Preserved diesel locomotives of British Rail

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Creative Commons License Text by Roger Cornfoot, October 2019 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

Manufacturers in the United States and mainland Europe had started building diesel locomotives from the late 19th century and in large numbers from the 1930s onwards. In the UK, most of the pre-grouping companies experimented with them. The LMS produced a successful series of diesel shunting locomotives, the successors of which are still in service today as Class 08. They also experimented with mainline locomotives. Their 10000 and 10001 type being the first to enter mainline service in this country.

The 1950's saw a strategic decision to replace steam power with diesel and electric. A great variety of diesel types were produced in this decade, with mixed results.

For most of the BR period of ownership, diesels were distinguished from steam with the number prefix 'D'. For the time being I have limited the scope of this article to locomotives that carried this 'D'. (I will endeavor to add some of the numerous preserved diesel 'shunters' in due course.)

As with steam, the railway preservation movement has begun to build new examples of those diesel loco designs which were not saved. Planned projects expected to appear on our rails over the next 10 to 20 years include an LMS 10000, Class 21, Class 22 and a Class 23 'Baby Deltic'.

There are currently over 250 former BR mainline diesel locomotives preserved in Britain. Most have been captured in action by Geograph contributors and I have attempted to illustrate this heritage using their input.

I have used up to three shots of each locomotive; where possible, including a shot from BR days.

There are still many gaps in the Geograph coverage, which I have marked as 'missing'. Please let me know if you manage to upload some shots to fill the blanks!

Mainline locomotives D4 to D1062

SK4835 : Toton Depot by Martin Addison SO7486 : Arriving at Hampton Loade by Martin Addison D4 Great Gable, (44044), Class 44 'Peak', The Midland Railway

SK2861 : Peak railway. by steven ruffles SK2762 : Penyghent at Darley Dale by Mary and Angus Hogg SK2664 : Penyghent at Rowsley by Mary and Angus Hogg D8 Penyghent, (44008), Class 44 'Peak', Peak Rail

SK3635 : Class 45 at Derby Station, 1978 by Rob Newman D14, (45015), Class 45 'Peak', Battlefield Railway

TL4903 : View from the footbridge at North Weald station by Marathon D22, (45132), Class 45 'Peak', Epping and Ongar Railway

SO7679 : Severn Valley Railway at Victoria Bridge by Gareth James SK5904 : Test Run by Martin Addison SO7777 : Severn Valley Railway near Northwood by Gareth James D40, (45133), Class 45 'Peak', Weardale Railway

SK5419 : Great Central Railway Station, Loughborough by Dave Hitchborne SK5417 : 45041 approaches Woodthorpe Footpath Bridge by Tim Glover SK4151 : Midland Railway Centre, Swanwick Junction by Dave Hitchborne D53 Royal Tank Regiment, (45041), Class 45 'Peak', Midland Railway

SE2219 : The Calder Valley main line (2) by Stephen Craven D61 Royal Army Ordnance Corps, (45112) Class 45 'Peak', Burton-on-Trent

SK4175 : Barrow Hill Museum by Gareth James D67 The Royal Artilleryman, (45118) Class 45 'Peak', Northampton & Lamport Railway

SD7687 : Train passing Dent station by The Carlisle Kid D86, (45105) Class 45 'Peak', Barrow Hill Roundhouse

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> D99 3rd Carabinier, (45135) Class 45 'Peak', East Lancashire Railway

SK4189 : Tinsley Motive Power Depot, Tinsley by Dave Hitchborne SZ0278 : Diesel Departure from Swanage Station by Gareth James SY9880 : Departure from Harman's Cross by Gareth James D100 Sherwood Forester, (45060), Class 45 Type 4 'Peak', Barrow Hill Roundhouse

SD8110 : Peak viewing time by Jonathan Wilkins SD7916 : Peak Class Locomotive at Ramsbottom by David Dixon SD7916 : Class 45 Diesel Approaching Ramsbottom by David Dixon D120, (45108), Class 45 'Peak', Crewe

SK5419 : Great Central Railway Station, Loughborough by Dave Hitchborne SK5419 : No. D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry by Ashley Dace SK5419 : Loughborough Central Station by Ashley Dace D123, (45125), Class 45 'Peak', Great Central Railway

TL0449 : Up Diesel-hauled express on the Bedford avoiding-line by Ben Brooksbank SP0432 : Class 45 awaiting her next duty, Toddington by Philip Pankhurst SO9729 : Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway at Gotherington by Gareth James D135 Leic'shire & Derbyshire Yeomanry (45149) Class 45 'Peak', Glr Wks Railway

