Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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The SN postcode area is centred on Swindon and covers northern Wiltshire, plus FARINGDON in Oxfordshire. The SN25 and 26 districts have been recently separated from SN2.

SN1-6 – postal address SWINDON
SU1484 : Modern housing and Brunel's Railway Town by David Smith SU1387 : Houses in Moredon Road, Swindon by Brian Robert Marshall SU1783 : Bridport Road off Whitbourne Avenue, Swindon by Nick Smith
SU0682 : Wootton Bassett town hall by Penny Mayes SU1284 : Bodiam Drive, Toothill, Swindon by Jaggery SU2092 : Sheep Street, Highworth by Gordon Hatton

SN7 – postal address FARINGDON, Oxon.
SN8 – postal address MARLBOROUGH, Wilts.
SN9 – postal address PEWSEY, Wilts.
SN10 – postal address DEVIZES, Wilts.
SN11 – postal address CALNE, Wilts.
SU2895 : The old Town Hall - Faringdon by Mick Lobb SU1868 : Marlborough High Street by Jonathan Billinger SU1660 : Pewsey High Street looking east by Shazz SU0061 : Market Place, Devizes (2) by Stephen Richards ST9971 : Calne: The Marden and The Strand by Chris Downer

SN12 – postal address MELKSHAM, Wilts.
SN13 – postal address CORSHAM, Wilts.
SN14-15 – postal address CHIPPENHAM, Wilts.
SN16 – postal address MALMESBURY, Wilts.
ST9063 : Melksham Town Hall by Doug Lee ST8770 : Corsham Town Centre by Richard Slessor ST9273 : The Buttercross by Neil Owen ST8477 : Spinsters and Weavers Cottages: Castle Combe by Pam Brophy ST9387 : Malmesbury Market Cross by Row17

SN25-26 – postal address SWINDON

SU1289 : Priory Vale, Swindon by Brian Robert Marshall SU1590 : Blunsdon High Street by Gareth James

There are also the non-geographic postcode districts, SN38 and SN99 (post town SWINDON).


SO are the first two letters of Southampton and this area extends to Winchester and Alresford in the north, and the eastern half of the New Forest in the south. Its original single-digit postcodes were renumbered in 1993, changing SO1 to two-digit numbers starting with a 1, etc. The new numbering began at 14 perhaps so as to run consecutively through to the 20s.

SO14-19 – postal address SOUTHAMPTON
SU4210 : Ventura at Southampton by Gareth James SU4013 : Shirley High Street, Southampton by Jim Champion SU3815 : Gemini Close, Lord's Hill by Alex McGregor
SU4214 : Portswood High Street by Hugh Venables SU4415 : Forest Hills Drive, Townhill, Southampton by Oliver Dixon SU4311 : Former Floating Bridge terminus, Wharf Road, Woolston by Rob Candlish

SO20 – postal address STOCKBRIDGE, Hants.
SO21-23 – postal address WINCHESTER, Hants.
SO24 – postal address ALRESFORD, Hants.
SU3535 : Stockbridge: along the High Street by Chris Downer SU4225 : Decorated facades on houses along A3090 at Hursley by Peter Facey SU4630 : Looking down Teg Down Meads by Peter Facey SU4829 : Winchester Cathedral From St.Catherine's Hill by Peter Trimming SU5832 : Alresford High Street by Graham Horn

SO30-32 – postal address SOUTHAMPTON
SU5113 : South side of High Street, Botley by Peter Facey SU4806 : The Hamble ferry crossing to Warsash by Jim Champion SU5517 : High Street by Colin Smith

SO40 – postal address SOUTHAMPTON
SO41 – postal address LYMINGTON, Hants.
SO42 – postal address BROCKENHURST, Hants.
SO43 – postal address LYNDHURST, Hants.
SO45 – postal address SOUTHAMPTON
SU3613 : Totton Shopping Centre by Mike Faherty SZ3395 : Departing from Lymington by John Lucas SU2902 : Brookley Road, Brockenhurst by E Gammie SU3008 : Lyndhurst High Street by David Dixon SU4702 : View across Calshot Marshes to Fawley Power Station. by Jonathan Billinger

SO50 – postal address EASTLEIGH, Hants.
SO51 – postal address ROMSEY, Hants.
SO52 – postal address SOUTHAMPTON
SO53 – postal address EASTLEIGH, Hants.

SU4519 : Market Street, Eastleigh by Peter Facey SU3521 : The Square Romsey by John Firth SU3919 : Houses facing onto green in Harris Way by David Martin SU4320 : Shops on Bournemouth Road, Chandler's Ford by Peter Facey


The letters SP stand for Salisbury Plain – this area includes northeast Dorset and the FORDINGBRIDGE part of the New Forest, as well as ANDOVER in addition to southern Wiltshire.

SP1-5 – postal address SALISBURY
SU1429 : Salisbury, St Mary's Cathedral by Alan Walker SU0931 : West Street, Wilton by Derek Harper ST9429 : The Square, Tisbury by Maigheach-gheal SU1242 : Stonehenge: the visitor’s first view of the stones by Chris Downer SU1821 : East End, Downton Style by Judith Green

SP6 – postal address FORDINGBRIDGE, Hants.
SP7 – postal address SHAFTESBURY, Dorset
SP8 – postal address GILLINGHAM, Dorset
SP9 – postal address TIDWORTH, Hants.
SP10-11 – postal address ANDOVER, Hants.

