Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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CB concerns itself with Cambridge, and covers southern Cambridgeshire and a little of western Suffolk and northern Essex. The districts in the twenties were created from parts of the single-digit CAMBRIDGE codes in 2006.

CB1-5 – postal address CAMBRIDGE
TL4458 : Fisher Hall & Fisher Square by Mr Ignavy TL4458 : A lone punter on the Cam by Magdalene College by Robin Drayton TL4259 : Madingley Road Park and Ride by Robin Drayton TL4660 : Chesterfield Road and St George's Church, Chesterton by David Gruar TL4759 : Barnwell Lake and the Abbey Stadium by David Gruar

CB6-7 – postal address ELY, Cambs.
CB8 – postal address NEWMARKET, Suffolk
CB9 – postal address HAVERHILL, Suffolk
CB10-11 – postal address SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex
TL4478 : looking E from Sutton tower by mym TL5480 : Ely Cathedral by Pierre Terre TL6463 : Jubilee Clocktower, Newmarket, Suffolk by mike TL5338 : Market Stalls in the Square by Alan Hawkes TL5238 : Side view (South) of Audley End House by Steve McShane

CB21-25 – postal address CAMBRIDGE

TL5457 : St. Nicholas' church at Great Wilbraham by Robert Edwards TL4849 : Sawston High Street by Keith Edkins TL3763 : Saxon Way, Bar Hill, Cambs by Rodney Burton TL3966 : All Saints' parish church, Longstanton, Cambs by Rodney Burton TL5663 : Swaffham Prior by Stephen McKay


The CF postcode area is based on Cardiff and takes in the towns in Mid Glamorgan and parts of South Glamorgan. The CAERPHILLY post town was enlarged in 2000 to include Bedwas and Machen, which had previously come under NEWPORT and thus had had an NP postcode. The ABERDARE post town area extends northwest into the Ystradfellte area of Powys.

The CF1 and CF2 districts were renumbered in December 1998, to two-digit numbers beginning with 1 and 2 respectively.

NB Royal Mail ceased the requirement for county names on addresses in 1996 and these were not updated after local government reorganisation of the following year. Therefore, Mid and South Glamorgan remain correct county names.

CF3 and CF5 – postal address CARDIFF
CF10-11 – postal address CARDIFF
CF14-15 – postal address CARDIFF
CF23-24 – postal address CARDIFF
ST2180 : Llanrumney High School by John Thorn ST1376 : Pensioners' Houses - Ely, Cardiff by Tony Hodge ST1876 : Cardiff Castle and grounds by Nick Smith ST1676 : Kitchener Road by Colin Smith
ST1778 : Llanishen Street, Cardiff by Rob Burke ST1380 : War memorial, Radyr, Cardiff by Steve Chapple ST1781 : The northern end of Fidlas Road in Llanishen by Roy Douglas ST1877 : Cathays Terrace junction with Catherine Street by Nick Smith

CF31-33 – postal address BRIDGEND, M. Glam.
CF34 – postal address MAESTEG, M. Glam.
(separated from BRIDGEND in March 1991)
CF35 – postal address BRIDGEND, M. Glam.
SS9079 : Rear of Brackla Street Centre by Ian Davies SS8675 : Ogmore by Sea by David Lewis SS8382 : Kenfig Hill by Chris Shaw SS8591 : Maesteg by Chris Shaw SS9682 : Penprysg Village View by Ian Paterson

CF36 – postal address PORTHCAWL, M. Glam.
CF37-38 – postal address PONTYPRIDD, M. Glam.
CF39 – postal address PORTH, M. Glam.
CF40 – postal address TONYPANDY, M. Glam.
SS8176 : Seafront Porthcawl by Trevor Rickard ST0790 : Taff Street, Pontypridd by Roger Cornfoot ST0986 : Tonteg Park viewed from Cedar Crescent by Duncan and Gareth Alderson ST0291 : Rheola Bridge, Porth by Roger Cornfoot SS9992 : Tonypandy Square by kenneth rees

