Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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The letters WF denote Wakefield and this long, narrowish area covers the southwest edge of West Yorkshire.

WF1-4 postal address WAKEFIELD, W. Yorkshire
SE3320 : Wakefield Cathedral viewed from Northgate by derek dye SE3418 : Railway crossing the A61 by Pauline E SE3424 : Long Causeway - Lake Lock Road by Betty Longbottom SE2918 : Yorkshire flags on Queen Street, Horbury by Neil Theasby

WF5 postal address OSSETT, W. Yorkshire
WF6 postal address NORMANTON, W. Yorkshire
WF7-9 postal address PONTEFRACT, W. Yorkshire
SE2720 : Town End, Ossett by Geoff Pick SE3822 : Entrance to Normanton High Street from the Market Square by Martyn Pattison SE4220 : Station Lane , Featherstone by Bill Henderson SE4521 : Market Place by Stanley Walker SE4115 : Newall Crescent by Betty Longbottom

WF10 postal address CASTLEFORD, W. Yorkshire
WF11 postal address KNOTTINGLEY, W. Yorkshire
WF12-13 postal address DEWSBURY, W. Yorkshire
SE4225 : The River Aire, Castleford by Bill Henderson SE4924 : Houses overlooking Knottingley & Goole Navigation by Ian S SE2421 : Dewsbury Town Hall by David Ward SE2220 : Garden Terrace - Spen Valley Road by Betty Longbottom

WF14 postal address MIRFIELD, W. Yorkshire
WF15 postal address LIVERSEDGE, W. Yorkshire
WF16 postal address HECKMONDWIKE, W. Yorkshire
WF17 postal address BATLEY, W. Yorkshire

SE2019 : Shops in town centre, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield by Humphrey Bolton SE2023 : Wakefield Road, Liversedge by Humphrey Bolton SE2123 : Market Place, Heckmondwike by Alexander P Kapp SE2424 : Market Square by Stanley Walker

There is also the non-geographic postcode district for Redcats, WF90 (post town WAKEFIELD).


The small WN postcode area is based on Wigan and extends from Leigh to Skelmersdale.

NB In the Local Government Reorganisation of 1974, Greater Manchester was not adopted by Royal Mail and, as such, Lancashire remains the correct county name.

WN1-4 postal address WIGAN, Lancs.
SD5805 : Wigan:  Market Place by Dr Neil Clifton SD6108 : Scot Lane, Aspull by Dave Green SD5705 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wigan Pier by David Dixon SJ5799 : Wigan Road, Ashton by Dave Green

WN5-6 postal address WIGAN, Lancs.
WN7 postal address LEIGH, Lancs.
WN8 postal address SKELMERSDALE, Lancs.

SD5504 : Enfield Street looking north-west by Colin Pyle SD5610 : St Wilfrid's Church, Standish by Gary Rogers SD6500 : Railway Road Leigh by Dave Green SD4806 : Skelmersdale, McDonald's and the Concourse Bridge by David Dixon


The WR postcode area is centred on Worcester and covers the majority of Worcestershire (Kidderminster and the surrounding area comes under DY and Bromsgrove/Redditch under B).

WR1-4 postal address WORCESTER
SO8454 : Flooded South Quay, Worcester by Philip Halling SO8354 : Worcester : Malvern Road B4206 by Lewis Clarke SO8658 : Fernhill Heath by Philip Halling SO8856 : Housing and "sheds" north of Worcester by Andrew Darge

WR5-8 postal address WORCESTER
SO8654 : Worcester : Nunnery Lane Houses by Lewis Clarke SO7756 : Houses at Broad Green by Philip Halling SP0157 : Inkberrow village green by Colin Craig SO8540 : Upton upon Severn by Philip Halling

WR9 postal address DROITWICH, Worcs.
WR10 postal address PERSHORE, Worcs.
WR11 postal address EVESHAM, Worcs.
WR12 postal address BROADWAY, Worcs.
SO8963 : St. Andrew's Street, looking north by P L Chadwick SO9445 : Pershore Abbey by Philip Halling SP0343 : The Round House by David Stowell SP0937 : Broadway green and War Memorial by Paul Shreeve

WR13-14 postal address MALVERN, Worcs.
WR15 postal address TENBURY WELLS, Worcs.

SO7542 : Colwall - Viewed from Herefordshire Beacon by Bob Embleton SO7745 : Great Malvern Priory by Jonathan Billinger SO5968 : The Royal Oak, Tenbury Wells by Philip Pankhurst

There are also the non-geographic postcode districts for Kays Ltd., WR78 and WR99 (post town WORCESTER).


WS is for Walsall and, as well as that part of the West Midlands metropolis, it extends into Staffordshire proper as far as LICHFIELD and Abbots Bromley (under RUGELEY).

WS1-6 postal address WALSALL
SP0198 : Bridge Street, Walsall by Stephen McKay SJ9900 : Stephenson Avenue, Walsall by Alex McGregor SK0001 : Terraced housing - Green Lane - Leamore by John M
SK0201 : B4154, Rushall by Geoff Pick SP0295 : Maple Drive, Yew Tree Estate, West Bromwich by Geoff Pick SJ9907 : Junction of Hilton Lane and the A34 by Angella Streluk

WS7 postal address BURNTWOOD, Staffs.
(separated from WALSALL in c.2000)
WS8-9 postal address WALSALL
WS10 postal address WEDNESBURY, W. Midlands
SK0608 : Swan Island, Burntwood by Adrian Rothery SK0405 : High Street, Brownhills by Mick Malpass SK0500 : Aldridge Shopping Centre by John M SO9894 : Wednesbury, the High Street by Adrian Bailey

WS11-12 postal address CANNOCK, Staffs.
WS13-14 postal address LICHFIELD, Staffs.
WS15 postal address RUGELEY, Staffs.

