Licensing of Geograph articles

Published: 11 January 2012
SN5981 : The National Library of Wales by Andrew King
Authors of Geograph articles can choose any of three licences for their work: public domain, Creative Commons or full copyright. This document explains how people can use an article elsewhere depending on which licence is chosen.

Acceptable uses of Geograph articles elsewhere

The table below indicates what users may or may not do with a Geograph article.

In any case:-
It doesn't matter whether the article is re-used in printed, electronic or any other form.
Usepublic domainCreative Commonsfull copyright
Reproduce elsewhere with attribution to author+[1]-
Reproduce elsewhere without attribution to author[2]--
Incorporate substantial parts of the article in a derived work, with attribution+[1]-
Incorporate substantial parts of the article in a derived work, without attribution[2]--
Quote a short section with attribution to author+++
Quote a short section without attribution to author[2]--
Use information taken from the article in paraphrased form[2][2][2]

[1] The "Share Alike" clause of the Creative Commons licence stipulates that a derived work that is based solely or substantially on a CC-licensed work must be licensed in a similar or less restrictive manner.

[2] If material is in the public domain, it can be used freely. However, it is generally good practice to quote your sources, and not to do so is considered plagiarism in most professions as well as in education.
Creative Commons License Text by Rudi Winter, January 2012 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
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