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Published: 29 August 2009
(This article is very much work in progress - if you have something to add - please do!)


The original 'game' to encourage coverage. You get a point for submitting the first new Geograph to a gridsquare.


Similar to original points, but adds a Time dimension. As well as getting a point for the first image in square; can get a TPoint for submitting an image taken at least 5 years before/after existing images in square. The 'before' is important, as can add historic photos to a square, even if we already have images in the square. Similly, you get points for adding a photo to a square, not photographed recently.

Personal Points

Variation of Points, you get a point for every square you submit a Geograph for

Number of Images

Quite simply the number of images - the more the merrier


Counts the average number of images per square - higher means more photos per square

Hectad completion

There is a leaderboard for the people who submit the last photo of a particular hectad.

Personal Hectads

Number of hectads completed by yourself - can vary from easy, some only have one square to nearly impossible.

Specialist themes

Some contributors have archives of photos representing a particular type of geographical feature (for example phone boxes, steep road gradients, or pubs) and upload those to the site, and/or continue seeking such features out to add to the site.


This is a Geograph term for adding pictures to a square which only has a few images.

Drawing on your personal coverage map

New members will have a personal map that is all 'green'. Each square in which they submit a Geograph will turn red. So it is possible to create patterns, pictures or words by submitting pictures in the 'right' squares.

Local patch

Start in your home square (or anywhere else convenient) and submit at least a dozen pictures for that square, and then for each square touching that square, and so on, moving outwards. Use 'Local knowledge' to provide interesting and informative comments on each submission.

Personal history trail

Submit pictures of (for example) houses, schools, sports grounds, pubs, and any locations that have some significance in your life. As above - use 'Local knowledge' to provide interesting and informative comments on each submission.

Personal interests

There are many contributors with specialist interests which they combine with Geographing. Whether it be visiting trig points, castles, post boxes, mountains, fire stations or canals. Go out and take a picture of your interests and contribute to geograph at the same time. Use your knowledge in the subject to add interesting descriptions.


If you fancy a REAL challenge - try to submit a picture for every category in the category list...!
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