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The discussion topic "This day in history" has now been running for over 10 years. Initially it generated a lot of interest and attracted a lot of contributors. But latterly interest has dwindled to such an extent that there are only four contributors still in the game - namely John Sutton, Hillrover, Septimus and myself. We have to go back to April this year to find anyone else contributing.

This got me thinking that rather than continuing in this vein, it might be of rather more interest to compile my very own "On this day in history" selecting just one image from every day on which I have taken any photos. The results are presented below.

It has been a fascinating journey into the distant past; on occasion turning up images and places and even whole days out, of which I have absolutely no recollection.

It has certainly been a massive task to undertake a search of this kind, and I am keenly aware that I have almost certainly made errors along the way - please notify me if you find any. I aim to top up the selection on a monthly basis.

A few contributors have made it an aim to take at least one photo for Geograph every day of the year - I am certainly not one of them. Although I have been actively Geographing since December 2005 - and have posted some images dating back to 2002, there are still some days on which I have never taken any photos - namely January 7, December 5 and December 14, unsurprising perhaps being mid-winter.

The selection of a single photo for each day has been quite a challenge. I have been somewhat dismayed how lacklustre some of my images in my portfolio are, especially from the earlier days, although usually there are a few nuggets to be found amongst the dross. On some dates, I have only taken a single photo, or just a few, and it has been no great problem to identify a representative image for that date. But when I go out deliberately for a full day's Geographing, I will normally post at least 30 images and the choice becomes much more difficult; and on one memorable day - 11 October, 2008 - when I cycled from Sanquhar over the Lowther Hills and down the old A74 to Lockerbie, I totalled 115 submissions and 86 squares, many of them firsts. In general, I have tended not to select those images which already appear in other articles, or which feature in POTY or YOMP selections. But I have tried to select as my daily sample a good quality image, the depiction of a particularly interesting subject, or something which hold some special personal connection.

I hope you enjoy perusing my gallery as much as I have enjoyed making it, and I invite any like-minded contributors to compile their own selection.

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