Geograph Image APIs

Published: 19 October 2016
We have a number of APIs for accessing over 6.2 million Geograph Images, each have evolved at a different time in the project's history, with somewhat overlapping features. There is the 'offical' documentation page at - but its a bit of a confusing mess now. It doesn't provide a high-level overview, so that is what this page attempts to do.

Note this page only concentrates on APIs for retrieving actual images, we have many more APIs providing meta-data, and aggregate statistics and the like. See: LinkExternal link

Most APIs need a API key, when using these APIs don't forget to honour the Creative Commons licence. Currently ALL images use Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)External link

For what the other Geograph projects offer, see link

Live APIs

Syndicator API

High Resolution Wallpaper Feed

Full-Text Search API

oEmbed API

Database Dumps


We also have these other APIs, but limited interest now.

Database Extractor

Rest API


Torrents Download

We used to host a torrent tracker with rebuild bulk dumps, but is now offline LinkExternal link

Instead a sample of images is uploaded to LinkExternal link
... we haven't got round to uploading everything, but might if there is interest.


If unsure, please ask:
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