Geograph Image APIs

Published: 19 October 2016
We have a number of APIs for accessing over 5 million Geograph Images, each have evolved at a different time in the project's history, with somewhat overlapping features. There is the 'offical' documentation page at link - but its a bit of a confusing mess now. It doesn't provide a high-level overview, so that is what this page attempts to do.

Note this page only concentrates on APIs for retrieving actual images, we have many more APIs providing meta-data, and aggregate statistics and the like. See: LinkExternal link

Most APIs need a API keyExternal link, when using these APIs don't forget to honour the Creative Commons licence. Currently ALL images use Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)External link

For what the other Geograph projects offer, see link

Live APIs

Syndicator API

Full-Text Search API

* There is a 'polyfill' API just to get description LinkExternal link

oEmbed API

Database Dumps


We also have these other APIs, but limited interest now.

Database Extractor

Rest API


Torrents Download

We used to host a torrent tracker with rebuild bulk dumps, but is now offline LinkExternal link

Instead a sample of images is uploaded to LinkExternal link
... we haven't got round to uploading everything, but might if there is interest.


If unsure, please ask: link
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