SJ9810 : Cannock Clock Tower by Geoff Pick SK0012 : Market Street, Hednesford by Adrian Bailey SK1109 : Lichfield Cathedral by Stephen McKay SK1608 : Coventry Canal at Whittington by Mat Fascione SK0418 : Lower Brook Street, Rugeley. by Mick Malpass


Alongside WS, the WV area is based on Wolverhampton and as such covers the northwest of the West Midlands metropolis. It includes BRIDGNORTH, in Shropshire, and the western fringes of the WOLVERHAMPTON post town area also cross the border a little into Shropshire.

WV1-5 postal address WOLVERHAMPTON
SO9198 : Looking towards Queen Square, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO9197 : Vicarage Road by Gordon Griffiths SO8898 : Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal at Compton, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO8995 : Amanda Avenue in Penn, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO8793 : Southwards over Wombourne from Bullmeadow Coppice by Richard Law

WV6-11 postal address WOLVERHAMPTON
SJ8900 : Mitre Inn and Mitre Terrace, Lower Green, Tettenhall by John M SJ8104 : Welcome to Albrighton by Jaggery SJ8703 : Centre of Bilbrook by A Holmes
SJ9006 : Shops, Brewood Rd, Coven by John Lord SJ9003 : Council Housing - Wobaston Court by John M SJ9400 : Wednesfield Market by Richard Webb

WV12-13 postal address WILLENHALL, W. Midlands
WV14 postal address BILSTON, W. Midlands
WV15-16 postal address BRIDGNORTH, Shropshire

SJ9701 : The Square, New Invention (1) by Richard Vince SO9698 : Willenhall market by Derek Bennett SO9496 : Alhambra  View by Gordon Griffiths SO7292 : Across the rooftops of Bridgnorth Low Town, Shropshire by Roger  D Kidd SO7193 : High Street, Bridgnorth by Ian S


The letters YO represent York and this postcode area is a large, mainly rural one. It extends from York eastward to the coast at Bridlington, northeast to Whitby, and northwest as far as Thirsk.

The relatively recent splitting of codes, from YO2 to YO6 into two-digit numbers, has left an apparently random-looking numerical sequence.

YO1 postal address YORK
YO7 postal address THIRSK, N. Yorkshire
YO8 postal address SELBY, N. Yorkshire
YO10 postal address YORK
SE5951 : York: looking along the walls towards the Minster by Chris Downer SE4282 : Market Place, Thirsk by Pauline E SE6132 : Selby sunny summer Saturday scene by Neil Theasby SE6149 : Main Street at Fulford by David Martin

YO11-13 postal address SCARBOROUGH, N. Yorkshire
YO14 postal address FILEY, N. Yorkshire
TA0488 : Survey ship at anchor by Pauline E TA0389 : Donkeys on the beach by DS Pugh NZ9701 : Towards the headland at Ravenscar by Carol Walker TA1180 : Filey: paddling pool above the beach by Chris Downer

YO15-16 postal address BRIDLINGTON, N. Yorkshire
YO17 postal address MALTON, N. Yorkshire
YO18 postal address PICKERING, N. Yorkshire
YO19 postal address YORK
TA1866 : Bridlington Harbour. by gary radford TA1767 : Bridlington Priory Church by JThomas SE7871 : The Market Square, Malton by Paul Cole SE7984 : Centre of Pickering by Charles Rispin SE6342 : Terrace Houses in Main Street, Escrick by Roger Gilbertson

YO21-22 postal address WHITBY, N. Yorkshire
YO23-24 postal address YORK
YO25 postal address DRIFFIELD, N. Humberside
YO26 postal address YORK
NZ8911 : Whitby harbour by Gordon Hatton NZ9011 : Whitby Abbey and steps by bernard bradley SE5646 : Main Street, Copmanthorpe by Chris Heaton
SE5751 : Acomb Shops by Sean Diver TA0257 : Market Place, Driffield by Paul Glazzard SE5554 : Upper Poppleton War Memorial by David Rogers

YO30-32 postal address YORK
YO41-43 postal address YORK
SE5158 : The drive to Beningbrough Hall by Bill Boaden SE6152 : Hawthorn Grove - viewed from Hawthorn Street by Betty Longbottom SE6058 : The Village, Haxby by Keith Rattenbury
SE7350 : Village green and beck by DS Pugh SE8049 : Market Place, Pocklington by Ian Lavender SE8741 : High Street, Market Weighton by Roger Gilbertson

YO51 postal address YORK
YO60-62 postal address YORK

SE3966 : High Street by Alan Murray-Rust SE6566 : Sheriff Hutton Castle: aerial 2014 by Chris SE5269 : Easingwold Village Green by Andy Beecroft SE6183 : Mini roundabout, monument and market place by Pauline E

There are also the non-geographic postcode districts for various companies, YO90-91 (post town YORK).


The final postcode area alphabetically is ZE, which derives from Zetland, the former name of the Shetland Islands council. The ZE1 district covers Lerwick and Scalloway; ZE2 covers almost all of the rest of the mainland and all outer islands; and ZE3 just the southern tip of the mainland, around Sumburgh airport.

Lerwick was previously a post town in its own right, but in 2000 was redesignated as SHETLAND, so the whole of the area is covered by the one post town uniquely outside London.

ZE1-3 postal address SHETLAND
HU4741 : Lerwick: the Town Hall from across the harbour by Chris Downer HU4063 : Olna Firth at Voe by Mike Pennington HU4009 : Runway from Compass Head by Colin Smith


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