CF41 – postal address PENTRE, M. Glam.
CF42 – postal address TREORCHY, M. Glam.
CF43 – postal address FERNDALE, M. Glam.
CF44 – postal address ABERDARE, M. Glam.
SS9696 : Pentre: Llewellyn Street Post Office by Chris Downer SS9596 : Treorchy by Stephen McKay ST0096 : Ferndale: view over the town by Chris Downer SO0002 : Green Street Methodist Church, Aberdare by Darren W Rees

CF45 – postal address MOUNTAIN ASH, M. Glam.
CF46 – postal address TREHARRIS, M. Glam.
CF47-48 – postal address MERTHYR TYDFIL, M. Glam.
ST0499 : Mountain Ash Workingmens Hall and Institute by Darren W Rees ST0996 : Quakers’ Yard: pipeline over the Taff by Chris Downer SO0406 : High Street, Merthyr Tydfil by Kev Griffin SO0607 : Dowlais Great Top by Bonelli

CF61 – postal address LLANTWIT MAJOR, S. Glam.
CF62-63 – postal address BARRY, S. Glam.
CF64 (part) – postal address DINAS POWYS, S. Glam.
CF64 (part) – postal address PENARTH, S. Glam.
SS9668 : East St Llantwit Major (Llanilltud Fawr) by Glyn Baker ST1166 : Promenade at Barry Island by Derek Jones ST1269 : Cadoxton, Barry by Tony Hodge ST1871 : Central Penarth by Colin Smith

CF71 (part) – postal address COWBRIDGE, S. Glam.
CF71 (part) – postal address LLANTWIT MAJOR, S. Glam.
CF72 – postal address PONTYCLUN, M. Glam.
CF81 – postal address BARGOED, M. Glam.
CF82 – postal address HENGOED, M. Glam.
CF83 – postal address CAERPHILLY, M. Glam.

SS9974 : Cowbridge High Street by Tony Hodge ST0381 : Pontyclun Station by Chris Hodcroft ST1599 : High Street, Bargoed (Facing South) by Kev Griffin ST1594 : The Junction public house and Hengoed viaduct by phil matthews ST1587 : Caerphilly Castle & visitors by Robin Drayton

There are also the non-geographic postcode areas CF91, 95 and 99 (post town CARDIFF) reserved for specific large users.


CH refers to Chester and covers the Chester district of Cheshire, along with Flintshire. In 1999 the Wirral peninsula was added to the CH area, having previously come under L (Liverpool); the numerals were not changed.

NB Royal Mail ceased the requirement for county names on addresses in 1996 and these were not updated after local government reorganisation of the following year. Therefore, Clwyd and Merseyside remain correct county names.

CH1-4 – postal address CHESTER
SJ4066 : The Cross, Eastgate Street & Bridge Street by Keith Edkins SJ4069 : Upton, Chester, War Memorial by BrianPritchard SJ4265 : Houses on the junction of Heath Lane and Hatchmere Drive by BrianPritchard SJ3864 : High Street Saltney by Dennis Turner

CH5 – postal address DEESIDE, Clwyd
CH6 (part) – postal address BAGILLT, Clwyd
CH6 (part) – postal address FLINT, Clwyd
CH7 (part) – postal address BUCKLEY, Clwyd
CH7 (part) – postal address MOLD, Clwyd
CH8 – postal address HOLYWELL, Clwyd
SJ2870 : Flintshire Bridge across the River Dee by John S Turner SJ2473 : Part of Flint/ Fflint Castle by Peter Craine SJ2363 : Market Day in Mold by Eirian Evans SJ1876 : St Winefride's Well and Chapel, Holywell by Tom Pennington

CH41-42 – postal address BIRKENHEAD, Merseyside
CH43 – postal address PRENTON, Merseyside
(separated from BIRKENHEAD, L43, in December 1998)
CH44-45 – postal address WALLASEY, Merseyside
(previously L44-45)
SJ3289 : Hamilton Square, Birkenhead by Stephen McKay SJ3087 : St Saviour's church, Oxton by Fractal Angel SJ3186 : Prenton Park by Fractal Angel SJ3193 : New Brighton by alan fairweather SJ3091 : Liscard Town Centre by Sue Adair

