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Published: 9 November 2009
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TG0939 : Fire Buckets, Holt Station, Norfolk by Christine MatthewsBuckets are groupings that photos can be added to. Adding photos to buckets is a collaborative process, any member can nominate a photo for a given bucket.SN6195 : A bucket of crabs by Penny Mayes

The idea behind buckets is that they will allow more dynamic filtering of search results - to narrow down the results to particular types of image. Similarly, they can be used to exclude unwanted types (for example to exclude closeup shots).

This filtering process is not yet implemented directly, but you can get a preview of images in bucketsExternal link. More features will be added.

Getting involved

You can help with bucketing images by selecting buckets for each individual image from a dropdown menu you get when hovering over the thumb symbol next to it, or by selecting imagesExternal link for a particular bucket.

For your own images, you can also assign buckets directly from the 'tagging box' when submitting, or editing an image.

Definitions and Examples

It is important to note any given photo can be in one or many buckets, but also that many images won't be in any buckets.

Below are guidelines for what the various buckets mean, and the types of images that should be found inside each.



Shows a lot of detail, but with some context (if there is no context at all, it's a CloseCrop).

TF1963 : Ladybird in the woods at Woodhall Spa by Dave Hitchborne SH7704 : Bedding and cleavage by Rudi Winter TM0734 : Sheep-shearing: now for the legs by Zorba the Geek SW7432 : Red Campion flowers (Silene dioica) by Rod Allday TQ5889 : M25: junction 29 sign by N Chadwick TA1767 : Florists on St John's Street, Bridlington by Stefan De Wit


(was called Telephoto - but changed, because easily confused with the photographic term)

Taken as a very close crop of a subject - often with a telephoto lens.

A photo of a flower could be Closeup, but it's only CloseCrop too if closely cropped to the flower itself.

NZ8911 : The harbour entrance, Whitby by Dave Hitchborne SN5779 : Folded strata below Allt Wen by Rudi Winter TM0734 : Sheep-shearing: "Nearly done now, sir!" by Zorba the Geek SJ8959 : Flower of the Welsh Poppy by Jonathan Kington J3573 : Shamrock Street sign, Belfast by Albert Bridge SU1405 : Framptons shop front, High Street, Ringwood by Peter Facey


A wideangle shot - either with a wideangle lens or a stitched panorama.

NZ8910 : Inner Harbour, Whitby by Dave Hitchborne TF4068 : Monk's Field - A burial site or a by-pass? by Dave Hitchborne SH5947 : Temporary? level crossing by Barry Hunter NT1379 : Forth Bridges by John Taylor


A vista with no single defined subject, covers views and photos looking 'out' from somewhere.

Note this is not about the orientation, i.e. landscape/portrait.

A Landscape photo will quite often be a Wideangle too, but it is perfectly valid to not be a wide-angle shot.

SO3318 : View to the Black Mountains by John Light J3627 : Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea by Eric Jones SH6528 : View from the western slope of Rhinog Fawr by Rudi Winter SN7964 : Glacial mounds south of Llyn Gynon by Rudi Winter TQ3180 : City Skyline by Colin Smith ST3161 : Weston-Super-Mare : The Mudflats by Lewis Clarke


In general these won't be allocated by the photographer themselves, but added by the community.


A photo which emphasises aesthetic and artistic rather than documentary aspects, e.g. by using unusual perspectives or compositions.

Does not include straightforward depictions of works of art.

TQ3079 : Ground eye view of the Eye by Andy Beecroft SJ6703 : The Iron Bridge, Illuminated by Ian Slater NF7663 : Patterns in the sand by Lis Burke ST1974 : Patterns on the Water Tower, Cardiff Bay by Adrian Platt TA1528 : Saltend Power Station Chimneys by Andy Beecroft NT1489 : Close to a pylon by Lee Mc Ilroy


Shows unusual or interesting information.

A data set that provides factual information beyond what is obvious from the map (at any publicly available scale) and the picture itself.

It may be helpful to open these example thumbnails in full to see the descriptions.

SK7053 : Tympanum, Southwell Minster by J.Hannan-Briggs SN7391 : Dam of breached mine pond at Esgair Hir by Rudi Winter NT8610 : Archaeological excavation of Barrowburn Fulling Mill by Andrew Curtis SK3292 : Former Batchelors Foods Factory, Limestone Cottage Lane, Sheffield by Terry Robinson TL6824 : Andrews Field, Great Saling, Essex, former NW perimeter track by Trevor Wright NM8172 : Camping at Seilag on an inland sea kayak trip by Andy Waddington

Where taken


Taken from off the ground. From the air, not from a tower.

