Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos

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Alongside CM, the postcode area CO is centred on Colchester and covers northeastern Essex along with a small area north of the border in Suffolk. A significant part of the post towns SUDBURY and BURES includes villages in Essex.

(A little aside: The Royal Mail uses the unhyphenated 'Walton on the Naze' rather than its official name 'Walton-on-the-Naze' as a consequence of its Mailsort scheme, a little-known and now defunct system of separate codes which looked at the first ten characters of the post town name. Thus WALTON ON THE NAZE was distinguishable from WALTON-ON-THAMES by virtue of the absent hyphens.)

CO1-7 postal address COLCHESTER
TL9925 : Sir Isaac's Walk, Colchester by David Hawgood TL9823 : Colchester United's Layer Rd Ground by Glyn Baker TL9525 : A12 Colchester Bypass at Stanway by Matthew Barker TL9927 : Colchester General Hospital by Glyn Baker
TM0321 : Wivenhoe, as seen from Ferry Road in Fingringhoe by Robert Edwards TL9734 : 'The White Hart' inn, High Street, Nayland by Robert Edwards TM0533 : High Street, Dedham by Jurek and Trish  Sienkiewicz

CO8 postal address BURES, Suffolk
CO9 postal address HALSTEAD, Essex
CO10 postal address SUDBURY, Suffolk
(separated from parts of COLCHESTER, CO6, and HALSTEAD, CO9 both Essex in August 1992)
CO11 postal address MANNINGTREE, Essex
CO12 postal address HARWICH, Essex
TL9033 : Cottages in Bures by Bob Jones TL8130 : Halstead High Street by Andrew Davis TL8741 : Sudbury town centre by Oxyman TM1031 : Manningtree Quay by Bob Jones TM2532 : The waterfront - Harwich by Simon Leatherdale

CO13 postal address FRINTON-ON-SEA, Essex
CO14 postal address WALTON ON THE NAZE, Essex
CO15-16 postal address CLACTON-ON-SEA, Essex

TM2420 : Frinton Beach looking towards Walton-on-the-Naze by Christine Matthews TM2521 : Walton on the Naze: the pier from the south by Chris Downer TM1714 : Clacton by Martin Addison TM1618 : 'The Blacksmiths Arms' inn, Little Clacton, Essex by Robert Edwards


CR concerns itself with the Croydon area of south London. The addresses within Greater London but outside the London postcode areas still allude to their historical counties, so Surrey is still the correct county name. CR is unusual in featuring the zero code CR0, despite not having a CR1: this is a throwback from early postcode trials, where the zero was originally the letter O in CROydon.

CR0 postal address CROYDON
CR2 postal address SOUTH CROYDON, Surrey
CR3 (part) postal address CATERHAM, Surrey
CR3 (part) postal address WHYTELEAFE, Surrey
CR4 postal address MITCHAM, Surrey
TQ3265 : George Street, Croydon by Danny P Robinson TQ3263 : South Croydon - Churchill Road by DACP TQ3455 : The Square by Andy Potter TQ2768 : Upper Green East, Mitcham, Surrey by Stacey Harris

CR5 postal address COULSDON, Surrey
CR6 postal address WARLINGHAM, Surrey
CR7 postal address THORNTON HEATH, Surrey
CR8 (part) postal address KENLEY, Surrey
CR8 (part) postal address PURLEY, Surrey

TQ2959 : Brighton Road, Coulsdon, Surrey (3) by Dr Neil Clifton TQ3558 : Warlingham - war memorial by Nigel Freeman TQ3167 : Mayday University Hospital, Mayday Road, Croydon. by Noel Foster TQ3161 : Purley Station by Ross Burgess

There is also the non-geographic postcode area CR9 (post town CROYDON) reserved for a specific large user.


The letters CT come from the name Canterbury and the area covers eastern Kent. Numbers start in the city and spiral clockwise, around the Kent coast from Whitstable to Hythe.

