Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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Leeds is the city at the centre of LS, and this area extends northwest to Ilkley and northeast to Wetherby and Tadcaster (TADCASTER is the only non-West Yorkshire post town in LS).

LS1-5 postal address LEEDS
SE2933 : Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds by Stephen Richards SE2934 : Great Hall, Leeds University by Paul Harrop SE2834 : Houses in Victoria Terrace, Leeds by David Martin SE2734 : Bankfield Terrace by Andrew Tatlow SE2536 : Kirkstall Abbey by Robin Mais

LS6-10 postal address LEEDS
SE2736 : St Chad's Rise - St Chad's Drive by Betty Longbottom SE3036 : Zermatt Terrace, Leeds by Ian S SE3236 : Rossington Road - Upland Crescent by Betty Longbottom SE3234 : Harehills Lane, Leeds by Lynne Kirton SE3130 : The M621 at Woodhouse Hill by Ian S

LS11-15 postal address LEEDS
SE2830 : Oldroyd Crescent, Beeston by Stephen Armstrong SE2633 : Moor Top by Alison Covey SE2434 : Cross Bath Road by Alan Longbottom SE3536 : Seacroft Shopping Centre by Rich Tea SE3634 : Station Road, Leeds by Alex McGregor

LS16-20 postal address LEEDS
SE2638 : Parkstone Grove, Ireland Wood by Derek Harper SE2842 : Village Road, Eccup by Rich Tea SE2337 : Town Street, Horsforth by Rich Tea SE2041 : Yeadon West Yorkshire by Mick Melvin SE1942 : Terrace of houses, Oxford Road, Guiseley by Humphrey Bolton

LS21 postal address OTLEY, W. Yorkshire
LS22-23 postal address WETHERBY, W. Yorkshire
LS24 postal address TADCASTER, N. Yorkshire
LS25 postal address LEEDS
SE2045 : Boroughgate, Otley by Derek Harper SE4048 : High Street, Wetherby by Richard Slessor SE4345 : High Street, Boston Spa by SMJ SE4843 : High Street, Tadcaster by Stephen McKay SE4933 : Low Street - from Kirkgate by Betty Longbottom

LS26-27 postal address LEEDS
LS28 postal address PUDSEY, W. Yorkshire
LS29 postal address ILKLEY, W. Yorkshire

SE3428 : Commercial Street by Betty Longbottom SE2627 : Morley Roofscape. by Steve Partridge SE2233 : Pudsey Town Hall by michael ely SE1147 : Kings Hall, Ilkley by Paul Buckingham

There is also the non-geographic postcode district, LS98 (post town LEEDS) used by First Direct.


The LU postcode area, based on Luton, is a small one, with only three post towns: LUTON, DUNSTABLE and LEIGHTON BUZZARD. Although these are all Bedfordshire towns, the LU2 district includes a thin but sizable sliver of Hertfordshire, while a small corner of LU6 and almost half of LU7 includes an edge of Buckinghamshire.

LU1-4 postal address LUTON
TL0921 : George Street by Tim Marchant TL1022 : Hitchin Road by Thomas Nugent TL0723 : Luton: Fitzroy Avenue by Nigel Cox TL0523 : Abingdon Road, Luton by Alex McGregor

LU5-6 postal address DUNSTABLE, Beds.
LU7 postal address LEIGHTON BUZZARD, Beds.

TL0123 : All Saints church, Houghton Regis by Bikeboy TL0121 : West Street in September 2011 by Basher Eyre SP9225 : 15 Century market cross, Leighton Buzzard by M J Richardson


The fifth of the single-letter postcodes, M is for Manchester and it contains only two other post towns SALFORD (which is wholly surrounded by MANCHESTER) and SALE.

Numbering starts in the city centre and essentially spirals around until it reaches 21, whereupon it continues apparently haphazardly. There is no M10 but numbers otherwise run continuously to 35; then with a few gaps rises to 46; then there is M50 (a recent split from M5 in SALFORD); and finally Manchester Airport is out on its own as M90.

NB In the Local Government Reorganisation of 1974, Greater Manchester was not adopted by Royal Mail and, as such, Cheshire remains the correct county name for SALE. (So too Lancashire for MANCHESTER and SALFORD, although these are two of the major towns which do not require a county to be added to their addresses.)

