Preserved steam locomotives of British Rail

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Almost from the beginning of our railways, attempts have been made to preserve examples of the most significant locomotive designs. By the end of mainline steam in 1968, there was a reasonable mix of public and private preservation (mainly on static display in museums) together with a selection of working mainly narrow gauge locos on a few heritage lines.

One of the many scrap yards involved in cutting up the large numbers of redundant locomotives had other priorities and left over 200 of them rusting in their Woodhams Brothers yard at Barry.

From 1968 they began to allow groups of enthusiasts to purchase these rusting hulks for preservation. Incredibly, over the next 40 years, almost all of the remaining 213 locos were rescued. Most of these have been lovingly restored to working order and now power the many heritage lines and main line 'specials' up and down Britain.

Great Western and Southern railway fans were particularly fortunate as these types were in the majority at Barry. A good number of former LMS and standard types also escaped the cutter's torch.

Unfortunately, at Barry and largely elsewhere, preservation has not been kind to locomotives of the former LNER. Far fewer examples of what was probably the most diverse range of engines have been saved.

Some of the rescued locos have been used to provide spare parts or as sacrificial donors to projects attempting to re-create examples of lost 'classes'.

Almost unbelievably, the railway preservation movement has begun to build new examples of those loco designs which were not saved. The finest example to date has been the construction of a brand new LNER A1 locomotive, 60163 Tornado, but dozens of similar projects are now underway, and are expected to appear on our rails over the next 10 to 20 years.

There are currently over 400 former BR steam locomotives preserved in Britain (not including many additional former industrial examples). Most have been captured in action by Geograph contributors and I have attempted to illustrate this great heritage using their input.

I have used up to three shots of each locomotive; where possible, including a shot from BR days (usually thanks to the fantastic contributions by Ben Brooksbank).

There are still gaps in the Geograph coverage, which I have marked as 'missing'. Please let me know if you manage to upload some shots to fill the blanks!

Former G.W.R. Locomotives:

Numbers 3 to 3862

SH6806 : Sir Haydn running round train at Nant Gwernol by John Firth SH6706 : No.3 'Sir Haydn' at Abergynolwyn, Talyllyn Railway by John Lucas SH6706 : 'Sir Haydn' name and works plates by John Lucas 3, 'Sir Haydn', Corris 0-4-2ST, Talyllyn Railway

SH6706 : Right Away for Nant Gwernol by John Firth SH6706 : Abergynolwyn - 1984 by Helmut Zozmann SH6706 : 'Edward Thomas' at Abergynolwyn, 1952 by Walter Dendy, deceased 4, 'Edward Thomas', Corris 0-4-2ST, Talyllyn Railway

SN5881 : Owain Glyndwr waits at Aberystwyth shed by John Firth SN5881 : Vale of Rheidol Railway by John Firth SN6878 : Aberffrwd Station by Stephen McKay 7, 'Owain Glyndwr', VoR 2-6-2T, Vale of Rheidol Railway

SN6479 : Capel Bangor Station, Vale of Rheidol Railway by John Lucas SN7376 : Devil's Bridge station by Dr Neil Clifton SN6778 : Number 8 at Nantyronen by Nigel Brown 8, 'Llywelyn', VoR 2-6-2T, Vale of Rheidol Railway

SN5881 : Aberystwyth Station, Locomotive number 9, "Prince of Wales" by David Dixon SN5881 : "Prince of Wales" by John Lucas SN7376 : Vale of Rheidol Railway by Peter Trimming 9, 'Prince of Wales', VoR 2-6-2T, Vale of Rheidol Railway

SE0335 : "Taff Vale" 0-6-2 at Oxenhope... by Allan Friswell SE0335 : Number 85 at Oxenhope by David Dixon SE0641 : TVR Number 85 Takes on Water at Keighley by David Dixon 426, (TVR no 85), Taff Vale Railway 0-6-2T, Keighley & Worth Valley

Missing from Geograph >>>> 450, (TVR no 28), Taff Vale Railway, 0-6-2T, Dean Forest Railway (NRM)

