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My 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown walking project

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SZ0795 : East Howe: Hadow Road by Chris Downer

The sign for Hadow Road looks as if it will soon be Shadow Road, thanks to the ever lengthening shadows of the houses on Kinson Road, behind us, late on this fine spring evening.

Both corner houses here have a triangle cut out of their front gardens, to give those wide semicircles of pavement on the corners. The positioning of the sign gives us limited view both of the sign and along the road but we can glimpse the first house, which I think may originally have been the caretaker's house for one of the schools.

Hadow Road leads to The Bourne Academy (formerly Kings High School, originally Kingsleigh Secondary) and Kingsleigh Primary School, which face each other a short distance down, before the road becomes a footpath now known as Learning Lane. There are a handful of council houses along here, too.

SZ0595 : West Howe: Hall Road by Chris Downer

Hall Road is on the western edge of the large, 1950s West Howe council estate and is also at the very edge of my 2km radius from home: my circumference line cuts through the road perhaps a little over halfway down from this end.

SZ0695 : West Howe: Hanlon Close by Chris Downer

Hanlon Close comes off Grower Gardens, both dead ends for vehicles, and are two of relatively few roads to have been added to the large West Howe council estate since it was built in the 1950s.

They are built on the site of the old Heathlands First School, which closed in around 1993 when it amalgamated with Heathlands Junior to become an all-through primary school, and was all accommodated on the Junior site. The school buildings were destroyed by fire shortly after closure and before official demolition was due.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Hartmoor Gardens by Chris Downer

A modern infill development behind Ensbury Avenue. The virtually unbroken line of houses is split into three in terms of address and access, with the more or less identical Glenmoor Gardens to the south and Ensbury Gardens to the north.

SZ0694 : Ensbury Park: Hazell Avenue by Chris Downer

Looking around the corner from Noel Road down Hazell Avenue from its top end. We glimpse the bungalows which are prevalent in this area, and also the low hedges which separate each pavement from the carriageway.

SZ0896 : Northbourne: Heads Farm Close by Chris Downer

You could not tell from this picture that Heads Farm Close is accessed from a narrow gravel track! But it is it is an offshoot of Heads Lane, which is a little track-like road off Wimborne Road.

SZ0896 : Northbourne: Heads Lane by Chris Downer

A gravel track which comes off Wimborne Road at an acute angle and then returns to it a bit further along. It has a few houses itself and also leads to Heads Farm Close, a standard-looking cul-de-sac of houses which is therefore wider than this lane that leads to it.

It is also a public right of way, number O20 this end and O21 further along: see Link for a wider view from just behind us, including more discussion and links to further pictures on the route ahead.

SZ0895 : Northbourne: Headswell Avenue by Chris Downer

Headswell Avenue is a longish road in the relatively well-to-do suburb of Northbourne, taking a course on the flat top of Red Hill before swinging in a big curve, as seen here, down the hill to meet Wimborne Road at an acute angle. The sharp left turn coming down the hill here onto Wimborne Road really is tight.

SZ0895 : Northbourne: Headswell Crescent by Chris Downer

Headswell Crescent forms a standard crescent shape off the eastern side of Headswell Avenue, but at this southern end also crosses it to meet Saxonhurst Road, the next road behind us. It is typical Northbourne - decent, desirable detached housing and a mix of houses and bungalows.

SZ0895 : Northbourne: Headswell Gardens by Chris Downer

The position of the nameplate, halfway along the triangular widening of the pavement at the junction, allows us only a glimpse of one of the bungalows in this short cul-de-sac. It is a typically desirable dwelling of this whole Northbourne area.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Heanor Close by Chris Downer

A really close-up photo of the street sign at the turning of Heanor Close, mainly because a small but fat hedge protrudes right alongside it and my phone is pressed into it, my eyes only able to employ guesswork, in order to take the photo.

Even so, we can glimpse along the road, a short cul-de-sac off Kingswell Road, at one of the bungalow frontages.

SZ0795 : Ensbury Park: Heather Road by Chris Downer

Heather Road is a short but fat crescent starting and finishing on Howeth Road. It is typical of the Ensbury Park side streets - detached houses and bungalows mainly from between the two World Wars.

SZ0695 : West Howe: Heathlands Walk by Chris Downer

One of those grass-lined paths which are quite common in council estates of the era, this one is towards the west of the large 1950s West Howe estate. It links Maclean Road (where we are standing) and Mandale Road (ahead).

It is a public footpath, and is discussed in more detail in this wider view from behind us: Link including the fairly recent naming of such paths.

SZ0694 : East Howe: Heaton Road by Chris Downer

A no-through road off Kinson Road. Almost immediately it does a sharp 90º bend to the left and then immediately to the right, before the majority of it is then straight but shunted north a little. It is hard to imagine why it was laid out like this, rather than just coming out a few yards further along and maintaining a straight course throughout.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Hendford Gardens by Chris Downer

A 1980s infill of bungalows, off Hendford Road - hence the name.

SZ0795 : Ensbury Park: Hendford Road by Chris Downer

We glimpse around the corner from Barnes Road into Hendford Road - as here, most of the roads hereabouts contain a mix of decent detached houses and bungalows. As is often the case, the pavement widens into a triangle on the corner, cutting a piece out of what would be the garden of the corner house.