NS8892 : Alloa From The Air by James T M Towill SO9938 : Ashton under Hill from the air by Philip Halling ND4798 : Churchill Barrier No.3  and Burray from the air by Rob Farrow TQ3280 : Thames bridges and the City of London from the air by Thomas Nugent SU0670 : Wiltshire Microlight Centre, Yatesbury Field, Nr Cherhill, Wiltshire by Peter Wasp NH9736 : Lochindorb Castle from the Air by Anne Burgess


The subject is under a roof or shelter, and the camera is usually under the same roof.

TF2522 : The Interior of the Church of St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding by Dave Hitchborne NT2573 : In Waverley Station by N Chadwick NT2677 : Inside Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre. by N Chadwick ST3188 : Newport Indoor Market by Robin Drayton TA2710 : Grimsby Ice Factory - Compressor Room by David Vinter NG4743 : Portree Community Swimming Pool by John Allan


Taken underground - caves and mines, burial chambers, crypts and cellars, tunnels and underground stations.

SN8316 : Cathedral Cave by Hywel Williams SK2656 : Goodluck Mine - Passage by Ashley Dace SJ3490 : The Liverpool Underground by Dr Neil Clifton SH3270 : Interior, part of, Barclodiad Y Gawres by Lynne Kirton TQ7669 : Medway Tunnel by N Chadwick SK6464 : Cellars at Rufford Abbey by Trevor Rickard

In Time


The subject has now gone. You can't see this anymore by going to the location.

With the intention that images will be added to this bucket when it's known the subject has now gone.

Any fixed subject that has changed substantially between when the photo was taken and now. Age itself is not a factor.

Does not include transient objects which wouldn't be expected to remain in place, such as animals or vehicles.

SJ5783 : Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS), Daresbury Laboratory by Rudi Winter TQ2884 : Former Primrose Hill station by Stephen Craven TQ3166 : Croydon Riots - two days later by Peter Trimming ST5688 : Aust Ferry Terminal by John Thorn NZ2463 : Station approach - as it was by Stephen Craven SE1222 : Former Elland Power Station by Stephen Craven

(Note: This bucket has been renamed from 'Historic' which was easily confused with the Geographical Context of similar name)


Shows a subject not always in the location shown, i.e. transient to the area.

You wouldn't expect to see the exact same subject in an hour's, day's or week's time.

TF3066 : Big "A" 2800 Spreader at Low Hameringham by Dave Hitchborne SN6960 : Lamb at Tan yr Allt Uchaf by Rudi Winter SN6089 : A bigger splash:  Borth sea defences by Chris Denny TQ7237 : Tour De France 2007, High Street, Goudhurst by Oast House Archive SN5881 : Aberystwyth harbour dredging by Rudi Winter NU0501 : Temporary road bridge, Rothbury by Rose and Trev Clough

What's in the photo


Shows/includes people in the shot. Must be only where people are the subject.

TF3465 : St Peter & St Paul, Old Bolingbroke by Dave Hitchborne TQ2371 : Artist at Work by Peter Trimming SX5994 : Umpalumpas invade Okehampton Station by Michael Westley T1559 : Gorey - Main Street - Quinn's Lounge patrons by Joseph Mischyshyn SP9412 : The "Iron Room", Tring Station by Unknown - picture appears to be ca. 1902 SE3033 : Leeds - Rock Against Racism demonstration - July 1981 by William Starkey


Shows plants and animals typical of the general local area (for our purposes excludes Humans).

Includes only species that breed and sustain a population without human help.

The intention is to map species distribution. It is not necessary for the animal or plant to be the main subject of the image.

NG7113 : Porpoises, Isleornsay by Lisa Jarvis TG5208 : Grey Squirrel in Gt Yarmouth cemetery by Adrian S Pye SS9769 : Common House Spider by Mick Lobb SH7806 : Tree trunk taken over by ivy by Rudi Winter NO1222 : Willowgate footpath and Japanese Knotweed by Rob Burke SU0292 : Sloes and brambles, Rigsby's Lane, Minety by Brian Robert Marshall


Showing vehicles and other modes of transport.

The actual vehicle/carriage, rather than simply its course/track/railway.

SU6352 : Railway Station, Basingstoke by Dave Hitchborne C1711 : Swilly buses, Letterkenny by Albert Bridge J3776 : George Best Belfast City Airport (54) by Albert Bridge SM9639 : Stena ferry rounding Fishguard Harbour breakwater by Jonathan Billinger TQ8209 : Shops on George Street by Oast House Archive NT5434 : Cyclists in High Street, Melrose by Walter Baxter
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