Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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The DD postcode area concerns itself with covering the county of Angus and is based upon Dundee. It also includes the northern tip of Fife, that part which is at the immediate other side of the Tay Bridges. The MONTROSE (DD10) post town covers a thin section along the coast that extends northeast into Kincardineshire.

(At local government reorganisation in 1974, the old Scottish counties, unlike many in England and Wales, were not substituted by the Post Office, so the old county names remain correct for postal purposes.)

DD1-5 postal address DUNDEE
NO4030 : The Cathedral, from the Seagate. by Gwen and James Anderson NO3631 : Charleston, Dundee by Val Vannet NO3833 : Downfield,  Dundee by Val Vannet NO4133 : Mill o' Mains, Dundee by Val Vannet NO4630 : Site of the first "Roll On - Roll Off" Ferry by John McMillan

DD6 (part) postal address NEWPORT-ON-TAY, Fife
DD6 (part) postal address TAYPORT, Fife
DD7 postal address CARNOUSTIE, Angus
DD8 postal address FORFAR, Angus
DD9 postal address BRECHIN, Angus
DD10 postal address MONTROSE, Angus
DD11 postal address ARBROATH, Angus

NO4127 : Pier buildings, Newport by Jim Bain NO5634 : Carnoustie High Street by Val Vannet NO4550 : East High Street by Anne Burgess
NO5960 : Bishops Close by Karen Vernon NO7157 : High Street, Montrose by Tom Pennington NO6440 : Arbroath Harbour by Sarah Charlesworth


The DE postcode area is centred on Derby and includes the majority of the county of Derbyshire, plus Burton-upon-Trent (postally BURTON-ON-TRENT) in Staffordshire. The previous DE2 has been split into districts numbered in the twenties; the same applies to parts of DE6 and 7, which were renumbered in the sixties and seventies.

DE1 postal address DERBY
DE3 postal address DERBY
SK3536 : Cornmarket - Derby by J147 SK3034 : Nags Head Pub on Uttoxeter Road, Mickleover by mike smith

DE4 postal address MATLOCK, Derbyshire
DE5 postal address RIPLEY, Derbyshire
(separated from DERBY in May 1992)
DE6 postal address ASHBOURNE, Derbyshire
(separated from DERBY in May 1992)
DE7 postal address ILKESTON, Derbyshire
(separated from DERBY in May 1992)
SK2960 : Matlock - Town from start of Limestone Way by Dave Bevis SK3950 : Ripley Town Hall by Mike Bardill SK1846 : Ashbourne by Philip Halling SK4641 : Snow Covered Town Centre by Garth Newton

DE11-12 postal address SWADLINCOTE, Derbyshire
DE13-15 postal address BURTON-ON-TRENT, Staffs.
SK3019 : Hill Street in Swadlincote, Derbyshire by Mat Fascione SK2915 : Grange Farm on the A444 at Overseal by Mark Walton SK1715 : The War Memorial in the centre of Alrewas by Roger Hailwood SK2422 : Entrance to Coopers Square by Andy Potter SK2522 : Stapenhill Viaduct by Alan Murray-Rust

DE21-24 postal address DERBY
SK3737 : Blue Boy, Chaddesden by mike smith SK3438 : Old mill workers' cottages, Mile Ash Lane by Judith Willers SK3333 : Field Rise, Littleover by Stephen McKay SK3733 : Baker Street, Crewton, Derby by Chris J Dixon

DE45 postal address BAKEWELL, Derbyshire
DE55 postal address ALFRETON, Derbyshire
(separated from DERBY in May 1992)
DE56 postal address BELPER, Derbyshire
(separated from DERBY in May 1992)
SK2168 : Bakewell by michael ely SK4055 : Alfreton - The Parish Church of St. Martin by Alan Heardman SK3547 : Spencer Road, Belper by Stephen McKay

DE65 postal address DERBY
DE72-74 postal address DERBY
DE75 postal address HEANOR, Derbyshire
(separated from DERBY in May 1992)
SK2631 : Etwall Village Centre by Mike Bardill SK4333 : Roman Road near Draycott. by Peter Shone SK3825 : High Street Melbourne by sheral wood SK4427 : Apiary Gate, Castle Donington by Malcolm Reeve SK4346 : Heanor by Garth Newton

There is also the non-geographic postcode area DE99 (post town DERBY) reserved for a specific large user.


The postcode area DG covers Dumfries and Galloway, i.e. the former counties of Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire. (At local government reorganisation in 1974, the old Scottish counties, unlike many in England and Wales, were not substituted by the Post Office, so the old county names remain correct for postal purposes.)