M1-2, 3 (part) and 4 postal address MANCHESTER
M3 (part) and 5-7 postal address SALFORD
SJ8497 : Station Approaches, Piccadilly Station by N Chadwick SJ8397 : Cityscape by David Dixon SJ8398 : River Irwell, Station Approach and Manchester Cathedral by David Dixon SJ8498 : Manchester Metrolink tram no. 1014 at Shudehill Interchange by L S Wilson
SJ8198 : Salford Skyscrapers by Gerald England SD7900 : Broomhall Road, Pendlebury by Bill Boaden SD8200 : Cromwell Bridge, Salford by Alexander P Kapp

M8-9 postal address MANCHESTER
M11-13 postal address MANCHESTER
SD8401 : Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester by Keith Williamson SD8501 : Harpurhey, Orchid Street by Mike Faherty SJ8898 : Lock 11, Ashton Canal by David Martin SJ8795 : Beswick Co-operative Society Building by Graham Hogg SJ8596 : Brunswick Street by JThomas

M14-19 postal address MANCHESTER
SJ8594 : Former Hollings College, Old Hall Lane, Manchester by Stephen Richards SJ8396 : Hulme High Street by Bill Boaden SJ8295 : Shiri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Sikh Temple by JThomas
SJ7996 : Europa Way, Trafford Park by Alexander P Kapp SJ8895 : Mount Road, Belle Vue by Peter Whatley SJ8794 : Levenshulme shops by Gerald England

M20-24 postal address MANCHESTER
SJ8492 : Former Town Hall, Lapwing Lane by David Dixon SJ8193 : Village green, Chorlton by Bill Boaden SJ8288 : New houses in Alders Avenue by Alexander P Kapp SJ8189 : Wythenshawe Hall by David Dixon SD8605 : Middleton Market by David Dixon

M25-29 postal address MANCHESTER
SD8605 : Middleton Market by David Dixon SD7807 : Former Town Hall by David Dixon SD7701 : Swinton Town Hall/Salford Civic Centre by David Dixon SD7303 : Bulls Head, Walkden by philandju SD6902 : Elliot Street Tyldesley by Dave Green

M30-32 postal address MANCHESTER
M33 postal address SALE, Cheshire
M34 postal address MANCHESTER
SJ7798 : NatWest Bank, Eccles  by Gerald England SJ7191 : Partington Millennium Clock by David Dixon SJ7994 : Approaching crossroads on Chester Road by Bill Boaden SJ7892 : Bridgewater Canal in Sale by Derek Harper SJ9295 : Crown Point by Gerald England

M35 postal address MANCHESTER
M38 postal address MANCHESTER
M40-41 postal address MANCHESTER
M43 postal address MANCHESTER
SD8901 : Rochdale Canal and Regent Mill, Failsworth by David Dixon SD7203 : Betfred by Alexander P Kapp SD8700 : Rochdale Canal, Pinfold (aka Madhouse) Lock by David Dixon SJ7694 : Stretford Road meets Church Road at Urmston. by R Greenhalgh SJ9098 : Droylsden, Ashton Road (A662) by David Dixon

M44-46 postal address MANCHESTER
M50 postal address SALFORD
M90 postal address MANCHESTER

SJ7193 : Baines Avenue, Irlam by Keith Williamson SD8005 : Bury New Road, Looking North by Peter Whatley SD6703 : St John the Baptist, Atherton by Ian Greig SJ8097 : The Victoria@media city by David Dixon SJ8184 : Manchester Airport (Terminals 1 and 2) by David Dixon

There are also the non-geographic postcode districts, M60 and M99 (post town MANCHESTER/SALFORD) for specific large users.


One might think of ME as Maidstone because that town is included in the area, but technically it stands for Medway because numbering starts in Rochester. It covers north-central Kent, from Rochester in the west to Faversham in the east.

ME1-3 postal address ROCHESTER, Kent
ME4-5 postal address CHATHAM, Kent
TQ7468 : Rochester: the castle and the river by Chris Downer TQ7369 : Railway incline at Strood by Patrick Mackie TQ8378 : Allhallows on Sea by terry joyce TQ7567 : Chatham, Pentagon Centre and Brook Theatre by David Anstiss TQ7562 : Lower Robin Hood Lane by Oast House Archive

ME6 postal address SNODLAND, Kent
ME7-8 postal address GILLINGHAM, Kent
ME9-10 postal address SITTINGBOURNE, Kent
TQ7061 : High St, Snodland by N Chadwick TQ7768 : High St by N Chadwick TQ8165 : Station Road, Rainham by Chris Whippet TQ9063 : The High Street in Sittingbourne by Steve Daniels TQ9161 : Cottages on Rodmersham Green by pam fray

ME11 postal address QUEENBOROUGH, Kent
ME12 postal address SHEERNESS, Kent
ME13 postal address FAVERSHAM, Kent
TQ9072 : The Creek, Queenborough by Richard Dorrell TQ9274 : Sheerness Seafront by Chris Whippet TR0161 : Town Hall, Market Place by Oast House Archive

ME14-18 postal address MAIDSTONE, Kent
ME19 postal address WEST MALLING, Kent
(separated from MAIDSTONE in July 1990)
ME20 postal address AYLESFORD, Kent
(separated from MAIDSTONE in July 1990)
TQ7655 : Town Hall by N Chadwick TQ7552 : River walk, Loose, Kent by John Salmon TQ7355 : Marigold Way, Barming by Stacey Harris TQ8353 : Leeds Castle, Kent by Len Williams TQ6950 : Manna Oast, Oast Court, Yalding, Kent by Oast House Archive
TQ6857 : West Malling by Ron Strutt TQ7258 : Aylesford Bridge by Oast House Archive


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