NY9464 : Works train through Hexham by Stephen Craven SJ1742 : Diesel weekend on the Llangollen Railway by John Haynes D147 (46010), Class 46 'Peak', Nottingham Heritage Centre

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> D172 Ixion, (46035) Class 46 'Peak', The Midland Railway

ST6072 : Bristol St. Philip's Marsh Open Day by Gareth James SO7290 : Severn Valley Railway - D182 on Eardington Bank by Chris Allen SO8375 : A 'Peak' on shed at Kidderminster by Chris Allen D182, (46045) Class 46 'Peak', The Midland Railway

SE2933 : The Whistler Farewell railtour at Leeds by Stephen Craven SD8557 : Fair Maid of Perth at Hellifield by Martin Addison SE0641 : Class '40' diesel locomotive at Keighley by Dr Neil Clifton D200, (40122) Class 40 'Type 4', N R M York

SK4151 : Midland Railway Centre, Swanwick Junction by Dave Hitchborne SD8010 : Class 40 Diesel Locomotive at Bury by David Dixon SK4175 : Class 40 at rest by Chris Morgan D212 Aureol, (40012) Class 40 'Type 4', The Midland Railway

SK3586 : Sheffield Station, 1983 by Rob Newman SK4175 : Sprucing up Class 40 D213, Andania, (later 40 013) outside Barrow Hill roundhouse by Chris Morgan ST6172 : Bristol St. Philip's Marsh Open Day by Gareth James D213 Andania, (40013) Class 40 'Type 4', Barrow Hill

SE5241 : Liverpool - Newcastle express approaching Bolton Percy by Ben Brooksbank TG1543 : View along the platform, Sheringham Station, North Norfolk Railway by Roger Jones TL1898 : Peterborough. by Ron Hann D306 Atlantic Conveyor, (40106) Class 40,'Typ4', Nottm Hge Ctre

SX9193 : Railtour at Exeter by David Roberts D318 (40118) Class 40 'Type 4', Tyseley Locomotive Works

SD7914 : D335 at Summerseat Station by David Dixon SD7915 : Train Crossing the River Irwell by Paul Anderson SD7916 : Ramsbottom Station by David Dixon D335 (40135), Class 40 'Type 4', East Lancashire Railway

SD7914 : 345 at Summerseat by David Dixon SD7916 : 345 at Ramsbottom Crossing by David Dixon NH6645 : Inverness railway station by A-M-Jervis D345, (40145) Class 40, East Lancashire Railway

SX9173 : Railway Beside Teign Estuary, 1977 by Rob Newman ST5714 : Yeovil Railway Centre by David Roberts D400 Fearless, (50050) Class 50, Yeovil Railway Centre

SX9473 : 50002 Passing Sprey Point by Martin Addison D402 Superb, (50002) Class 50, South Devon Railway

SO8376 : Severn Valley Railway by Shaun Ferguson SO8375 : Hercules is not to be moved by Philip Pankhurst ST6072 : Bristol St. Philip's Marsh Open Day by Gareth James D407 Hercules, (50007) Class 50, The Midland Railway

SX8671 : Class 50 at Newton Abbot, 1982 by Rob Newman SP7803 : Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway at Horsenden Crossing by Gareth James SU2487 : Class 50 locomotive at Ashbury Crossing by Gareth James D408 Thunderer, (50008) Class 50, Nene Valley Railway

SD7915 : 51005 Valiant at Brooksbottoms by David Dixon SD8010 : Loco 50015 (Valiant) arriving at Bury by Peter Moore SD8610 : Valiant Approaches Heywood by David Dixon D415 Valiant, (50015) Class 50, East Lancashire Railway

ST1976 : Class 50 locomotives in Cardiff by Gareth James TQ2182 : Old Oak Common open day - 2 September 2017 (3) by The Carlisle Kid SK5419 : Loughborough railway sidings by Paul Harrop D417 Royal Oak, (50017) Class 50, Great Central Railway

ST5972 : Locomotive at Bristol by Ray Durrant TQ5434 : Eridge station, with dumped Diesel 1992 by Ben Brooksbank D419 Ramillies, (50019) Class 50, Mid Norfolk Railway

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> D421 Rodney, (50021) Class 50, Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway

SO7778 : Severn Valley Railway at Trimpley crossing by Gareth James SO7777 : Northwood Halt, Severn Valley Railway by Gareth James SE0335 : "Indomitable" arrives at Oxenhope by Mary and Angus Hogg D426 Indomitable, (50026) Class 50, Old Railway Workshop - Eastleigh