CH46-49 – postal address WIRRAL, Merseyside
(previously L46-49)
SJ2689 : Moreton Village by Sue Adair SJ2189 : Microlights at Hoylake Beach by Peter Craine SJ2186 : Apartments in West Kirby by Peter Craine SJ2587 : Local Retail by J Scott

CH60-63 – postal address WIRRAL, Merseyside
(previously L60-63)
SJ2781 : The Glegg Arms, Gayton by Sue Adair SJ2783 : Barnston Road showing Beech Farmhouse by Sue Morgan SJ3482 : Bromborough Cross Village Centre by Sue Adair SJ3384 : Park Road by David Squire

CH64 – postal address NESTON, Merseyside
(renamed from SOUTH WIRRAL, L64, in December 1998)
CH65-66 – postal address ELLESMERE PORT, Merseyside
(renamed from SOUTH WIRRAL, L65-66, in December 1998)
SJ2977 : Town Hall, Neston by Sue Adair SJ4077 : Ellesmere Port lighthouse by Steve  Fareham SJ3875 : Roundabout in Great Sutton by Peter Craine

There are also the non-geographic postcode areas CH88 and 99 (post town CHESTER) reserved for specific large users.


CM represents Chelmsford and covers the central part of Essex and the far northeast of Hertfordshire. Unusually, it features a zero district, CM0. It also provides the curiosity of a ‘doughnut effect’ with the post town STANSTED (Essex) entirely surrounded by BISHOP’S STORTFORD (Herts.). Thus, the county of Essex postally includes this detachment surrounded by Hertfordshire.

CM0 (part) – postal address BURNHAM-ON-CROUCH, Essex
CM0 (part) – postal address SOUTHMINSTER, Essex
CM1-3 – postal address CHELMSFORD
CM4 – postal address INGATESTONE, Essex
TQ9595 : St Mary's House, Burnham on Crouch by Nigel Monckton TL7006 : The Cathedral Church of St Mary, St Peter, and St Cedd Chelmsford by Andrew Pickess TL7204 : An old corner of Great Baddow by Robert Edwards TQ8096 : South Woodham Ferrers: Inchbonnie Road by Nigel Cox TQ6599 : High Street, Ingatestone, Essex by John Winfield

CM5 – postal address ONGAR, Essex
CM6 – postal address DUNMOW, Essex
CM7 – postal address BRAINTREE, Essex
CM8 – postal address WITHAM, Essex
CM9 – postal address MALDON, Essex
TL5503 : High Street, Chipping Ongar by David Kemp TL6221 : High Street, Great Dunmow by William Metcalfe TL7622 : Braintree Railway Station by Brenda Howard TL8115 : The way to the church at Witham by Robert Edwards TL8507 : Maldon's High Street, viewed from Market Hill by Robert Edwards

CM11-12 – postal address BILLERICAY, Essex
CM13-15 – postal address BRENTWOOD, Essex
TQ6794 : Bustling Billericay High Street by Martin Tipper TQ6694 : Crossroads on the A129 by Robert Edwards TQ6194 : Hutton Road, Shenfield by Paul Francis TQ5795 : Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex by John Winfield TQ5998 : Doddinghurst village sign by Robert Edwards

CM16 – postal address EPPING, Essex
CM17-20 – postal address HARLOW, Essex
TL4602 : Old houses along Lindsey Street by Robert Edwards TL4709 : Church Langley Way by Lynda Poulter TL4408 : Staple Tye Shopping Centre, Harlow New Town, Essex by Robert Edwards TL4209 : Harlow: A1169 Third Avenue by Nigel Cox TL4610 : View from St Mary's Latton Churchyard by John Salmon

CM21 – postal address SAWBRIDGEWORTH, Herts.
CM22-23 – postal address BISHOP’S STORTFORD, Herts.
CM24 – postal address STANSTED, Essex

TL4814 : St Mary the Great, Sawbridgeworth, Herts by John Salmon TL5326 : Elsenham level crossing by Jonathan Billinger TL4921 : Dane Street by Thomas Nugent TL5124 : Station Road by Thomas Nugent


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