Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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The TS postcode area is based on Middlesbrough so, of course, it is the River Tees from which the letters themselves derive. It covers all the Cleveland post towns and also TRIMDON STATION and WINGATE, in the corner of Co. Durham.

TS1-5 postal address MIDDLESBROUGH, Cleveland
NZ4920 : Middlesbrough: town hall by Chris Downer NZ4921 : The Transporter Bridge by Mike Quinn NZ5316 : Ormesby Bank by Mick Garratt NZ5018 : St Joseph's Church on Marton Road by Philip Barker NZ4718 : Meadow View Road / Ashbrooke Way by Alex McGregor

TS6-9 postal address MIDDLESBROUGH, Cleveland
NZ5320 : South Bank Market by Mick Garratt NZ5315 : View along Southlands Drive by Stephen McCulloch NZ5014 : The Parkway Shopping Centre - Coulby Newham by Philip Barker NZ5208 : Market Day in Stokesley by Mick Garratt

TS10-11 postal address REDCAR, Cleveland
TS12-13 postal address SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA, Cleveland
TS14 postal address GUISBOROUGH, Cleveland
TS15 postal address YARM, Cleveland
NZ6025 : Clock Tower by Keith Evans NZ6322 : Beach and boats by Stephen McCulloch NZ6621 : Pier and Cliff Lift at Saltburn by Les Hull
NZ7818 : Views of Staithes #1 by Mike Kirby NZ6116 : Market Cross as Christmas approaches by Colin Grice NZ4112 : Yarm Town Hall by JThomas

TS16-21 postal address STOCKTON-ON-TEES, Cleveland
NZ4114 : Greenfield Drive, Eaglescliffe by Malc McDonald NZ4515 : Bader Avenue, Thornaby-on-Tees by Alex McGregor NZ4418 : High Street, Stockton on Tees by Jonathan Thacker
NZ4220 : Renovated houses related to the Daylight Bakery by Carol Rose NZ4421 : Terraced houses on Beaconsfield Road by Ian Barton NZ3528 : Front Street, Sedgefield by Andrew Curtis

TS22-23 postal address BILLINGHAM, Cleveland
TS24-27 postal address HARTLEPOOL, Cleveland
NZ4424 : Liverton Crescent Billingham by peter robinson NZ4523 : Billingham Town Centre by Mick Garratt NZ5233 : Fish Sands, Hartlepool Headland by Andrew Curtis
NZ5132 : The old Docks Office in Hartlepool by Steve Daniels NZ4934 : Chaffinch Close by Alex McGregor NZ4532 : Elwick Village Green by Oliver Dixon

TS28 postal address WINGATE, Co. Durham
TS29 postal address TRIMDON STATION, Co. Durham

NZ4038 : The Cloisters - Wingate by Philip Barker NZ3635 : The Dovecote Inn, Trimdon Grange by Alexander P Kapp


TW is for Twickenham and this area covers a narrow strip of Surrey/southwest London, including Heathrow Airport.

NB Within Greater London, the old county names retained for postal purposes in those parts outside the London postal area. Therefore, Surrey and Middlesex remain the correct county name postally, even for those towns no longer in Surrey (Middlesex having been abolished administratively in 1965).

TW1-2 postal address TWICKENHAM
TW3-6 postal address HOUNSLOW
TQ1673 : Central Twickenham by Colin Smith TQ1473 : High Street, Whitton by David Howard TQ1375 : Central Hounslow from the air by Thomas Nugent
TQ1175 : Clifford Avenue, Hounslow by Stacey Harris TQ1277 : Approaching the shops, Heston by Robin Webster TQ0775 : Heathrow Airport by Peter McDermott

TW7 postal address ISLEWORTH, Middx.
TW8 postal address BRENTFORD, Middx.
TW9-10 postal address RICHMOND, Surrey
TQ1675 : South Street by Martin Addison TQ1777 : Narrowboats moored at the Brentford Canal Basin by Mat Fascione TQ1877 : Looking across the lake at Kew gardens by N Chadwick TQ1774 : Riverside Richmond by Jim Osley

