Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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GL is for Gloucester and essentially covers the county of Gloucestershire. The district numbering, counting upwards from GL1, starts in the city centre before spiralling around the town clockwise to GL20 in Tewkesbury. Numbering then jumps to 50 in Cheltenham town centre and continues upwards towards the easternmost reaches of the county.

NB The Royal Mail ceased the requirement for county names on addresses in 1996 and these were not updated after local government reorganisation of the following year. The county Avon therefore remains the correct postal county for BADMINTON.

GL1-4 postal address GLOUCESTER
SO8318 : Gloucester Cathedral by Dave Kelly SO7407 : Phonebox and line of trees, The Street, Frampton on Severn  by Jaggery SO8616 : Fosse Close, Abbeymead by Jonathan Billinger SO8515 : Gloucester, Abbeydale: Morrisons by Alby

GL5-6 postal address STROUD, Glos.
GL7 (part) postal address CIRENCESTER, Glos.
GL7 (part) postal address FAIRFORD, Glos.
GL7 (part) postal address LECHLADE, Glos.
GL8 postal address TETBURY, Glos.
GL9 postal address BADMINTON, Avon
GL10 postal address STONEHOUSE, Glos.
SO8505 : High Street, Stroud by David Gruar SO8700 : Minchinhampton: the war memorial and High Street by Chris Downer SP0201 : Cirencester by Richard Bird
ST8993 : Tetbury market place by Roger May ST8082 : Badminton House by Maigheach-gheal SO8005 : Stonehouse High Street by Peter Kwan

GL11 postal address DURSLEY, Glos.
GL12 postal address WOTTON-UNDER-EDGE, Glos.
GL13 postal address BERKELEY, Glos.
GL14 (part) postal address CINDERFORD, Glos.
GL14 (part) postal address NEWNHAM, Glos.
GL14 (part) postal address WESTBURY-ON-SEVERN, Glos.
GL15 (part) postal address BLAKENEY, Glos.
GL15 (part) postal address LYDNEY, Glos.
ST7598 : Raglan House, Long Street, Dursley by Phil Champion ST7593 : Market Street, Wotton under Edge. by David Dixon ST6899 : Parade of shops, Berkeley by Ruth Sharville SO6514 : Cinderford Town Centre and War Memorial by Bob Embleton SO6303 : Level Crossing in Lydney. by norman hyett

GL16 postal address COLEFORD, Glos.
GL17 (part) postal address DRYBROOK, Glos.
GL17 (part) postal address LONGHOPE, Glos.
GL17 (part) postal address LYDBROOK, Glos.
GL17 (part) postal address MITCHELDEAN, Glos.
GL17 (part) postal address RUARDEAN, Glos.
GL18 (part) postal address DYMOCK, Glos.
GL18 (part) postal address NEWENT, Glos.
GL19 postal address GLOUCESTER
GL20 postal address TEWKESBURY, Glos.
SO5710 : Coleford Market Place by Graham Horn SO6618 : View towards May Hill from the Wilderness Centre by charlie rigby SO7225 : Newent market square by Jonathan Billinger SO7829 : Staunton Church and duck pond by Philip Halling SO8932 : Tewkesbury War Memorial by Bob Embleton

GL50-54 postal address CHELTENHAM, Glos.
SO9422 : Clouds over Cheltenham by Dave Croker SO9222 : Coronation Square by Stephen Bowden SO9522 : High Street, Cheltenham by Pauline E SO9319 : Kidnappers Lane, Leckhampton by Philip Halling SP1925 : Morris in the Market Place by Des Blenkinsopp

GL55 postal address CHIPPING CAMPDEN, Glos.
GL56 postal address MORETON-IN-MARSH, Glos.

SP1539 : Chipping Campden by Philip Halling SP2032 : Redesdale Hall, Moreton-in-Marsh. by David Stowell


GU is based on Guildford and, as well as extending north to Camberley and Virginia Water, also extends rurally a long way south, to Petersfield and Midhurst.

GU1-5 postal address GUILDFORD, Surrey
SU9949 : The Friary by Colin Smith SU9850 : Guildford Cathedral, the East Front. by Colin Smith SU9747 : North Downs Way below the Hog's Back by Paul E Smith TQ0451 : Clandon House, East Front by Colin Smith TQ0747 : Shere, Bridge over Tilling Bourne by John Goodall

GU6 postal address CRANLEIGH, Surrey
GU7-8 postal address GODALMING, Surrey
GU9-10 postal address FARNHAM, Surrey
TQ0639 : Obelisk, Cranleigh by N Chadwick SU9643 : The Market House, Godalming by Colin Smith SU9635 : Painters at the Swan Inn Chiddingfold by Dave Spicer SU8346 : Junction of Downing Street and Ivy Lane by Basher Eyre SU8243 : The Square, Rowledge by Colin Smith

GU11-12 postal address ALDERSHOT, Hants.
GU13 postal address FLEET, Hants.
GU14 postal address FARNBOROUGH, Hants.
SU8650 : Ugly side of Aldershot by Mr Ignavy SU8953 : Ash Vale station and bridge by Ron Strutt SU8054 : Fleet - Shopping Mall Entrance by Colin Smith SU8754 : Farnborough by Brendan and Ruth McCartney