NZ8205 : 'Lion' on the level crossing at Grosmont by John Lucas NZ8301 : Goathland Station, North Yorkshire Moors Railway by John Lucas D427 Lion (50027) Class 50, Mid Hants Railway

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> D429 Renown, (50029) Class 50, Peak Rail

SX4755 : East End of Plymouth Station, 1984 by Rob Newman ST4508 : Trains at Crewkerne - 1991 (2) by The Carlisle Kid SK2663 : Rowsley - Peak Rail 'Class 50' by Alan Heardman D430 Repulse, (50030) Class 50, Peak Rail

ST8651 : Class 50s at Westbury by Rob Newman SS9398 : Class 50 at Treherbert by Gareth James ST1876 : Newport Road bridge, Cardiff by Gareth James D431 Hood, (50031) Class 50, Severn Valley Railway

SU7173 : Railway Station, Reading by Dave Hitchborne D433 Glorious, (50033) Class 50, Tyseley Locomotive Works

SO7192 : 50035 Ark Royal prepares to depart Bridgnorth by Philip Pankhurst SO7482 : Ark Royal approaching Highley by Peter Whatley SY9582 : Swanage Railway near Norden by Gareth James D435 Ark Royal, (50035) Class 50, Works, Eastleigh

TQ2081 : Coming Off The Yard by Martin Addison SX0467 : Boscarne Junction  end of the line by roger geach D442 Triumph, (50042) Class 50, Bodmin & Wenford Railway

SO9669 : Class 50 at Bromsgrove, 1984 by Rob Newman ST2681 : Railtour at Marshfield by Gareth James SO8375 : Class 50 under repair by Philip Pankhurst D444 Exeter, (50044) Class 50, Severn Valley Railway

ST1783 : Class 50 at Lisvane by Gareth James ST8026 : Class 50 held at Gillingham. by Clive Warneford SO7483 : 'Defiance' arrives at Highley, Severn Valley Railway by Martin Tester D449 Defiance, (50049) Class 50, Severn Valley Railway

SX0865 : A Warship locomotive back in Cornwall by roger geach ST0841 : D821 Greyhound in the works at Williton by Roger Cornfoot SO8375 : Severn Valley Railway by Shaun Ferguson D821 Greyhound, Class 42 'Warship', Severn Valley Railway

ST1628 : D832 Onslaught, on standbye at Bishop's Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot SP0229 : Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway at Winchcombe by Gareth James ST1433 : D832 Onslaught, with a train bound for Bishops Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot D832 Onslaught, Class 42, West Somerset Railway

ST8651 : Waiting at the signals by roger geach ST1629 : D1010 Western Campaigner, leaves Bishop's Lydeard with a train for Minehead by Roger Cornfoot SS9746 : Western Campaigner arrives with a train from Norton Fitzwarren by Roger Cornfoot D1010 Western Campaigner, Class 52, West Somerset Railway

TQ2282 : Western at Mitre Bridge by Martin Addison SX1058 : Clay for Export by roger geach SO7486 : Train for Bridgnorth by Martin Addison D1013 Western Ranger, Class 52, Severn Valley Railway

SX9777 : Rounding the curve, near Langstone Rock by Roger Cornfoot ST1600 : Honiton Railway Station by Rabbi WP Thinrod SO8375 : Champion at rest .... by Philip Pankhurst D1015 Western Champion, Class 52, Tyseley Works

SX9193 : 1023 1z15 Paddington  extra service at Exeter St Davids by roger geach SE5951 : D1023 'Western Fusilier' in the workshop at the National Railway Museum, York by Phil Champion D1023 Western Fusilier, Class 52, National Railway Museum

SD8010 : East Lancashire Railway Diesel Shed at Castlecroft by David Dixon D1041 Western Prince, Class 52, East Lancashire Railway

SK4151 : Midland Railway Centre - Western Lady by Chris Allen SD6310 : Western Lady at Horwich by Martin Addison SK4151 : Heritage Diesel Locomotives by Martin Froggatt D1048 Western Lady, Class 52, The Midland Railway

SJ5091 : Locomotive Parade, Rainhill 1980 : Western Courier by David Ashcroft SO8376 : Severn Valley Railway at Kidderminster by Gareth James SO7482 : Diesel hauled train at Highley, Worcestershire by Roger  Kidd D1062 Western Courier, Class 52, Severn Valley Railway


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