Keyword Searching in the Browser

Published: 24 November 2014
The Browser image searching tool has a powerful keyword search box.

It is fundamentally, the same as the keyword search on the main search, and supports most of the same syntax.

This article attempts to document the difference.

Note, the 'Browser index' is also used by the simplified 'Photos of' interface, the Groups By tester, and the coverage layer. (and a few other experimental tools)

Missing features

~ operator does not work in the browser
[...] tag syntax is only partly supported, not recommended to use.
Field Start/End modifiers, don't work on Tags/Context etc

Field Searches

The browser index has its own list of available search fields.

Can use 'field syntax' to limit keywords to a specific field. If specify field name followed by colon, ALL keys after that (or until another specifier!), will only match specific field.

eg [ bridge title: canal liverpool] will look for 'bridge' in ANY field. But 'canal' and 'liverpool' needs to be in the image title.

This is a full reference list: (some are intended for internal use, so not easy to use)
titleThe main image titletitle:bridge
descThe description text (note, does NOT include shared descriptions)desc:the
nameThe full photographer/contributor namename:John Smith
dayThe day the photo was taken, format YYYYMMDDday:20120523
monthThe month and year the photo was taken, format YYYYMM month:201204
yearThe year the photo was taken, format YYYY year:2001
decadeThe decade the photo was taken, format 2010s (always ends in 0s)decade:1990s
monthnameThe month the photo was taken, format April (the full english month name) monthname:September
myriadThe 100km square the image was taken in, as jsut the gridletter(s)myriad:NT
hectadThe 10km square the image was taken in, as 2 figure grid referencehectad:SH55
gridrefThe 1km square the image was taken in, as 3 figure grid referencegridref:TQ7040
categoryThe legacy image categorycategory:ford
subjectThe selected Primary Photo Subjectsubject:fungi
contextsThe top level Geographical Context(s)contexts:roads
bucketsThe selected bucket(s) the image has been added tobuckets:aerial
tagsAll other tags (not context, subject or buckets)
note, if wanting to search by tag prefix, dont enter the :, eg to search the tag [ river:Arthog ], you need to enter tags: "river Arthog"
snippetsThe titles of the shared descriptions on the imagesnippets:christmas
wikisThe assigned wikimedia category for the image (few images have this)wikis:bridge
termsImportant Terms extracted by computer from descriptionterms:canal
groupsAutomatically cluster labelsgroups:battle
statusgeograph OR supplemental status:geograph
typesimage type tag (unknown type are 'supplemental'types:extra
distanceThe distance between subject and photographer in metres, rounded to powers of two (eg 1,4, 16, 4096)distance:1024
directionthe view direction as decimal degrees from north 0-360 - or 'unknown'direction:180
landcoverEstimated landcover of the general area of the photolandcover:woodland
placenearest placenameplace:Birmingham
countycounty of the nearby placename (if known)country:Essex
countryThe full country namecountry:Ireland
largerhas a larger upload. (eg "larger:800" means has a 800px version, also 1024, 1600 and 3000 available)larger:1024
userthe user-id of the user who uploaded the imagetitle:bridge
textThis is a special field, that searches the title, description, subjects, category and other tagstext:mushroom

The browser and the main search, have very different fields. It has a number of fields that the main search does not.
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