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Published: 12 January 2010
We have just introduced larger image uploads, so it's now possible to **optionally** release an image larger than the default 640 pixel version.

We offer a choice of default sizes, but don't impose a resolution limit, so you can upload really big images (but there is an 8Mb filesize limit - on all uploads).

An image with a high-res version is shown with a "more sizes" link on the photo page, so visitors can download the big version.

This is entirely optional, as it's understandable that many contributors only want to release a low resolution image; they can be contacted directly if visitors are interested in the high-res version.

Submission Methods

Geograph Submission Methods (including a comparison matrix)


Instead of resizing the image to 640px before upload, just resize to the largest size you are willing to release, you confirm the actual size in step 4.

If you don't resize before uploading, then just upload as before, and choose your option in step 4.

Submit v2

Just upload the image as normal. You can select which size to submit in step 1.


On the website, you can choose whether to transfer the 640px resized version to Geograph, or the high-res version. If you are transferring large pictures the Geograph website will offer you the option of storing the larger version.


We will add larger upload capability to Juppy, and the Picasa Uploader soon.

Old Images

We now have a facility to add a high resolution version to a previously submitted image. Look for the 'Upload a larger version' link on the photo page - of course only appears for your own images.

Another point worth making - this is probably best used to add high resolution versions to specific images that could really benefit from the increased resolution, rather than a wholesale (re)uploading of your whole profile to a high resolution.

We plan on releasing an optional tool to make re-uploading large quantities of images very easy.

Panorama Tip

Because a wide panorama doesn't usually look good shown as a thin sliver on the photo page, this new feature can be used as a neat way of dealing with these.

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