The North Yorkshire Moors Railway

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Opened fully in 1836, this was one of the earliest branch lines in Britain.

The heritage railway of today runs from Pickering to Grosmont, and forms a junction with the Esk Valley line from Middlesbrough to Whitby. Until services were discontinued in 1965, trains always terminated in Whitby. Initially, NYMR trains could only travel as far as Grosmont, but since 2007, have been able to cover the whole line to Whitby, using the Network Rail line and stations.

Pickering to Newtondale Halt


Pickering railway station:

Once at the centre of several rural branch lines, the station and line is now blocked in to the south by new developments. The grandiose 'overall' roof was reinstated in 2012.

SE7984 : 76079 runs round its train at Pickering by Roger Cornfoot SE7984 : The new 'overall' trainshed roof at Pickering station by Roger Cornfoot SE7984 : Pickering Railway Station, North Yorkshire by nick macneill SE7984 : King Edward II at Pickering Station by Gordon Hatton SE7984 : Taking on water by David Robinson
SE7984 : End of the line at Pickering by John Slater SE7984 : 926 'Repton' entering Pickering Railway Station, North Yorkshire Moors Railway by G Laird SE7984 : Pickering railway station [1] by Michael Dibb SE7984 : 46100 Royal Scot arrives at Pickering by Jonathan Thacker SE7984 : Tiled map of the North Eastern Railway routes by Pauline E
SE7984 : Pickering Station Headshunt by Rob Newman SE7984 : LMS Luggage Barrow by Andrew Abbott SE7984 : Tornado in Pickering by Rob Farrow SE7984 : Platform, Pickering Station by JThomas SE7984 : Pickering Station : old newspaper kiosk by Jim Osley

The railway quickly leaves the confines of the town and heads north west, following the valley of Pickering Beck:

SE7984 : Turntable, North Yorkshire Moors Railway by Ian Taylor SE7984 : Level crossing by Christopher Hall SE7984 : Fishing lodge at Pickering by Raymond Knapman SE7984 : Looking along the line by Jonathan Thacker SE7984 : Level Crossing by Jonathan Thacker

SE8085 SE8085 : Sidings at Newbridge on NYMR by Peter Moore SE8085 : Sidings and engine shed, Newbridge by JThomas SE8085 : New Bridge level crossing by Raymond Knapman SE8085 : Signal box at Newbridge by David Smith SE8085 : Great Western power on the NYMR by Gordon Hatton

SE8185 SE8185 : Footpath crossing the North York Moors Railway by Graham Hogg SE8185 : Southbound train on the North York Moors Railway by John Lindsay SE8185 : Pickering bound train near Park Gate by John Slater

SE8286 SE8286 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway in Newtondale by M J Richardson SE8286 : Swampy ground at Little park Wood by Raymond Knapman SE8286 : NYMR Idyllic Journeys by Scott Robinson SE8286 : NYMR Steam Locomotive by Scott Robinson

SE8386 SE8386 : Curve in the line at Blansby Park Wood by Raymond Knapman SE8386 : Line Side Fire by Keith Evans

SE8387 SE8387 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway passing High Blansby by Chris


The line continues north, alongside Pickering beck, through the woodland of Newton Vale:

SE8288 SE8288 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway by Stephen Horncastle SE8288 : Tornado at Farwath by T  Eyre

SE8289 SE8289 : Steam train at Levisham Wood by T  Eyre

SE8290 SE8290 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway approaching Levisham Station by Chris

Levisham railway station:

Almost 2 kilometers by road from the village of Levisham, this lonely halt is actually closer to the larger village of Newton-on-Rawcliff, which has no passenger access!

SE8190 SE8190 : Steam Train near  Newton Dale, Yorkshire by Christine Matthews SE8190 : Trains meet at Levisham station. by Roger Cornfoot SE8190 : Semaphore signals, Levisham by David Robinson SE8190 : Rolling stock at Levisham station by Andrew Abbott SE8190 : Coach near Levisham Station by Pauline E
SE8190 : Planet at Levisham Station by K  A SE8190 : Levisham Station Signal Box by dennis smith SE8190 : Levisham Station by dennis smith

SE8191 SE8191 : Levisham Railway Station by Andrew Curtis SE8191 : B1 1264 arrives at Levisham by Jonathan Thacker SE8191 : Class 31 locomotive on the NYMR by Andrew Abbott SE8191 : Approaching Levisham Station, NYMR by Pauline E SE8191 : Levisham Station by David Dixon

The line continues north west up Newton Vale, through some wild and remote scenery:

SE8192 SE8192 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway by David Dixon SE8192 : Distant Signal by DS Pugh

SE8193 SE8193 : North Yorskshire Moors Railway by David Dixon

SE8293 SE8293 : Steam train in Newton Dale by David Robinson SE8293 : Steam Train going through Newton Dale by malcolm tebbit SE8293 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway - 1986 by Helmut Zozmann

SE8294 SE8294 : NYMR Train passing Kidstye Farm by Ken Crosby SE8294 : Kidstile farm in Newtondale by Raymond Knapman

Newtondale Halt:

This station has no road access and serves as a 'request' stop for walkers.

SE8394 SE8394 : Newtondale Halt NYMR by Scott Robinson SE8394 : Platform  at  Newton  Dale  Halt by Martin Dawes SE8394 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Approaching Newtondale by David Dixon SE8394 : North York Moors railway by Gordon Hatton


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