SO7679 : GWR No. 813 at Arley Railway Station by Fabian Musto ST6642 : East Somerset Railway by Roger Cornfoot SO7192 : The Engine Shed, Severn Valley Railway by Philip Pankhurst 813, Port Talbot Railway, 0-6-0ST, Severn Valley Railway

SJ2107 : The Earl awaiting its next duty by John Firth SJ2107 : The Earl at Raven Square by Philip Pankhurst SJ1006 : Llanfair Caereinion - 2013 by Helmut Zozmann 822, 'The Earl' 0-6-0T, Welshpool & Llanfair Railway

SJ2107 : The Countess backing on to her train by John Firth SJ1006 : Welshpool & Llanfair Railway, Llanfair Caereinion by John Lucas SJ1006 : Llanfair Caereinion station by Gareth James 823, 'The Countess', 0-6-0T, Welshpool & Llanfair Railway

ST3257 : 1338 at Uphill railway museum  1966 by Alan Murray-Rust SU5290 : Ex- Cardiff Railway (GWR) 0-4-0ST at Didcot Railway Centre, 2001 by Ben Brooksbank SU5291 : Saddle-tank at Didcot by David Stoker 1338, Cardiff Railway 0-6-0ST, Didcot Railway Centre

SU5291 : Transfer shed, Didcot Railway Centre by Gareth James SU5290 : Didcot Railway Centre by Martin Addison SU5290 : On shed at Didcot Railway Centre by Chris Allen 1340, 'Trojan', Alexandra Docks Railway, 0-6-0ST Didcot Railway Centre

SU5290 : Didcot Railway Centre by Martin Addison 1363, GWR 0-6-0ST, Didcot Railway Centre

SX7466 : 1369 Arrives at Buckfastleigh by Tony Atkin SX8061 : Totnes - South Devon Railway by Chris Allen SX7466 : Demonstration freight train - South Devon Railway by Chris Allen 1369, GWR 1366 0-6-0PT, South Devon Railway

SX7466 : South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh by Peter Beaven SO5058 : GW 0-4-2T in the Goods yard at Leominster by Ben Brooksbank SX7466 : Preserved GW 0-4-2T with Devon Belle observation car at Buckfastleigh, Dart Valley Railway by Ben Brooksbank 1420, GWR 1400 0-4-2T, South Devon Railway

SS9612 : Tiverton Station  1963 by Alan Murray-Rust SS9612 : The 'Tivvy Bumper' at Tiverton Station by Alan Murray-Rust SS9512 : Tiverton Museum - the Tivvy Bumper by Chris Allen 1442, GWR 1400 0-4-2T, Tiverton Museum

TQ3729 : GWR Tank Engine at Horsted Keynes by Peter Trimming SJ2142 : Llangollen Station - a 1450 'sandwich' by Chris Allen SO2309 : Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway by Gareth James 1450, GWR 1400 0-4-2T, Severn Valley Railway

ST0311 : 1466 leaving Tiverton Junction  1963 by Alan Murray-Rust SU5290 : GWR 4866 at Didcot Railway Centre by Ian Taylor SO6204 : Dean Forest Railway at Norchard by Gareth James 1466, GWR 1400 0-4-2T, Didcot Railway Centre

SO8376 : GWR locomotive at Kidderminster by John Lucas ST0243 : 1501 with an afternoon train for Bishops Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot SO7679 : The train now departing ..... by Philip Pankhurst 1501, GWR 1500 0-6-0PT, Severn Valley Railway

TQ8632 : GWR 1638 at Rolvenden Station by Ian Taylor TQ8632 : Rolvenden - 2008 by Helmut Zozmann TQ8632 : Rolvenden, Kent & East Sussex Railway by Helmut Zozmann 1638, GWR 1600 0-6-0PT, Kent and East Sussex Railway

SU1484 : Great Western Railway Museum, Swindon  1963 by Alan Murray-Rust SU1484 : Steam Museum, Swindon - No. 2516 by Chris Allen 2516, GWR Dean Goods, 0-6-0, 'STEAM' (National Railway Museum)

ST1333 : Crowcombe: train in Crowcombe cutting 2 by Martin Bodman SP0229 : Steam Freight Locomotive at Winchcombe by Rob Newman SO9625 : Freight train near Southam by Gareth James 2807, GWR 2-8-0 2800, Glos & Warwickshire Railway

