7. London Borough of Lewisham

Church clocks of Southwark Diocese

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London Borough of Lewisham

Church nameGrid squarePhotoClose-up
Blackheath, All Saints. The clock, originally by Gillett and Bland, was restored in 1999. There are dials to all four sides of the spire.TQ3976TQ3976 : All Saints church, Blackheath by Stephen Craven
Brockley, St Peter. The clock has three faces on the tower and was manufactured by Smith and Sons, Clerkenwell. It used to strike the hours but the mechanism for this is disused. TQ3675TQ3675 : St. Peters Parish Church by David Wright
Catford, St John the Baptist. The clock face is on a tympanum on the original church, a proprietary chapel dating from 1824, which became a parish hall when the present, larger St John's church was built on an adjacent site in 1927.TQ3871TQ3871 : St John's hall, Bromley Road by Stephen Craven TQ3871 : The cupola on the proprietary chapel, Bromley Road, SE6 by Mike Quinn
Deptford, St JohnTQ3776TQ3776 : The eponymous St John's Church by Mike Quinn
Deptford, St Paul. The clock mechanism consists of a steel angle frame which supports the cast iron frame of the mechanism itself. The original date of the clock is unknown, but it was rebuilt in 1850. The clock drives faces on all four sides of the tower. TQ3777TQ3777 : Church of St. Paul, Deptford by David WrightTQ3777 : Clock dial of St Paul's church, Deptford by Stephen Craven
Forest Hill, Christ Church. The clock tower is in part of the church that has been converted to residential use. The other end is still used for worship as the Chapel on the Hill.TQ3572TQ3572 : Christ Church, Forest Hill SE23 by Philip Talmage
Forest Hill, St George (until recently known as Perry Hill). Three faces to north, east and west elevations. The church was rebuilt in 2005 but unclear whether the clock came from the original 19th century church.TQ3672TQ3672 : St George, Perry Hill by John Salmon
Lee, St Margaret. The clock is a double frame design c.1840 with faces on three sides of the tower. It was reconstructed by Gillett and Bland in 1878, fitted with auto-winding gear in 1970 and last overhauled in 2010. TQ3975TQ3975 : St Margaret's church - spire. by Stephen Craven
Lewisham, St Mary the Virgin. The clock is 18th century though the church itself is older. Faces to three sides of tower, asymmetrically (east, south and west sides).TQ3774TQ3774 : Church of St Mary the Virgin - tower by Stephen CravenTQ3774 : Clock of St Mary the Virgin church, Lewisham by Stephen Craven
Sydenham, St Bartholomew. Historic clock by Vulliamy, with two faces to the north and south sides of the tower. As of 2015 the clock dials have been removed pending restoration. TQ3571TQ3571 : St Bartholomew's, Sydenham by Stephen Craven


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