Great War Centenary - The Village Hall

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Post War Halls

The drive to provide halls saw the gift or purchase of land for the building of either a new building or one of the many surplus huts that were being sold off by the army from their training camps. Some existing buildings such as church or school halls or redundant chapels were also bought. A feature of the post-war halls is their more modest scale and decoration reflecting a tighter budget. Comparative costs are maybe one third to one half of the pre-war halls.

War huts

The basic hall uses a 60'x 12' timber barrack hut with timber or corrugated sheet cladding. This example on Cannock Chase shows the standard form.

SK0015 : Great War Hut by John M SK0015 : Inside the Great War Hut by John M

Some halls are based on larger recreation huts or hospital buildings.

The Great War Huts Project are conserving a number from around the country. LinkExternal link

Original examples are limited and can be under threat due to not meeting current needs in terms of access, facilities and maintenance costs.

Original huts

SJ3578 : Hooton Memorial Hall by Eirian Evans Hooton, Cheshire
SW6821 : Cury: the village hall by Chris Downer Cury, Cornwall (ex RNAS Mullion)
SO5809 : Milkwall Village Hall by Jaggery Milkwall, Herefordshire
TQ8253 : Leeds and Broomfield Memorial Hall by Ian Capper Leeds and Broomfield, Kent
SK9262 : Aubourn and Haddington Village Hall by Ian Paterson Aubourn and Haddington, Lincolnshire
SK9828 : Bitchfield Village Hall by Bob Harvey Bitchfield, Lincolnshire
SK9154 : Brant Broughton Village Hall by Jonathan Thacker Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire(ex Cranwell)
SK8632 : Denton Village Hall by Alan Murray-Rust Denton, Lincolnshire (ex Belton Park)
TF1022 : The village hall at Dyke, near Bourne, Lincolnshire by Rex Needle Dyke, Lincolnshire (ex Belton Park)
TF1205 : Helpston Village Hall by Paul Bryan Helpston (ex Canadian camp)
TG2602 : The village hall in Poringland by Evelyn Simak Poringland, Norfolk (ex Langley Park)
NU2614 : Boulmer Memorial Hall by Graham Robson Boulmer, Northumberland (ex Berwick)
TL9848 : The Victory Hall at Chelsworth by Adrian S Pye Chelsworth, Suffolk
TL9577 : Coney Weston village hall by Evelyn Simak Coney Weston, Suffolk (ex recreation hut)
TM4170 : Darsham Village Hall by Geographer Darsham, Suffolk
TL9453 : Thorpe Morieux village hall by Bikeboy Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk
SP4349 : Farnborough village hall by Graham Horn Farnborough, Warwickshire (ex Fenny Compton)
ST9678 : The village hall, Christian Malford by Roger Cornfoot Christian Malford, Wiltshire (ex hospital hut, Salisbury Plain)
ST5704 : Evershot village hall by Graham Horn Evershot, Wiltshire
NT4314 : Large wooden hut at Roberton by Oliver Dixon Roberton, Scottish Borders (ex Stobs Camp)

Modified huts

The following halls are based around the original huts and retain some features such as the original roof trusses.

SO5003 : Catbrook Memorial Hall by Jaggery Catbrook, Monmouthshire (ex US hospital, London)
SK9401 : Village Hall, South Luffenham by Alan Murray-Rust South Luffenham, Rutland
SJ9527 : Village Hall, Salt by Alan Murray-Rust Salt, Staffordshire
SE7825 : The Victory Hall, Laxton by Ian S Laxton, East Riding


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