SE5951 : GWR 2-8-0 locomotive at the National Railway Museum by M J Richardson ST3088 : Up freight train passing through Newport High Street station by Ben Brooksbank SU1485 : Steam locomotive moves in Swindon by Gareth James 2818, GWR 2800 2-8-0, 'STEAM' (National Railway Museum)

SO7975 : Exchanging Tokens by K  A SS9746 : 2857 on the turntable at Minehead by Roger Cornfoot SO7192 : Footplate experience train at Bridgnorth by Chris Allen 2857, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Severn Valley Railway

Missing from Geograph >>>> 2859, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Cambi works at Congleton

SP0432 : Long-term railway restoration projects by Robin Webster SP0432 : Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway - a steam locomotive being restored by Chris Allen 2874, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Glos & Warwickshire Railway

SP0786 : Preserved locomotive at Moor Street station by Peter Langsdale SP0786 : Loco by Collett 1 - Moor Street Station, Birmingham by Martin Richard Phelan 2885, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Tyseley Works

SU5290 : 'Maindy Hall', derelict at Didcot, early 1980 by Stefan Czapski SU5290 : Saint at Didcot by Gareth James ST1334 : 'Lady of Legend' approaches Crowcombe Heathfield, from the west by Roger Cornfoot 2999, Lady of Legend GWR 'Saint' 4-6-0, (New Build), Didcot Railway Centre

SJ5091 : Locomotive Parade, Rainhill 1980:  GWR 0-6-0 by Dr Neil Clifton SO7486 : 3205 at Hampton Loade by Roger Cornfoot SS9746 : Steam locomotive at Minehead Station, Somerset by Roger  Kidd 3205, GWR 2251 0-6-0, South Devon Railway

TG1242 : GWR 3440 City of Truro by Ashley Dace TG1141 : GWR 3440 City of Truro by Ashley Dace NH9014 : City of Truro, Strathspey Railway by Mick Garratt 3440 City of Truro City, GWR 4-4-0, National Railway Museum

SU1089 : Tank engine, Swindon and Cricklade Railway, Blunsdon (1 of 2) by Brian Robert Marshall SO8376 : Recoaling a pannier tank locomotive at Kidderminster by Jaggery 3650, GWR 5700 0-6-0PT, Didcot Railway Centre

SU5290 : Didcot Railway Centre by Martin Addison SU5290 : GWR 5700 Class 3738 0-6-0PT by Ashley Dace SU5290 : Didcot Railway Centre - working locomotive by Chris Allen 3738, GWR 5700 0-6-0PT, Didcot Railway Centre

SJ1143 : Carrog Station, Llangollen Railway by John Lucas SJ1943 : Berwyn Station - train for Corwen by Chris Allen SJ2142 : Mince Pie Special by John Haynes 3802, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Llangollen Railway

SX7863 : Steam train approaching Staverton station by Duncan Grey SX8061 : Arrival from Buckfastleigh by Roger Cornfoot SX7466 : Buckfastleigh: at Buckfastleigh Station by Martin Bodman 3803, GWR 2800 2-8-0, South Devon Railway

TQ2181 : Down Milk empties passing East Acton LTE Station by Ben Brooksbank 3814, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Llangollen Railway

SU5290 : Didcot Railway Centre by Martin Addison SO9525 : Cheltenham Racecourse station 2004 by Peter Whatley SU5290 : Didcot Railway Centre by Alan Burke 3822, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Didcot Railway Centre

Missing from Geograph >>>> 3845, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Private, West Midlands

SS9746 : GWR 2-8-0 No. 3850 at Minehead station by Phil Champion ST0940 : West Somerset Railway at Castle Hill by Gareth James SS9746 : Special football train at Minehead by Roger Cornfoot 3850, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Glos & Warwickshire Railway

Missing from Geograph >>>> 3855, GWR 2800 2-8-0' East Lancs Railway

Missing from Geograph >>>> 3862, GWR 2800 2-8-0, Northampton & Lamport Railway

Former G.W.R. Locomotives:

Numbers 4003 to 5322


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