SU1414 : Fordingbridge: Market Place and Town Hall by Chris Downer ST8622 : Shaftesbury: Gold Hill in October sunshine by Chris Downer ST8026 : Gillingham: High Street by Chris Downer
SU2349 : Sidbury Circular Road, Tidworth by Andrew Smith SU3645 : Andover - High Street by Chris Talbot SU3853 : The village centre, Hurstbourne Tarrant by Andrew Smith


The SR postcode area is a small one, based on Sunderland, and covers the short coastal stretch from there to Peterlee, Co. Durham.

SR1-3 – postal address SUNDERLAND
NZ4157 : North Dock Hendon - with ship by R J McNaughton NZ4054 : Grangetown, Sunderland by Roger Cornfoot NZ3754 : Allendale Square by Gary Fellows

SR4-6 – postal address SUNDERLAND
NZ3757 : Roundabout by Pallion Metro Station by Oliver Dixon NZ3759 : Whitchurch Road, Witherwack, Sunderland by Malc McDonald NZ4059 : Roker Cliff Park by Mike Quinn

SR7 – postal address SEAHAM, Co. Durham
SR8 – postal address PETERLEE, Co. Durham

NZ4349 : Seaham Harbour by Steve Daniels NZ4340 : Pedestrian area in Castle Dene Shopping Centre at Peterlee by peter robinson

There is also the non-geographic postcode district for PO Boxes, SR9 (post town SUNDERLAND).


The letters SS derive from Southend-on-Sea and this postcode area is a relatively small one, covering the southeast corner of Essex. It has a zero district, SS0, fairly unusually, but there is no SS10 – curiously, since that is where WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA (SS0) would appear to naturally fall.

SS0 – postal address WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA, Essex
SS1-3 – postal address SOUTHEND-ON-SEA
TQ8685 : Aerial view of Southend seafront: Westcliff station and seafront by Edward Clack TQ8883 : Southend-on-Sea: view straight into town by Chris Downer TQ8986 : North Avenue, Southend-on-Sea by David Kemp TQ9384 : Shoebury Ness from the air by Mike Pennington

SS4 – postal address ROCHFORD, Essex
SS5 – postal address HOCKLEY, Essex
SS6 – postal address RAYLEIGH, Essex
SS7 – postal address BENFLEET, Essex
TQ8790 : Rochford town centre by Robin Webster TQ8392 : The Spa Hotel, Hockley by John Myers TQ8090 : Rayleigh Windmill by terry joyce TQ7786 : The Close Benfleet by Glyn Baker

SS8 – postal address CANVEY ISLAND, Essex
SS9 – postal address LEIGH-ON-SEA, Essex
SS11-12 – postal address WICKFORD, Essex
TQ8082 : Canvey Island from the air by Thomas Nugent TQ8485 : Promenade between Leigh-on-Sea and Chalkwell by Jo Kibble TQ7494 : Guernsey Gardens by John Allan TQ7493 : Junction of Wickford High Street and the A129 by Trevor Harris

SS13-16 – postal address BASILDON, Essex
SS17 – postal address STANFORD-LE-HOPE, Essex

TQ7388 : Pitsea, Essex by John Winfield TQ7088 : Town Square, Basildon by Stephen McKay TQ6888 : Station Gate Shopping Centre, Laindon by Malc McDonald TQ6787 : New Homes in Grove Ave by Glyn Baker TQ6882 : King Street, Stanford-le-Hope by David Kemp

There is also the non-geographic postcode district for various companies, SS22 and SS99 (post town SOUTHEND-ON-SEA).


ST is based on Stoke-on-Trent – you can choose which of the three Ts is the relevant one! It covers Staffordshire apart from the southeast corner which falls under WS.

ST1-4 – postal address STOKE-ON-TRENT
SJ8847 : Hanley by www fotodiscs4u co uk SJ9147 : Gladwyn Street, Bucknall by David Weston SJ9043 : Pottery, King Street ,Longton. by Chris Allen SJ8745 : Stoke-on-Trent Town Hall by Mat Fascione

ST5 – postal address NEWCASTLE, Staffs.
ST6-8 – postal address STOKE-ON-TRENT
SJ8446 : Newcastle-under-Lyme - High Street at end of Merrial Street by Dave Bevis SJ8649 : Burslem by www fotodiscs4u co uk SJ8354 : Light canalside industry near Kidsgrove, Staffordshire by Roger  D Kidd SJ8857 : High Street, Biddulph by Jonathan Kington

ST9-12 – postal address STOKE-ON-TRENT
SJ9649 : Main Road, Wetley Rocks by David Weston SK0043 : Cheadle, market cross by Mike Faherty SJ9640 : The Black Cock by Ian Calderwood SJ8837 : Private wharf near Barlaston, Staffordshire by Roger  D Kidd

ST13 – postal address LEEK, Staffs.
ST14 – postal address UTTOXETER, Staffs.
ST15 – postal address STONE, Staffs.
SJ9856 : Clock tower, Leek by Richard Vince SK0933 : War Memorial, Uttoxeter by Mick Malpass SJ9034 : War memorial in Stone by Mat Fascione

ST16-21 – postal address STAFFORD

SJ9223 : Town centre, Stafford by Val Vannet SJ9420 : Sweetbriar Way by David Bagshaw SJ9727 : Trent and Mersey Canal at Weston, Staffordshire by Roger  D Kidd
SJ9214 : Penkridge Village by Jurek and Trish  Sienkiewicz SJ8220 : Royal Oak, Gnosall Heath by al partington SJ8329 : Roundabout in Eccleshall by Dave Croker


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