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Kennet Avon Canal Devizes to Bradford on Avon

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Creative Commons Licence [Some Rights Reserved]   Text © Copyright March 2011, Maurice Pullin; licensed for re-use under a Creative Commons Licence.
Images also under a similar Creative Commons Licence.

1:50,000 Modern Day Landranger(TM) Map © Crown Copyright
1:50,000 Modern Day Landranger(TM) Map © Crown Copyright


Caen Hill Lock no. 30 : Caen Hill Lock no. 29 : Lock no. 28 : Marsh Lane Bridge no. 144 : Lock no. 27 : Lock no. 26 : Lock No. 25 : Lock No. 24 :

2006 ST9761 : Ready for the Ascent by Simon Scurr2009 ST9761 : Lower Lock by Roger Gittins2009 ST9761 : Lower pond by Roger Gittins
2009 ST9761 : Gone fishin' by Roger Gittins2003 ST9761 : Side pond of Caen Hill locks by Nick Smith2010 ST9761 : The locks of the Caen Hill flight by Christine Johnstone
2010 ST9761 : Locks on Caen Hill by Steve Daniels2010 ST9761 : Caen Hill sixteen locks, from the bottom by David Martin2005 ST9761 : Caen Hill Locks here we come by Nick Smith
2010 ST9761 : The B3101 bridge over the Kennet & Avon Canal by Steve Daniels2010 ST9761 : The Kennet & Avon Canal by Steve Daniels2009 ST9761 : Kennet and Avon Canal by Roger Gittins

ST9761 : Two narrow boats descend the Caen Hill Locks by Russel Wills
These sixteen locks form a steep flight in a straight line up Caen Hill. This flight of locks was engineer John Rennie's solution to climbing the very steep hill, and was the last part of the 87 mile route of the Kennet and Avon canal to be completed.
by Russel Wills

ST9761 : Towpath: Devizes by Pam Brophy
The towpath under the bridge over the Kennet and Avon Canal (Caen Hill Locks). The picture was taken looking towards the Upper Foxhangers Farm, west of the main set of locks.
by Pam Brophy

ST9761 : Towpath Underpass by Roger Gittins
Kennet and Avon canal towpath under B3101. The towpath is also part of the Mid Wilts Way and White Horse Trail.
by Roger Gittins

ST9761 : Caen Hill Locks - Cinderella stirs. by David Stowell
Seen on a dull October day in 1980 during the first stage of restoration. The lock chambers have been cleared of debris, including the rotten remains of the old lock gates, last used in the 1940s. The side pounds have been cleared of most of the vegetation, as well as riding stables and a builder's storage yard that occupied some of the dry pounds. It was to be still another 10 years or so before the locks were restored to the working condition we see today in the other pictures for this (and the adjacent!) squares.
by David Stowell

2009 ST9761 : Caen Hill Locks by Roger Gittins2010 ST9761 : Narrowboat on the Kennet & Avon Canal by Steve Daniels2010 ST9761 : Barge in a lock at Caen Hill by Steve Daniels

1:50,000 Modern Day Landranger(TM) Map © Crown Copyright
1:50,000 Modern Day Landranger(TM) Map © Crown Copyright


Lock no. 23 : Foxhangers Footbridge no, 145 : Lock no. 22 : Lower Foxhangers Bridge no. 146 :


ST9761 : Lock No 23 and Foxhangers Foot Bridge, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
The derelict lock and rickety footbridge as seen in 1977. As far as can be discerned from the 1:25 000 map, the footway over the bridge is not a right of way.
by Dr Neil Clifton

ST9661 : Back Pumping Station by Des Blenkinsopp
As originally designed, water for the top levels of the Kennet and Avon Canal was pumped from springs at Crofton, south east of Marlborough.
After the canal was brought back into use again this supply was inadequate to sustain the heavy usage of water down the famous Caen Hill locks at Devizes. Water is now pumped back up to the top of the flight via this pumping station at the bottom.
The wind pump shown on the map is also visible in this picture.
by Des Blenkinsopp

ST9661 : Lower Foxhangers - Kennet  & Avon Canal by Michel Van den Berghe
Remains of an old railway bridge
by Michel Van den Berghe

ST9661 : Old railway bridge from Lower Foxhangers Bridge, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
The railway was the now defunct Devizes to Trowbridge line, which has followed the canal closely from Devizes.
by Dr Neil Clifton

ST9661 : Remains of old railway bridge, Lower Foxhangers, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
Lower Foxhangers Bridge can be seen in the background.
by Dr Neil Clifton

ST9661 : Swan at Lower Foxhanger's by Doug Lee
It's probably just my imagination, but there do seem to be a larger number of waterfowl around this year. This swan was one of a number of mature and juvenile swans in the Lower Foxhanger's marina.

The swans both here and further along the canal regard humans as a useful source of food and will soon come to investigate the bread opportunities available from people standing beside the water.
by Doug Lee

2005 ST9661 : Kennet & Avon Canal by Neil Geering2008 ST9661 : The start of Caen Hill locks looking east by Rob Purvis


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