The Mark facility

Published: 19 November 2009


You can use the 'mark' function to create mini-collections of images for various purposes

Adding images to a Marked list

Managing your temporary list

On the "+links" search results page or the Search Homepage is a Marked Images toolbar, with the following features


Shows a textual list - ideal for copy/paste. Can store it for example in a text document for safe keeping.

View as Search Results

Which saves the current list to the Geograph servers permanently, and makes it available in the search interface.

Import to List

This allows you to add more images to the list, from text. Use to import a previously saved list.

(Clear List)

Empties the list, so can start again

Mark all images on this page

On search results pages adds all the current images to the list (but you can then remove selected images by clicking 'unmark' if you wish).

TIP: The Forum also includes a 'Insert into Post' link to add the images in your list, to the current reply (in the required format).

Saving your marked list

Once you have the results you want you can save your list.
On the simple search page find the list in your recent searches and click the hollow star beside it so the star fills in and the title text appears in bold. This will save the marked list and you will be able to find it again with your recent searches. Editing the title as well may make it easier to identify.

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