TW11 postal address TEDDINGTON, Middx.
TW12 postal address HAMPTON, Middx.
TW13-14 postal address FELTHAM, Middx.
TW15 postal address ASHFORD, Middx.
TQ1671 : High Street by Oast House Archive TQ1469 : Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare by Mat Fascione TQ1073 : Feltham Shopping Centre by Colin Smith TQ0873 : The War Memorial at East Bedfont by Anonymous TQ0671 : Church Road, Ashford by David Squire

TW16 postal address SUNBURY-ON-THAMES, Middx.
TW17 postal address SHEPPERTON, Middx.
TW18-19 postal address STINES-UPON-THAMES, Middx.
(STAINES until 2012)
TW20 postal address EGHAM, Surrey

TQ1068 : Thames Street by Colin Smith TQ0867 : Shepperton: The High Street by Nigel Cox TQ0371 : War Memorial, Staines by Mike Smith TQ0074 : Wraysbury, High Street by Nigel Thompson TQ0171 : Egham High Street by Mike Smith


Rather like TW and alongside it, the UB area is on the fringes of London and is based on Southall, although it derives from Uxbridge, presumably because it features more distinctive letters.

The UB11 district is a very small one, covering only the modern Stockley Park Business Park.

NB Within Greater London, the old county names retained for postal purposes in those parts outside the London postal area. Therefore, Surrey and Middlesex remain the correct county name postally, even for those towns no longer in Surrey (Middlesex having been abolished administratively in 1965).

UB1-2 postal address SOUTHALL, Middx.
UB3-4 postal address HAYES, Middx.
UB5 postal address NORTHOLT, Middx.
UB6 postal address GREENFORD, Middx.
TQ1280 : Uxbridge Road by Oast House Archive TQ1279 : Shops in The Green (5) by Basher Eyre TQ0981 : Barra Hall, Hayes by Ray Stanton
TQ0981 : Hayes: 946 - 1004 Uxbridge Road by Nigel Cox TQ1384 : Northolt village green and clock by David Howard TQ1483 : Oldfield Lane North, Greenford by Danny P Robinson

UB7 postal address WEST DRAYTON, Middx.
UB8-11 postal address UXBRIDGE, Middx.

TQ0680 : Yiewsley High Street by Derek Harper TQ0583 : Uxbridge Lynch Green by Rod Allday TQ0488 : Grand Union Canal: Widewater Lock in South Harefield by Nigel Cox TQ0682 : Church of St John the Baptist, Hillingdon Hill by Ian Harrison TQ0880 : Lakeside Office, Stockley Park by Des Blenkinsopp

There is also the non-geographic postcode district for Spring International, UB18 (post town GREENFORD).


The letter W is the last of the single-letter postcodes and refers to west London. We have already seen that London postcode districts are numbered alphabetically, according to their 1917 name, rather than geographically that is why they appear so randomly laid out when viewed on a map.

The W1 postcode district is further divided by the addition of a letter following the '1': the letters used are A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, S, T, U, W.

All districts have the postal address LONDON.
W2 (Paddington Head District)
W3 (Acton)
W4 (Chiswick)
W5 (Ealing)
TQ2980 : Flag Day on Regent Street by Colin Smith TQ2681 : Narrowboats in Paddington Basin by Colin Smith TQ1980 : High Street, Acton by Stacey Harris TQ2078 : Former Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, London W4 by David Kemp TQ1780 : Oak Road, Ealing by Des Blenkinsopp

W6 (Hammersmith)
W7 (Hanwell)
W8 (Kensington)
W9 (Maida Hill)
W10 (North Kensington)
TQ2378 : Hammersmith by Richard Croft TQ1580 : Hanwell Broadway by Martin Addison TQ2580 : Farmer Street by Oast House Archive TQ2582 : Mansion flats in Maida Vale by David Hawgood TQ2381 : The A40 Westway (west bound) near to Wood lane, London, W12 by J Taylor

W11 (Notting Hill)
W12 (Shepherd's Bush)
W13 (West Ealing)
W14 (West Kensington)
TQ2480 : Stanley Gardens, Notting Hill by Chris Whippet TQ2379 : Shepherds Bush Common by Peter McDermott TQ1680 : Argyle Road and The Avenue, West Ealing, W13 by Peter Jordan TQ2478 : London : Hammersmith by Lewis Clarke


The letters WA denote Warrington and this postcode area serves northeast Cheshire along with the Merseyside post towns ST. HELENS and NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS.

