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My 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown walking project

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SZ0796 : Kinson: Lake Road by Chris Downer

A short road on the eastern side of Kinson village green, this being the Millhams Road end, while it comes out on the main Wimborne Road next to the library, but is chopped into two halves near that end (hence the no-through road sign).

It is one of the original roads in the centre of Kinson, it contains Victorian houses which are still named and not numbered.

SZ0894 : Winton: Lampton Gardens by Chris Downer

An infill development dating from around 2000 (slight guesswork here), taking in the rear workshop/yard area of the former Caffyns Fiat dealership on the main Wimborne Road.

SZ0995 : Moordown: Lawford Road by Chris Downer

A short road which originally cut the corner between the major roads Wimborne Road and Castle Lane West, although the latter end has been closed to traffic since at least the early 1980s. It has a few houses on each side but this view is dominated by a tall fence for the flat above a former hairdresser's in the corner building.

SZ0596 : Bear Cross: Leaf Gardens by Chris Downer

Leaf Gardens is a cul-de-sac on a small development dating from the early 2000s, on part of Butcher's Coppice, the remainder of which remains a Scout campsite.

SZ0595 : Bear Cross: Leaf Lane by Chris Downer

A path linking Duck Lane with Poole Lane, running through the playing field near the latter but seen here from the Duck Lane end. Many of the footpaths on the West Howe estate and thereabouts have been given names in the last couple of years, a safety initiative whose intention is that, in the event of calling for help, one's location can be more easily described. I am pretty sure that the path has been named only since that time.

SZ0795 : East Howe: Learning Lane by Chris Downer

Looking along this public footpath from Heather Road to Hadow Road, from the point midway along where it meets Green Lane. Many of the footpaths on the West Howe estate and thereabouts have been given names in the last couple of years, a safety initiative whose intention is that, in the event of calling for help, one's location can be more easily described. This one has been named Learning Lane, no doubt because it leads to Hadow Road, where the area's primary and secondary schools are located.

See Link for more discussion and links to further photos along the route of the path.

SZ0795 : East Howe: Leedam Road by Chris Downer

A short cul-de-sac of semi-detached council houses off Western Avenue. Its dead end leads into the corner of Puck's Dell (Link ).

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Lewis Gardens by Chris Downer

An infill development of bungalows, something that has happened a lot in Ensbury Park over the last 20 years, off Howeth Road. It is not on the 2007 edition of the local A-Z street plan but appears in 2009.

SZ0895 : Northbourne: Leybourne Avenue by Chris Downer

One of the main routes through Northbourne, Leybourne Avenue starts here as a continuation of Coombe Avenue. It begins as this proper 'avenue', lined with trees and with low hedges interrupted by each driveway. Further northwest, it opens out into a grass-lined road with trees periodically spaced.

Until around 1950, Leybourne Avenue swung into Northbourne Avenue about ¾ mile north of here; it was then extended down to East Howe Lane. Northbourne Avenue is where these desirable detached houses give way to a short stretch of council semis and privately owned bungalows.

Even then, Leybourne Avenue has a sequel: beyond East Howe Lane, and only accessible by vehicle via a lengthy detour, is a detached further segment marked by a large oval green in its centre (Link ).

SZ0796 : East Howe: Leybourne Close by Chris Downer

A short cul-de-sac of the detached segment of Leybourne Avenue (Link ), appearing on street plans by about 1972, which seems about right judging by the little terrace of council houses which we can see in the distance.

SZ0995 : Moordown: Linden Road by Chris Downer

A short one-segment road at the northern end of a long area of criss-cross roads on this western side of the main Wimborne Road, forming a series of squares. However, at this northern end, the three main north-south roads Wimborne Road, The Avenue and The Grove sort of converge on one another, and Linden Road therefore runs in a quirky curve.

The fine detached houses that typify the whole area give way to bungalows on the northern side.

SZ0696 : Bear Cross: Linmead Drive by Chris Downer

This short in-fill cul-de-sac off Anstey Road abuts the back of the even-numbered houses in the 1650s/1660s of Wimborne Road. The houses in Linmead Drive itself are therefore only around the dead end and southern side. It arrives on the local street plan in about 1980.

SZ0696 : Bear Cross: Longfield Drive by Chris Downer
246. LONGFIELD DRIVE (Bear Cross)

A very short road linking the main Wimborne Road with Cudnell Avenue, which runs parallel with Wimborne Road and has a dead end at both ends. Immediately in front of us is a service road serving the odd numbers 1761 to 1823 Wimborne Road, comfortably the highest house numbers in the area.

Longfield Drive, meanwhile, almost need not be named, since it contains no addresses at all.

SZ0897 : West Parley: Longfield Drive by Chris Downer
247. LONGFIELD DRIVE (West Parley)

Looking into the sun and along this short road, running off the A347 New Road and arriving onto Ridgeway, a gravel road which is not a through route for traffic. Immediately ahead of us is a service road serving odd numbers in New Road, including, to the right, the main shopping parade at Parley Cross.

SZ0795 : East Howe: Long Road by Chris Downer

Long Road is actually not all that long, but I suspect it is someone's surname that gives the road its name. It is a small exclave of the large West Howe council housing estate, leading to Aldridge Road (the first of whose turnings this sign faces) and the detached stub of Leybourne Avenue.

SZ0694 : West Howe: Lydford Gardens by Chris Downer

A cul-de-sac of Lydford Road, on the southern edge of the West Howe council estate built in the 1950s. While Lydford Road is original in that respect, Lydford Gardens is later, appearing on maps by about 1982.

SZ0694 : West Howe: Lydford Road by Chris Downer

Looking along this road at the southern edge of the large 1950s West Howe council estate behind us is Turbary Park Avenue which abuts the vast Turbary Common. The left-hand side of the road features the terrace visible in the background and one pair of semis, while two linked blocks of flats take up the large plot on this eastern side, with a pair of semis further down.

SZ0995 : Moordown: Lystra Road by Chris Downer

Looking along the pavement of this cul-de-sac of detached houses typical of the whole Moordown area.


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