Tributaries of the River Severn

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River Avon

from Naseby, Northamptonshire joining the River Severn at Mythe near Tewkesbury, Worcestershire

From the source south of the Civil War battlefield the river flows along the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire boundary to cross into Warwickshire north of Rugby.
SP6878 : The Source of the River Avon by Mark Hobbs SP6381 : Bridging the County Boundary. by Richard Williams SP6282 : River under Railway. by Richard Williams SP6181 : River Avon, South Kilworth by Stephen McKay SP5879 : Stanford-on-Avon by Ian Rob
SP5577 : Lilbourne-River Avon by Ian Rob SP5377 : Clifton On Dunsmore-River Avon by Ian Rob SP5276 : Clifton upon Dunsmore by Ian Rob SP5176 : River Avon, Brownsover by Stephen McKay SP5076 : Rugby - Newbold Road by Ian Rob
SP5076 : Rugby-River Avon by Ian Rob SP4977 : River Avon, Newbold on Avon by Stephen McKay SP4876 : Newbold on Avon by Ian Rob SP4876 : Long Lawford-River Avon by Ian Rob SP4875 : Long Lawford by Ian Rob
SP4677 : Little Lawford - Ford by Ian Rob SP4677 : Little Lawford - River Avon by Ian Rob SP4477 : River Avon, Church Lawford by Stephen McKay SP4276 : Bretford by Ian Rob
SP4076 : Brandon-River Avon by Ian Rob SP4276 : Marston-River Avon by Ian Rob SP4075 : Wolston Bridge by Stephen McKay SP4075 : Wolston Church by Stephen McKay

The river flows south west passing south of Coventry,
SP3875 : Ryton On Dunsmore-River Avon by Ian Rob SP3069 : Chesford Bridge by David Stowell SP3065 : Portobello Bridge, Milverton by David Stowell SP3065 : River Avon from Grand Union Canal by Geoff Gartside

to Warwick, Charlecote,
SP2965 : Avon footbridge by Dennis Turner SP2864 : Remains of Warwick's medieval bridge. by David Stowell SP2864 : River Avon adjacent to Warwick Castle by Chris Gunns SP2864 : River Avon and St.Nicholas Park by Ranjit Samrai
SP2863 : River Avon and Warwick Castle Park by David Stowell SP2556 : View NNW towards Hampton Lucy by mym SP2456 : River Avon Outside Alveston by Ian Paterson SP2357 : Alveston Sluice by David Stowell

Stratford-on-Avon, Bidford-on-Avon.
SP2155 : River Avon by David Stowell SP2054 : Chain ferry across the river Avon by E Gammie SP2054 : River Avon at Stratford by Tom Pennington SP2054 : Footway, Clopton Bridge by E Gammie
SP2054 : Cox's Yard by David Stowell SP1953 : Weir Brake Lock by Lynne Kirton SP1853 : River Avon from The Greenway by Row17 SP1652 : Luddington Weir by Dave Bushell
SP1453 : Binton Bridges by Dave Bushell SP0951 : Bidford-on-Avon by David Stowell SP0951 : Bidford Bridge at Bidford on Avon by Philip Halling SP0951 : River Avon at Bidford on Avon by Philip Halling

Crossing into Worcestershire through Marlcliff, Harvington, Offenham
SP0950 : River Avon at Marlcliff by Philip Halling SP0647 : Ford at Harvington Lock by Dave Bushell SP0647 : Weir & beer by David Luther Thomas SP0647 : River Avon at Offenham Park by Bill Johnson
SP0446 : The River Avon by David Luther Thomas SP0446 : The River Avon by David Luther Thomas SP0445 : River Avon, Simon de Montford Bridge, Evesham by David Luther Thomas SP0444 : Railway Bridge over the River Avon by David Luther Thomas

to Evesham,
SP0443 : Workman Bridge, Evesham by Bill Johnson SP0344 : Crossing the Avon again by David Luther Thomas SP0246 : At Chadbury lock by David Luther Thomas
SP0343 : Bridge at Evesham by Chris Henley SP0343 : River Avon, Evesham by Jennifer Luther Thomas SP0047 : Watching the river go by by David Luther Thomas

Fladbury, Pershore, Comberton and Eckington.
SP0045 : River Avon at Jubilee Bridge, Fladbury by Dave Bushell SO9946 : River Avon at Fladbury by Jennifer Luther Thomas SO9945 : River Avon by Jennifer Luther Thomas SO9545 : The River Avon at Pershore by Philip Halling
SO9545 : River Avon from Pershore bridge by andy dolman SO9543 : River Avon near Great Comberton by Philip Halling SO9542 : The Quay, Great Comberton by Philip Halling SO9444 : River Avon near Pershore by Row17
SO9441 : Nafford Weir by Bob Embleton SO9242 : The River Avon by Bob Embleton SO9242 : Eckington Bridge by Philip Halling SO9242 : River Avon at Eckington wharf by Roger Davies

At Twyning Meadow the flood plain of the Avon is crossed by the railway and M5 motorway,
SO9142 : Railway Bridge over the River Avon by Philip Halling SO9238 : The River Avon, Twyning Meadow by Philip Halling SO9237 : River Avon at Bredon by Trevor Rickard SO9237 : River Avon at Bredon by Roger Davies SO9137 : The M5 motorway across Twyning Meadow by Philip Halling
SO9036 : The Ferry River Crossing at The Fleet, Twyning by Bob Embleton SO9036 : The River Avon, Fleet Ferry, Twyning. by Bob Embleton SO9034 : The flooded river Avon at Bredon's Hardwick by Philip Halling SO8934 : River Avon and Sailing Club by Philip Halling

to Tewkesbury and the River Severn at Mythe.
SO8933 : The Mill Avon, Tewkesbury by Philip Halling SO8933 : Riverbank at Tewkesbury by Trevor Rickard SO8933 : View from Beaufort bridge of river Avon by Roger Davies
SO8933 : River Avon at Tewkesbury by Philip Halling SO8933 : Stanchard Pitt weir by andy dolman SO8933 : Tewkesbury Lock by Trevor Rickard

Mean daily flow is about 300 million gallons.


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