Native Butterflies of Britain and Ireland

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Clouded Yellow - Colias croceus

ST7310 : Clouded Yellow, Alners Gorse by Ian Andrews TL8706 : Clouded Yellow by Glyn Baker TV5097 : Clouded Yellow Butterfly Seaford Head East Sussex by Janet Richardson SY5497 : Mating Clouded Yellows by Ian Andrews TQ2238 : Clouded Yellow butterfly by Robin Webster

Brimstone - Gonepteryx rhamni

TL0429 : Brimstone by Glyn Baker TG1622 : Common Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) by Evelyn Simak SU9972 : Male Brimstone Butterfly feeding. by Graham Newell TL4658 : Brimstone butterfly (Gonepteryx rhamni) by Keith Edkins SU6774 : Brimstone butterfly with coiled proboscis in Tilehurst, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU2239 : Brimstone near Newton Tony by Derek Harper SX7988 : Brimstone a butterfly of disguise by paul dickson SU0017 : Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) by Simon Barnes SU3105 : Brimstone on a thistle, Parkhill Inclosure, New Forest by Jim Champion ST7310 : Brimstone, Alners Gorse by Ian Andrews SX7880 : Brimstone at Bovey Valley by paul dickson TL5057 : Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) by Keith Edkins TQ2238 : Butterfly camouflage by Robin Webster TR1343 : Brimstone butterfly by Martyn Gorman

Wall (Brown) - Lasiommata megera

SM9737 : Wall butterfly (Lasiommata megera) by ceridwen NY0667 : Wall brown butterfly at Powhillon by M J Richardson SX7889 : Wall Brown on Lesser Knapweed by paul dickson NZ3174 : Wall Brown Lasiommata megra (male) by Christine Westerback SX2359 : Wall Brown Butterfly on a Bramble Leaf by Tony Atkin SD2709 : Wall Brown (Lasiommata megera), Freshfield dunes by Mike Pennington ST4155 : Wall Brown drinking by Paul Harvey

Speckled Wood - Pararge aegeria

TA0322 : Speckled wood butterfly  (Pararge aegeria) by David Wright SU1331 : Speckled Wood by Jonathan Kington TQ7296 : Speckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria), Crowsheath Community Woodland, Downham by Roger Jones TF9528 : Speckled wood butterfly by Pauline E SY2393 : Speckled Wood, Heathhayne Hill by Derek Harper SX4348 : Butterfly near Homebarton Hill by Derek Harper SP9999 : Speckled Wood in Fineshade Wood by Glyn Baker SX9269 : Butterfly, Higher Commons by Derek Harper S6638 : Speckled Wood by kevin higgins SJ8957 : Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) by Jonathan Kington SX8771 : Speckled Wood, Buckland by Derek Harper TM2099 : Speckled Wood Butterfly (Pararge aegeria) by Evelyn Simak SD7117 : Speckled Wood (female) Butterfly by John Tustin TQ6881 : Speckled Wood in Grove House Wood by Glyn Baker SE8636 : Speckled wood butterfly by bernard bradley NH9851 : Speckled Wood by Mary and Angus Hogg TM0614 : Speckled Wood by Glyn Baker D0636 : Speckled Wood butterfly by Willie Duffin SP8914 : Speckled Wood Butterfly in Millhoppers Reserve by Chris Reynolds TF1392 : Walesby: Speckled Wood butterfly on the steep track to All Saints Church by Michael Garlick SD2805 : A Speckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria) by Ian Greig

Large Heath - Coenonympha tullia

Small Heath - Coenonympha pamphilus

SK0169 : Small Heath  butterfly feeding on seedhead by Peter Barr NS3679 : Small Heath butterfly by Lairich Rig SM7428 : Small heath butterfly at rest by ceridwen C7416 : Small Heath Butterfly (Coenonympha pamphilus) by Anne Burgess NT4681 : Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus) on Common Knapweed (Centaurea nigra), Aberlady by Mike Pennington SH7352 : Small Heath Butterfly on Heath Spotted Orchid. by STEVE POVEY NS8237 : Small Heath butterfly by M J Richardson SD2902 : Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus), Hightown dunes by Mike Pennington SO5917 : Small Heath Butterflies by Stuart Wilding SO5917 : Small Heath Butterfly  by Stuart Wilding NT9108 : Small heath butterflies (Coenonympha pamphilus) by Russel Wills

Small Mountain Ringlet - Erebia epiphron

NY4512 : Mountain Ringlet (Erebia epiphron) by Michael Graham NN2807 : Mountain Ringlet 13th June by Stan Campbell

Scotch Argus - Erebia aethiops

NN2432 : Scotch Argus butterfly by Philip Halling NJ3165 : Scotch Argus Butterfly (Erebia aethiops) by Anne Burgess NH9009 : Scotch Argus (Erebia aethiops), Tullochgrue, Coylumbridge by Mike Pennington NH3937 : Scotch Argus (Erebia aethiops), Mauld, Strathglass by Mike Pennington

Ringlet - Aphantopus hyperantus

TG3006 : Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) by Evelyn Simak TG3006 : Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) by Evelyn Simak TG2806 : Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) by Evelyn Simak SX5259 : Ringlet Butterfly - Slightly Damaged by Tony Atkin SP3620 : Ringlet Butterfly on a flower by Linda Bailey TM4268 : Ringlet Butterfly by Adrian S Pye SK5243 : Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) by Lynne Kirton TF3465 : Butterfly at Old Bolingbroke by Dave Hitchborne NO6948 : Ringlet Butterfly (Aphantophus hyperantus) by Anne Burgess NJ3266 : Ringlet (Aphantophus hyperantus) by Anne Burgess NJ1863 : Ringlet (Aphantophus hyperantus) by Anne Burgess NU1614 : Ringlet butterfly, Aphantopus hyperantus by Russel Wills SX8078 : Butterfly, Parke by Derek Harper SX8771 : Butterfly, Aller Brook Local Nature Reserve by Derek Harper SX8771 : Butterfly, Aller Brook Local Nature Reserve by Derek Harper SO6725 : Ringlet butterfly by Pauline E SO8578 : Female Ringlet butterfly at Hurcott Wood by Mat Fascione SO7677 : Female Ringlet butterfly at Hawkbatch by Mat Fascione NJ2766 : Ringlet Butterfly (Aphantophus hyperantus) by Anne Burgess SO6112 : Ringlet butterfly by Pauline E SO7840 : Ringlet butterfly (aphantopus hyperantus) by Bob Embleton SO7736 : Ringlet on Coombe Green Common by Bob Embleton TQ4223 : Ringlet, Sheffield Park by Andy Potter NO2243 : Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus), near Coupar Grange by Mike Pennington TQ6887 : Ringlet by Glyn Baker NT4680 : Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus), Aberlady by Mike Pennington NO1070 : Ringlets on Goldenrod by Anne Burgess ST3484 : Ringlet butterfly, Great Traston Meadows by Robin Drayton SE7170 : Ringlet butterfly feeding on Yarrow plant by Pauline E SE5784 : Rievaulx Terrace: Ringlet Butterfly 2 by Michael Garlick SE5784 : Rievaulx Terrace: Ringlet Butterfly 1 by Michael Garlick TG2806 : Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) by Evelyn Simak

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