Lomond Hills Regional Park

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Section Two: Member's contributions

NO2305 : Lomond Hills, Glassie by Richard Webb
Rough grassland in the foreground, typical of the range with a view towards Bishop Hill (left) and West Lomond Hill (right) and Harperleas Reservoir.
by Richard Webb

NO2306 : Behind the waterfall by James Allan
The path in Maspie Den takes walkers through a deep undercut behind a waterfall here. With more water in the burn, it can be more impressive.
by James Allan

NO2406 : Viewpoint indicator on East Lomond (Falkland Hill) by Alan O'Dowd
Looking towards West Lomond with the Ballo and Harperleas Reservoirs also in view.
by Alan O'Dowd

NO2406 : Along the drystane dyke to Purin Hill by Richard Law
An old dyke runs across the east side of the hill here, providing a lead-in to the (much more recent) masts on Purin Hill in NO2505.
by Richard Law

NO2206 : Twin paths on the Lomond Hills by Gordon Hatton
Both paths lead down towards the road, the right hand path soon arriving at the car park. East Lomond Hill in the distance.
by Gordon Hatton

NO2106 : Boulder with rivet near West Lomond by Becky Williamson
Ordnance Survey brass rivet benchmark can be seen within the empty circle on top of the boulder. For full description, see LinkExternal link. See also NO2106 : Brass rivet benchmark on boulder near West Lomond.
by Becky Williamson

NO2406 : Hill track stairway by Douglas Nelson
Note (by Bill Kasman): No further description given.
See this image Link

NO2003 : Field below Munduff Hill by Callum Black
Looking west to the end of the forest on Munduff Hill.
by Callum Black

NO1800 : Coming in to land by M J Richardson
An ASK21 glider on approach to the airfield of the Scottish Gliding Union at Portmoak, as seen from Lochend Farm Shop and Cafe, with Bishop Hill and Scotlandwell beyond.
by M J Richardson

NO2208 : Howe of Fife from West Lomond by Colin Smith
Extensive views over most of fertile Fife from the tops of the Lomond Hills. This is looking north-east, across farmland in the Eden Valley, towards Cupar.
By Colin Smith

NO2307 : East Lomond snow covered from the fields of Falkland House by Thomas Dick
Looking like a miniature Mount Fuji, East Lomond dominates the village of Falkland in Fife.
by Thomas Dick

NO1603 : Hay bale by Paul McIlroy
A view towards Easter Balgedie and Bishop Hill.
by Paul McIlroy

NO1404 : Standing Stones by Alfred Fyfe
Standing Stones in field at Orwell Farm looking SSE. Bishop Hill in background.
by Alfred Fyfe

NO1807 : Bunnet Stane by ronnie leask
Over the centuries wind and weather has worn the sandstone into this mushroom shaped rock on the northern slopes of West Lomond Hill. It can be climbed but descending again is a little more difficult!
by ronnie leask


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