WA1-5 postal address WARRINGTON
SJ6088 : Market Place and The Old Fish Market by David Dixon SJ6190 : Local Shopping centre in Orford by Mike Lyne SJ6595 : Millennium Garden, Culcheth by David Dixon SJ6086 : Warrington, swing bridge by Mike Faherty SJ5687 : Penketh, Warrington Road by David Dixon

WA6 postal address FRODSHAM, Cheshire
(separated from WARRINGTON in June 2000)
WA7 postal address RUNCORN, Cheshire
WA8 postal address WIDNES, Cheshire
WA9-11 postal address ST. HELENS, Merseyside
SJ5177 : Vista from Frodsham Hill by Sue Adair SJ5182 : Canal Basin on Bridgewater Canal, Runcorn by Sue Adair SJ5185 : Widnes Town Centre by Sue Adair
SJ5295 : Prospect Road, St Helens by Alexander P Kapp SJ5195 : Victoria Square, St Helens by Cathie Garner SJ5197 : Moss Bank Road by Raymond Knapman

WA12 postal address NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS, Merseyside
WA13 postal address LYMM, Cheshire
WA14-15 postal address ALTRINCHAM, Cheshire
WA16 postal address KNUTSFORD, Cheshire

SJ5995 : St Peter's Church, Newton-le-Willows by Ian Greig SJ6887 : Lymm Cross and Stocks by david newton SJ7786 : Shops on Ashley Road, Hale, Trafford by Anthony O'Neil SJ7687 : Saturday shoppers in Altrincham by Anthony O'Neil SJ7578 : Princess Street, Knutsford by David Dixon

There are also the non-geographic postcode district for certain companies, WA55 (post town WARRINGTON) and WA88 (post town WIDNES).


The WC area refers to west-central London and is the smallest by area. It comprises approximately the area bounded in each corner by Euston, Trafalgar Square, Aldwych and Gray's Inn Road.

Because of the density of delivery addresses in this area, the postcode districts WC1 and WC2 are further subdivided by adding letters, e.g. WC1A, WC2R. All postcodes have one of these extra letters: the letters A, B, E, H, N and R are used by both districts, while WC1 also uses V and X.

WC1-2 postal address LONDON.
TQ3081 : Southampton Row, looking north by Richard Law TQ3080 : Trafalgar Square by Dave Green


WD are the first and last letters of Watford, and this area covers a southern strip of Hertfordshire, from Rickmansworth to Borehamwood and up to Kings Langley. It features the town of Chorleywood, one of the largest towns never to have been a post town in its own right; it comes under RICKMANSWORTH.

The original WD1 and WD2 have been reconfigured to WD1x and WD2x, hence the apparent illogical pattern.

WD3 postal address RICKMANSWORTH, Herts.
WD4 postal address KINGS LANGLEY, Herts.
WD5 postal address ABBOTS LANGLEY, Herts.
(separated from WATFORD in March 1991)
WD6 postal address BOREHAMWOOD, Herts.
WD7 postal address RADLETT, Herts.
TQ0594 : High Street by Colin Pyle TL0702 : New Canalside Development by Colin Smith TL0901 : Abbots Langley: Marlin Square by Nigel Cox TQ2097 : Elstree Way by Martin Addison TQ1699 : Watling Street, Radlett by David Howard

WD17-19 postal address WATFORD
WD23 postal address BUSHEY, Herts.
(separated from WATFORD in June 1999)
WD24-25 postal address WATFORD

TQ1096 : Watford: The Pond by Nigel Cox TQ0995 : Watford: Tolpits Lane by Nigel Cox TQ1193 : South Oxhey: Offerton House by Nigel Cox
TQ1395 : The High Street, Bushey by Cathy Cox TQ1097 : Watford: St Albans Road by Nigel Cox TL1100 : Shops on Garston Lane, Garston by David Howard

There is also the non-geographic postcode district for the Department for Work & Pensions, WD99 (post town WATFORD).


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