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My 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown walking project

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SZ0798 : West Parley: Gallows Drive by Chris Downer

Gallows Drive is at the very corner of the gridsquare and also at the very limit of my 2km radius from home. The sign here is a modern one with the logo of East Dorset District Council, which was absolved in the Local Government Reorganisation of April 2019 when Dorset became a unitary authority and the districts under it were abolished.

SZ0696 : Bear Cross: Garsdale Close by Chris Downer

This cul-de-sac off the main Wimborne Road curves immediately around to the right and has a couple of rows of houses facing each other across a footpath coming back out on the main road a bit further down.

It also provides access, by the big tree in the background, into Millhams Mead Local Nature Reserve (see Link.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: George Close by Chris Downer

A very modern infill cul-de-sac off Beswick Avenue, George Close contains some university student accommodation. Many original houses in this neck of the woods have also become student houses; it is an ideal location a 15-minute or so walk to the main campus of Bournemouth University and the Arts University.

The road sign is a nonstandard one which has, therefore, presumably been installed by the developers rather than the council.

SZ0895 : Redhill: Georgian Way by Chris Downer

A fairly steep road off Wimborne Road, with a few rather nice houses in leafy grounds on the steep hillside to the right.

It also forms a public right of way which continues as a footpath up to Headswell Crescent: See Link.

SZ0796 : Northbourne: Gillam Road by Chris Downer

A short road of (originally) council housing linking Leybourne and Western Avenues.

There are regular council semis on the western side of the road, while on this eastern side there is a block of council flats (background) and a service road leading up to shops, with flats above, on a higher level. Nowadays the only shops still running are a general store, hairdresser's and a door, window and conservatory firm; the double-frontage driving test centre closed in February 2019 owing to internal flooding and the rest of the shops were converted to flats several years ago.

SZ0595 : West Howe: Gladdis Road by Chris Downer

Looking northwest along this road towards the western edge of the large 1950s West Howe council estate. The houses are readily recognisable council semi-detached houses.

SZ0896 : Northbourne: Glamis Avenue by Chris Downer

The well-to-do bungalows that we glimpse in the background are typical of this whole Northbourne area, below Leybourne Avenue, while detached houses are a little further south.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Glendon Avenue by Chris Downer

The bungalows on the left and the houses on the right are all quite desirable properties, typifying this part of Kinson north of Wimborne Road.

SZ0696 : Kinson: Glenmeadows Drive by Chris Downer

Glenmeadows Drive is a cul-de-sac of houses from probably the 1970s, off Kinson Road. Griffiths Gardens, referred to on the sign, is more modern.

SZ0894 : Ensbury Park: Glenmoor Close by Chris Downer

A small cul-de-sac of bungalows off the main Boundary Road (not that it would have been 'main' when they were built), alongside the girls' secondary school Glenmoor, after which the road was no doubt named.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Glenmoor Gardens by Chris Downer

A modern infill development behind Ensbury Avenue. The virtually unbroken line of houses is split into three in terms of address and access, with the more or less identical Hartmoor Gardens and Ensbury Gardens adjacent to the north.

The sign is small and nonstandard and, therefore, presumably erected by the developer rather than the council.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Glenville Gardens by Chris Downer

A modern infill development off Glenville Road. The Ensbury Park area in particular has seen much of this kind of infill, using a driveway from one of the original houses.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Glenville Road by Chris Downer

A road of the expected detached houses in this area, linking Columbia Road and Kingswell Road and taking a surprisingly oblique course between the two, nearer to parallel with them than perpendicular.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Gorsecliff Road by Chris Downer

A two-segment road of early 20th century detached houses, off what was then the minor Boundary Road. Since the early 1980s, when Boundary Road became the main A347 into Bournemouth, Gorsecliff Road has become a busy cut-through to miss the Ensbury Park Gyratory, as it is the first through road turn-off northbound, after Glenmoor school grounds.

SZ0695 : West Howe: Gort Road by Chris Downer

A short, squiggly road in the heart of the large 1950s West Howe council estate it comes off the centrepiece, Cunningham Crescent, although we are looking at it from the other end, on Mount Road.

SZ0995 : Muscliff: Granby Road by Chris Downer

The bungalows on the northwest side of Granby Road back on to the riverside path of the Stour. Those on the main leg have boundary walls while those on this more easterly segment, turning 90º to come out on Muscliffe Lane, have no walls or fences.

We are looking from the 90º bend in the road, whose main course runs behind-left and behind-right. The section ahead is a little offshoot at that corner - hence the no-through-road sign.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Graycot Close by Chris Downer

A little late-70s or early 80s development. The house number, 1376a, can only belong to Bournemouth's longest road, Wimborne Road. This row of houses is similar to those in Graycot Close itself, although semi-detached rather than detached, so is probably part of the same development. (If the houses are smaller than those they replaced, that might explain the 'a' suffix.)

SZ0795 : Ensbury Park: Greaves Close by Chris Downer

A cul-de-sac off Stanton Road, itself a no-through road, containing these typical 1970s houses, semi-detached on the left and detached on the right and at the end.

SZ0896 : Northbourne: Greenacres Close by Chris Downer

The sign stands on a triangle between the 45º-angle pavement turning into the road, and the main pavement of New Road on which we stand. Well-to-do bungalows are the order of the day here; the road turns 90º to the left ahead, to run parallel with the River Stour, and the gardens of the bungalows along the back edge run right down to the riverbank.

SZ0795 : Ensbury Park: Green Lane by Chris Downer

Green Lane sounds like an original rural lane name, and I think that is so. Certainly, its rather serpentine course suggests a historical track, and it comes out here on East Howe Lane, another old route, with a green triangle with mature pine trees on it the edge of it is on the right of the picture.

The bungalows that typify this immediate area are no different here. The lane winds to an eventual dead end for modern traffic, on Learning Lane which I think may also have been an original track route.

SZ0895 : Moordown: Grenfell Road by Chris Downer

One of the latticework of roads which sees The Grove, The Avenue and the main Wimborne Road running parallel, with a series of short roads crossing them. Some cover both segments while others, such as Grenfell Road, only make half the journey.

SZ0696 : Kinson: Griffiths Gardens by Chris Downer

A fairly modern cul-de-sac (perhaps early 1990s) of houses off Glenmeadows Drive, which is itself a no-through road off Kinson Road. It backs on to Kinson Common and there is public access just by the turning here, to our right.

SZ0695 : West Howe: Grower Gardens by Chris Downer

Right by the heart of the large 1950s West Howe council estate, Grower Gardens is one of relatively few roads to have been added to the estate since it was built.

Along with Hanlon Close which comes off it, it is built on the site of the old Heathlands First School, which closed in around 1993 when it amalgamated with Heathlands Junior to become an all-through primary school, and was all accommodated on the Junior site. The school buildings were destroyed by fire shortly after closure and before official demolition was due.


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