GU15-17 postal address CAMBERLEY, Surrey
GU18 postal address LIGHTWATER, Surrey
GU19 postal address BAGSHOT, Surrey
GU20 postal address WINDLESHAM, Surrey
SU8660 : Teamwork: physical training at RMA Sandhurst by D Gore SU8858 : Holly Hedge Road by Euchiasmus SU8459 : Springcross Avenue by Shazz
SU9262 : Guildford Road, Lightwater by Alan Hunt SU9063 : Vicarage Road, Bagshot by Alan Hunt SU9363 : St John the Saviour, Windlesham by Alan Hunt

GU21-24 postal address WOKING, Surrey
GU25 postal address VIRGINIA WATER, Surrey
TQ0058 : Illusion on Chobham Road by Colin Smith TQ0157 : White Rose Lane by Alan Hunt TQ0255 : A247 through Send by Robin Webster SU9556 : Brookwood railway station by Paul E Smith TQ0068 : Virginia Park by Martyn Davies

GU26 postal address HINDHEAD, Surrey
GU27 postal address HASLEMERE, Surrey
GU28 postal address PETWORTH, W. Sussex
GU29 postal address MIDHURST, W. Sussex
GU30 postal address LIPHOOK, Hants.
SU8835 : London Road, Hindhead by Colin Smith SU9032 : Tile hung shop, Petworth Rd by N Chadwick SU9721 : Pound Street, Petworth, looking south by Stefan Czapski SU8821 : Spreadeagle Hotel 1430: Midhurst by Pam Brophy SU8331 : The Square Liphook by Basher Eyre

GU31-32 postal address PETERSFIELD, Hants.
GU33 postal address LISS, Hants.
GU34 postal address ALTON, Hants.
GU35 postal address BORDON, Hants.
SU7423 : Petersfield Square by Barry Shimmon SU6822 : Park Hill from Wether Down by Colin Smith SU7727 : The Triangle centre, Liss. by Martyn Pattison SU7139 : Alton: the High Street by Chris Downer SU7935 : Bordon by Ray Stanton

GU46 postal address YATELEY, Hants.
(separated from CAMBERLEY, GU17 in the 1990s)
GU47 postal address SANDHURST, Berks.
(separated from CAMBERLEY, GU15 in the 1990s)
SU8160 : The Dog and Partridge public house in Yateley by Diane Sambrook SU8361 : Sandhurst by Anthony Eden


HA are the first two letters of Harrow and form the postcodes of a relatively compact area to the immediate northwest of the London postal area. It is relatively unusual in having a zero district HA0.

Although the official county of Middlesex was discontinued in 1965, it was retained for postal purposes in those parts outside the London postal area. Therefore, Middlesex remains a correct county name.

HA1-3 postal address HARROW, Middx.
HA4 postal address RUISLIP, Middx.
HA5 postal address PINNER, Middx.
TQ1588 : Harrow - College Road (north side) by Peter Whatley TQ1386 : Rayners Lane: Alexandra Avenue flats by Nigel Cox TQ1590 : High Road, Harrow Weald by Stacey Harris TQ0987 : High Street, Ruislip by David Howard TQ1289 : 'Queens Head', High Street, Pinner by David Kemp

HA6 postal address NORTHWOOD, Middx.
HA7 postal address STANMORE, Middx.
HA8 postal address EDGWARE, Middx.
HA9 and HA0 postal address WEMBLEY, Middx.

TQ0991 : Station Approach, Northwood by Oxyman TQ1792 : Stanmore: The Broadway by Nigel Cox TQ1991 : Station Road, Edgware by Mike Quinn TQ1985 : Wembley: the stadium from snow-covered footbridge by Chris Downer TQ1685 : The Rise by Russell Trebor


Like HA, the HD postcode is a relatively small one. It is centred on Huddersfield and, until HOLMFIRTH was made a post town in its own right, contained only one post town other than HUDDERSFIELD itself.

HD1-5 postal address HUDDERSFIELD
SE1416 : Huddersfield, HD1 (Station) by David Hallam-Jones SE1519 : Robin Hood Road - Oxley Road by Betty Longbottom SE1116 : Milnsbridge industrial by Bobby Clegg SE1313 : Armitage Bridge - cottages and muddy field by Dave Bevis SE1617 : Ridgeway, Dalton by Christine Johnstone

HD6 postal address BRIGHOUSE, W. Yorkshire
HD7 postal address HOLMFIRTH, W. Yorkshire
(separated from HUDDERSFIELD in 1995).
HD8 postal address HUDDERSFIELD (again)
SE1422 : Bank and Former Town Hall by Gerald England SE1408 : Holmfirth, near Huddersfield by Nevin Arrow SE2310 : New Street - Commercial Road by Betty Longbottom


The HG area is a smallish rural area of North Yorkshire based on Harrogate. It extends rurally to the northwest of the town but negligibly to the south and east. It is one of the smallest areas in terms of postcode districts (only five) and post towns (three).

HG1-3 postal address HARROGATE, N. Yorkshire
HG4 postal address RIPON, N. Yorkshire
HG5 postal address KNARESBOROUGH, N. Yorkshire

SE3055 : Open Space by Dave Hunt SE3053 : Formerly Nat West by DS Pugh SE0974 : Middlesmoor: view from the east by Chris Downer SE3171 : Ripon: Kirkgate and the west front of the cathedral by John Sutton SE3457 : Knaresborough Viaduct by Wayland Smith


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