CT1-4 postal address CANTERBURY, Kent
TR1557 : Canterbury: cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ by Chris Downer TR1459 : Downs Road, Hales Place, Canterbury by Jonathan Billinger TR2457 : Shops in the High Street Wingham, Kent by david mills TR0653 : Chilham village square by Jonathan Billinger

CT5 postal address WHITSTABLE, Kent
CT6 postal address HERNE BAY, Kent
CT7 postal address BIRCHINGTON, Kent
CT8 postal address WESTGATE-ON-SEA, Kent
TR1067 : Whitstable Harbour by dennis smith TR1768 : Central Parade Gardens by Colin Smith TR3069 : Epple Bay by Hywel Williams TR3270 : Westgate Bay by Rick Ryder

CT9 postal address MARGATE, Kent
CT10 postal address BROADSTAIRS, Kent
CT11-12 postal address RAMSGATE, Kent
TR3570 : Margate beach by Dave Walsh TR3967 : Broadstairs sea front by Simon Richardson TR3864 : Ramsgate Inner Harbour - The Marina by Nigel Freeman TR3164 : The Village of Minster by John Smitten

CT13 postal address SANDWICH, Kent
CT14 postal address DEAL, Kent
CT15-17 postal address DOVER, Kent
TR3358 : Sandwich: Crispin Inn and Barbican Gate by Chris Downer TR3752 : Deal beach and seafront by Darren Smith TR2849 : Eythorne memorial by Chris Shaw TR3044 : Council offices, Whitfield Close by Nick Smith TR3241 : Dover Harbour by Stephen McKay

CT18-20 postal address FOLKESTONE, Kent
CT21 postal address HYTHE, Kent

TR2139 : Shops on Hawkinge main street by Nick Smith TR2335 : Folkestone Harbour 1980 by Crispin Purdye TR1936 : Royal Military Avenue by Carol Rose TR1634 : High Street, Hythe by David Kemp

There is also the non-geographic postcode area CT50 (post town FOLKESTONE) reserved for a specific large user.


CV is for Coventry, and this area covers not only the city but the surrounding parts of Warwickshire.

CV1-7 and 8 (part) postal address COVENTRY
CV8 (part) postal address KENILWORTH, Warks.
SP3379 : Sad remains of the previous Coventry Cathedral by Ken Crosby SP3880 : University Hospital, Coventry by Stephen McKay SP3676 : Blocks of flats on Robin Hood Road, Willenhall, Coventry by A J Paxton SP3075 : Shops at Warwick University by Philip Halling
SP2980 : Allesley Green from Park Hill Lane by E Gammie SP3383 : Parade of Shops, Holbrook Lane by Niki Walton SP2482 : Main Road, Meriden by Keith Williams SP2772 : Kenilworth Castle mere flooded by derek billings

CV9 postal address ATHERSTONE, Warks.
CV10-11 postal address NUNEATON, Warks.
CV12 postal address BEDWORTH, Warks.
(separated from NUNEATON in July 1997)
CV13 postal address NUNEATON, Warks.
SP3097 : Atherstone : The Market Square by Chris Wilson SP3493 : Terrace Houses in Whitebeam Way, Nuneaton by Richard Kay SP3691 : Nuneaton Marketplace as viewed from the post office by kevin roe SP3686 : Houses, King Street, Bedworth Town Centre by Niki Walton SK4003 : Market Bosworth - War Memorial by David Barnes

CV21-23 postal address RUGBY, Warks.
CV31-33 postal address LEAMINGTON SPA, Warks.
SP5075 : Rugby - Market Place by Ian Rob SP4873 : The Green, Bilton by David Reid SP4977 : Rugby - Glebe Farm by Ian Rob
SP3165 : Euston Place, Royal Leamington Spa by David Stowell SP3266 : Lillington by David Stowell SP3759 : Chapel Street by Dennis Turner

CV34-35 postal address WARWICK
CV36 postal address SHIPSTON-ON-STOUR, Warks.
CV37 postal address STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, Warks.
CV47 postal address SOUTHAM, Warks.
separated from parts of LEAMINGTON SPA and RUGBY in June 1999)
SP2864 : Warwick, Oken's house and St. Mary's Church by Steven Howe SP2755 : Stag's Head, Wellesbourne by David Stowell SP2540 : Shipston on Stour by Stephen McKay SP2054 : Old Town by Dominic Moore SP4161 : Southam-Oxford Street by Ian Rob


The CW area is based on Crewe, and covers the southern part of Cheshire. The CREWE post town area is in two separate parts, the district CW4 not adjoining CW1-3.