DG1-2 postal address DUMFRIES
DG3 postal address THORNHILL, Dumfriesshire
DG4 postal address SANQUHAR, Dumfriesshire
DG5 postal address DALBEATTIE, Kirkcudbrightshire
NX9775 : Dumfries, view to St Michael's Church by Kevin Rae NX9577 : Lochside housing blocks by Darrin Antrobus NX8795 : Thornhill by Walter Baxter NS7809 : Sanquhar Town Hall by Oliver Dixon NX8361 : Dalbeattie Town Centre by Oliver Dixon

DG6 postal address KIRKCUDBRIGHT
DG7 postal address CASTLE DOUGLAS, Kirkcudbrightshire
DG8 postal address NEWTON STEWART, Wigtownshire
DG9 postal address STRANRAER, Wigtownshire
DG10 postal address MOFFAT, Dumfriesshire
NX6850 : Kirkcudbright High Street by Archie Cochrane NX7662 : Castle Douglas by Kenneth  Allen NX4165 : Newton Stewart, Scotland by Kenneth  Allen NX0560 : George Street, Stranraer by Oliver Dixon NT0805 : Moffat, A 701 by G Laird

DG11 postal address LOCKERBIE, Dumfriesshire
DG12 postal address ANNAN, Dumfriesshire
DG13 postal address LANGHOLM, Dumfriesshire
DG14 postal address CANONBIE, Dumfriesshire
DG15 not in use
DG16 postal address GRETNA, Dumfriesshire
(separated from CARLISLE, CA6, in c.1990)
NY1381 : Lockerbie Town Hall by Chris Newman NY1966 : The Riding of the Marches, Annan, massed pipe bands by Lynne Kirton NY3684 : Langholm by Kevin Rae NY3976 : Prior Avenue and Brighton Place by Howard Mattinson NY3167 : Main Street Gretna by wfmillar


DH concerns itself with serving Durham that is, the city and the northern part of County Durham. It also includes the post town HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, Tyne & Wear.

DH1 postal address DURHAM
DH2-3 postal address CHESTER-LE-STREET, Co. Durham
DH4-5 postal address HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, Tyne & Wear
NZ2742 : Durham Cathedral, the classic view by Tom Pennington NZ2550 : Waldridge Village by P Glenwright NZ2751 : Civic Heart - New sculpture and market place in town by rob bishop NZ3549 : Seaham Road, Houghton-le-Spring by Oliver Dixon NZ3546 : Terraced houses Lyons Lane Hetton le Hole by P Glenwright

DH6-7 postal address DURHAM
DH8 postal address CONSETT, Co. Durham
DH9 postal address STANLEY, Co. Durham

NZ3639 : Village green at Thornley by Carol Rose NZ2144 : Langley Park by Mick Garratt NZ1051 : Former Co-op building, Newmarket Street by Pauline E NZ1952 : Stanley Front Street looking towards the Imperial Hotel by brian clark


Immediately south of DH is DL for Darlington. This area covers the southern part of County Durham as well as the northern edge of North Yorkshire. It should be noted that the town of Catterick comes under the post town RICHMOND, not CATTERICK GARRISON.

DL1-3 postal address DARLINGTON
DL4 postal address SHILDON, Co. Durham
NZ2914 : Arriva DAF bus, Victoria Road, Darlington by mark harrington NZ1716 : Gainford by Hugh Mortimer NZ2814 : Market Place, Darlington by Stanley Howe NZ2325 : Victoria Street, New Shildon by Mick Garratt

DL5 postal address NEWTON AYCLIFFE, Co. Durham
DL6-7 postal address NORTHALLERTON, N. Yorkshire
DL8 (part) postal address BEDALE, N. Yorkshire
DL8 (part) postal address HAWES, N. Yorkshire
DL8 (part) postal address LEYBURN, N. Yorkshire
NZ2725 : Newton Aycliffe Town Centre by Mick Garratt SE3793 : Crosby Road by Bob Embleton SE3693 : Northallerton Market by Bob Embleton SE2688 : Bedale by Hill Walker

DL9 postal address CATTERICK GARRISON, N. Yorkshire
DL10-11 postal address RICHMOND, N. Yorkshire
DL12 postal address BARNARD CASTLE, Co. Durham
SE1897 : Catterick Garrison Town Centre by Oliver Dixon NZ1700 : Richmond: Trinity Church Square by Chris Downer SD9898 : Low Row: B6270 past the old chapel by Chris Downer NZ0416 : The Bank, looking towards town centre by Nick Mutton 01329 000000

DL13-14 postal address BISHOP AUCKLAND, Co. Durham
DL15 postal address CROOK, Co. Durham
DL16 postal address SPENNYMOOR, Co. Durham
DL17 postal address FERRYHILL, Co. Durham

NZ0737 : Wolsingham Town Centre by steve NZ2128 : South Church Bishop Auckland by Ken Crosby NZ1635 : Crook Town Centre by Oliver Dixon NZ2533 : Town Hall. Spennymoor. by Donald Brydon NZ2932 : Broom Road, Ferryhill by Oliver Dixon


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