnny DurnanArgyll And ButeStonefield CastleNR8671
NR7178 : Castle Sween by Iain RussellArgyll And ButeSween, CastleNR712788
NR8668 : Tarbert Castle by Steve PartridgeArgyll And ButeTarbert CastleNR868687
NM7235 : Torosay Castle by Allister CombeArgyll And ButeTorosay CastleNM729353
NR7936 : Torrisdale Castle. by Johnny DurnanArgyll And ButeTorrisdale CastleNR793361
NS1167 : Toward old Castle by John FergusonArgyll And ButeToward Castle (15th Cent)NS118678
NS1168 : Castle Toward by william craigArgyll And ButeToward, Castle (19th Cent)NS1168
NX0299 : Castle on Ailsa Craig by Tony PageAyrshire, NorthAilsa Craig CastleNX022995
NS2342 : Ardrossan Castle by Leslie BarrieAyrshire, NorthArdrossan CastleNS232423
NS3644 : Ruins of Auchenharvie Castle by Gordon DowieAyrshire, NorthAuchenharvie CastleNS363442
NS0137 : Brodick Castle by Kenneth MallardAyrshire, NorthBrodick CastleNS0137
-Ayrshire, NorthClonbeith Castle-
NS1551 : Wee Cumbrae Castle by Eddie DowdsAyrshire, NorthLittle Cumbrae (Wee Cumbrae)NS152513
NS3242 : Eglinton Castle by Chris CourtAyrshire, NorthEglinton CastleNS322422
NS2154 : Fairlie Glen, ruins of Fairlie Castle by william craigAyrshire, NorthFairlie CastleNS212548
NS3157 : Ruins of Glengarnock Castle by Julian ThomasAyrshire, NorthGlengarnock CastleNS3157
-Ayrshire, NorthHessilhead Castle-
NS2156 : Kelburn Castle Graffiti Project by Chris TownsendAyrshire, NorthKelburn CastleNS216565
NS2642 : Kerelaw Castle by Leslie BarrieAyrshire, NorthKerelaw CastleNS269428
NS3054 : Kilbirnie House by wfmillarAyrshire, NorthKilbirnie HouseNS3054
NS0320 : Kildonan Castle by Archie CochraneAyrshire, NorthKildonan CastleNS035208
NS2148 : Law Castle (West Kilbride) by David NealeAyrshire, NorthLaw CastleNS210484
NR9350 : Lochranza Castle. by Steve PartridgeAyrshire, NorthLochranza CastleNR933507
-Ayrshire, NorthMontgreenan Castle-
-Ayrshire, NorthPitcon-
NS1748 : Portencross Castle by Anne BurgessAyrshire, NorthPortencross CastleNS175489
-Ayrshire, NorthSeagate Castle-
NS1965 : Skelmorlie Castle by william craigAyrshire, NorthSkelmorlie CastleNS195658
-Ayrshire, NorthStanecastle tower-
-Ayrshire, EastAiket Castle-
NS4923 : Auchinleck Castle by Leslie BarrieAyrshire, EastAuchinleck CastleNS4923 (Images)
NS5036 : Barr Castle, Galston by DanAyrshire, EastBarr CastleNS501366
-Ayrshire, EastBusbie Castle-
NS4036 : Caprington Castle by wfmillarAyrshire, EastCaprington CastleNS407362
-Ayrshire, EastCarnell CastleNS467322
-Ayrshire, EastCessnock CastleNS510355
NS4146 : Reuincraig or Corsehill Castle by wfmillarAyrshire, EastCorsehill Castle (Reuincraig Castle)NS416465
NS4031 : Ruin in a Field by Iain ThompsonAyrshire, EastCraigie CastleNS408317
-Ayrshire, EastCraufurdland CastleNS455407
NS4339 : Dean Castle, Kilmarnock by Peter GordonAyrshire, EastDean CastleNS436394
-Ayrshire, EastKingencleuch Castle-
-Ayrshire, EastLainshaw Castle-
NX4895 : Remains of Loch Doon castle, as relocated today by Paul CollinsAyrshire, EastLoch Doon CastleNX483950
NS5037 : Remains of Loudoun Castle   c 2003 by Tom MorrisonAyrshire, EastLoudoun CastleNS5037 (Images)
-Ayrshire, EastMauchline Castle-
-Ayrshire, EastNewmilns Tower-
-Ayrshire, EastRavenscraig Castle-
-Ayrshire, EastRobertland Castle-
NS4342 : Rowallan (Old) Castle by VERNON MONAGHANAyrshire, EastRowallan Castle NS434424
NS5426 : Sorn Castle by Leslie BarrieAyrshire, EastSorn Castle NS548268
-Ayrshire, EastTerringzean Castle-
NS4522 : Trabboch Castle by Leslie BarrieAyrshire, EastTrabboch Castle NS4522
NS3534 : Auchans Castle, Dundonald by Gordon BrownAyrshire, SouthAuchans CastleNS355345
NS2808 : Baltersan Castle by stephen samsonAyrshire, SouthBaltersan CastleNS282087
-Ayrshire, SouthBarr Castle-
-Ayrshire, SouthBlairquhan Castle-
NS3507 : Cloncaird Castle by Mary and Angus HoggAyrshire, SouthCloncaird CastleNS3507
NS4031 : Ruin in a Field by Iain ThompsonAyrshire, SouthCraigie CastleNS4031
NX1485 : Craigneil Castle Ruins by Mary and Angus HoggAyrshire, SouthCraigneil CastleNX1485
-Ayrshire, SouthCrosbie Castle-
NS2310 : Culzean Castle by Kenneth MallardAyrshire, SouthCulzean CastleNS2310
NS2702 : Dalquharran Castle by paul cAyrshire, SouthDalquharran CastleNS2702
NS3634 : Dundonald Castle by Astrid HAyrshire, SouthDundonald CastleNS363345
NS2716 : Dunduff Castle by Mary and Angus HoggAyrshire, SouthDunduff CastleNS272163
NS2515 : Dunure Castle by Helen WilkinsonAyrshire, SouthDunure CastleNS252158
NX0980 : Glenapp Castle Ballantrae by Keith BrownAyrshire, SouthGlenapp CastleNX093806
NS3119 : Greenan castle by Phil WilliamsAyrshire, SouthGreenan CastleNS311193
NS2900 : Kilkerran Castle Ruins by Mary and Angus HoggAyrshire, SouthKilkerran CastleNS2900
NS3010 : Maybole Castle by Mary and Angus HoggAyrshire, SouthMaybole CastleNS300101
NX2398 : Grazing Sheep, Penkill Castle by wfmillarAyrshire, SouthPenkill CastleNX2398
NS4121 : Sundrum Castle by G MontgomeryAyrshire, SouthSundrum CastleNS4121
NS2309 : Thomaston Castle by wfmillarAyrshire, SouthThomaston CastleNS239095
NS1907 : The remains of Turnberry Castle by Walter BaxterAyrshire, SouthTurnberry CastleNS1907


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