CW1-4 postal address CREWE
CW5 postal address NANTWICH, Cheshire
SJ7055 : Crewe Market Hall by Andy and Hilary SJ6953 : Detached housing on Edgewood Drive, Wistaston by Espresso Addict SJ7342 : St Leonard's Church, Woore by Steve Parkin SJ7667 : Chapelmead estate under construction by Peter Whatley SJ6552 : Nantwich town centre by Ron Strutt

CW6 postal address TARPORLEY, Cheshire
CW7 postal address WINSFORD, Cheshire
CW8-9 postal address NORTHWICH, Cheshire
SJ5562 : High Street, Tarporley by Alan Godfree SJ6466 : Suburban housing, Winsford by michael ely SJ6173 : Post war council housing by Lizzie SJ6573 : Town Bridge, Northwich by Lizzie

CW10 postal address MIDDLEWICH, Cheshire
CW11 postal address SANDBACH, Cheshire
CW12 postal address CONGLETON, Cheshire

SJ7066 : Middlewich by Stephen Burton SJ7560 : Sandbach by www fotodiscs4u co uk SJ8662 : Canalside Housing, Congleton, Cheshire by Roger  D Kidd

There is also the non-geographic postcode area CW98 (post town CREWE) reserved for a specific large user.


The DA postcode area is based on Dartford and comprises the London suburbs on the south side of the Thames, east as far as Gravesend. The post town ERITH, comprising DA8 and DA18, is unusual in that these two districts do not adjoin BELVEDERE is between them.

The addresses within Greater London but outside the London postcode areas still allude to their historical counties, so Kent is still the correct county name.

DA1-2 postal address DARTFORD
DA3 postal address LONGFIELD, Kent
DA4 postal address DARTFORD
DA5 postal address BEXLEY, Kent
TQ5474 : Dartford: Victoria Road gasometer by Nigel Cox TQ5573 : Dartford: B2500 Watling Street by Nigel Cox TQ6068 : Longfield Station by Danny P Robinson TQ5669 : South Darenth Viaduct by Stephen Craven TQ4973 : High Street, Old Bexley by Stacey Harris

DA6-7 postal address BEXLEYHEATH, Kent
DA8 postal address ERITH, Kent
DA9 postal address GREENHITHE, Kent
DA10 postal address SWANSCOMBE, Kent
TQ4975 : Bexleyheath Bus Garage by Dr Neil Clifton TQ5076 : Barnehurst: Parkside Avenue by Nigel Cox TQ5178 : Erith: William Cory Promenade by Nigel Cox TQ5875 : Greenhithe: High Street by Nigel Cox TQ5974 : Ingress Park by Glyn Baker

DA11-13 postal address GRAVESEND, Kent
DA14-15 postal address SIDCUP, Kent
TQ6474 : View from St George's Church, Gravesend by John Salmon TQ6671 : Riverview Park Library by Glyn Baker TQ6465 : Meopham Green by Robin Webster TQ4770 : Footbridge over Edgington Way, Ruxley, Kent by Dr Neil Clifton TQ4672 : Railway overbridge, Sidcup, Kent by Dr Neil Clifton

DA16 postal address WELLING, Kent
DA17 postal address BELVEDERE, Kent
DA18 postal address ERITH, Kent
TQ4675 : Danson Junior School, Danson Lane, Welling, Kent by Dr Neil Clifton TQ4978 : The 'Chequers' , Belvedere, Kent by Dr Neil Clifton TQ4980 : Water Works by Glyn Baker


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