SZ0894 : Moordown: Henry Joy Close by Chris Downer

A recent (in the last couple of years) small development of five properties around the back of houses in Victoria Park Road.

The road is named after builder Henry Joy, who was responsible for several notable buildings in Bournemouth, including the Arcade in the town centre and Westbourne Arcade.

SZ0794 : Ensbury Park: Hibberd Way by Chris Downer

One of the roads of the 1970s Slades Farm council estate, which suffers from that strange symptom of 70s estates whereby the houses have confusing numbers because they are built facing footpaths at right angles to the road. Further along, the terrace on the right morphs into Cornish Gardens addresses at the dead end of the latter.

SZ0894 : Moordown: Highfield Road by Chris Downer

A typical Moordown side road, detached early-20th-century houses being the order of the day. Highfield Road is essentially an extension of Vicarage Road, although it has a 90º offshoot just to our right, to meet Ensbury Park Road as well.

SZ0795 : East Howe: Highlands Crescent by Chris Downer

One of those 'crescents' that is not actually a crescent but a straightforward dead end although it does have a semicircular green in its middle at the far end.

It is also unusual in that the house numbering commences at the dead end rather than at the entry.

SZ0995 : Moordown: Hillcrest Close by Chris Downer

A small cul-de-sac of houses off Hillcrest Road - both are, indeed, at the crest of the hill; it goes steeply downhill on Priory View Road just to our left here.

SZ0995 : Moordown: Hillcrest Road by Chris Downer

The first segment of Hillcrest Road, to our left, forms quite an important back road whose mainline continues downhill to our right as Priory View Road. The offshoot ahead of us, as its name suggests continuing on the crest of the hill rather than heading down it, is a dead end.

SZ0895 : Northbourne: Hill View Road by Chris Downer

Often written as two words, Hill View Road is correctly spelled as three. It is seen here from its eastern end, opposite Redhill Common, and it heads past Hill View Primary School and the shopping parade New Parade in this first segment, before arcing to face northwest and come to an end at a dead end, one of the longest dead ends after the last turn-off.

The corner house on the left once housed Redhill Drive Post Office, before it moved into New Parade in the mid-1990s.

SZ0796 : Northbourne: Hogue Avenue by Chris Downer

Part of a small layout of roads resembling a fork, Hogue Avenue being the horizontal that holds the three tines of the fork: Ferncroft Road, Ashridge Avenue and Pinewood Avenue. Dudley Road finishes the cutlery analogy by providing the handle, slightly offset from centre.

SZ0596 : Bear Cross: Holloway Avenue by Chris Downer

Holloway Avenue forms a main route at the western side of the large West Howe 1950s council estate and then continues to the main Ringwood Road outside of the estate, hence the bungalows - patently not council housing - that we see here opposite the end of Duck Lane.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Home Road by Chris Downer

Home Road is a short road in central Kinson, used by buses purely as an easy way of turning round as the Bournemouth-Kinson routes terminate just around the corner from here. As can be glimpsed here, it has detached houses on one side and mainly detached bungalows on the other.

SZ0694 : Wallisdown: Hood Crescent by Chris Downer

Hood Crescent is an angular crescent off Kinson Road but with an additional arm, so shaped like an uppercase F (an upside-down F when seen on a map with north at the top). It is only this offshoot which falls within my 2km radius, and we therefore look along it from Acton Road.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Horsham Avenue by Chris Downer

Quite an important side-street of Kinson, the main one leading to the residential roads to the north of the shopping centre.

SZ0795 : Ensbury Park: Howeth Close by Chris Downer

A short cul-de-sac of maybe 1970s housing off the major side-road, Howeth Road.

SZ0795 : East Howe: Howeth Road by Chris Downer

Howeth Road is quite a long, and major, side-road of the East Howe / Ensbury Park area and, I think, may be one of the traditional track route from before the area was built over.

The reason I say this is the generally meandering course that it takes, and the fact that as it approaches East Howe Lane, ahead, it turns into a curious dual carriageway with mature trees lining the middle. This surely suggests a field boundary of some sort?

The housing is mainly good detached houses, mixed with a few bungalows such as those on the left-hand side ahead.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Howton Close by Chris Downer

A very short cul-de-sac of bungalows of Howton Road, which is itself a dead end.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Howton Road by Chris Downer

A short dead-end road off Kitscroft Road, almost at the dead end of the latter. On a map, the road layout of these few roads looks as if more was planned but never built. The bungalows on the right back onto a portion of Kinson Common, still open public land.

SZ0795 : Northbourne: Hoxley Road by Chris Downer

A very short single-segment road linking Western Avenue (this end) and Leybourne Avenue, with no more than half a dozen bungalows on each side.

SZ0796 : Kinson: Hyde Road by Chris Downer

Seen here from Kinson Road, Hyde Road forms the northern and eastern sides of a self-contained square, Burcombe Road forming the south side and, of course, Kinson Road the west. Middle Road crosses the square but there are no other roads meeting it from outside the square.

Hyde Road has a little kink in it, rather inexplicably, with a 90º left and 90º right in quick succession.


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