Tributaries of the River Trent

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Nottinghamshire tributaries

River Leen

The River Leen rises near Kirkby in Ashfield and joins the River Trent near Wilford

SK5353 : Upper Lake waterfall by Trevor Rickard SK5445 : Stone Bridge by Richard Croft SK5540 : River Leen, Radford by Stephen McKay SK5637 : Sluice Gate on the River Trent by Oxymoron

Polser Brook

The Polser Brook has been suggested as an alternative route for the Grantham Canal to reach the Trent if it is restored to full navigation.

SK6236 : The Polser Brook by Kate JewellSK6237 : Polser Brook near Bassingfield by Kate JewellSK6439 : Polser Brook by Donnylad

Fairham Brook

The Fairham Brook issues near Old Dalby in Leicestershire and joins the Trent just south west of Clifton Bridge, Nottingham

SK5729 : Fairham Brook Bunny by Andy JamiesonSK5630 : Fairham Brook by Alan Murray-RustSK5635 : Fairham Brook, Clifton by OxymoronSK5636 : Fairham Brook entering the Trent by Tim Heaton

River Greet

The River Greet rises near Kirklington and joins the River Trent near Fiskerton

SK6955 : River Greet by Richard Croft SK7054 : River Greet below Caudwell's Mill by Alan Murray-Rust SK7352 : The River Greet, Southwell golf course and Southwell racecourse by Jonathan Thacker SK7352 : Rolleston Mill by Tim Heaton SK7451 : River Greet and Trent junction by Jim Thornton

River Devon

The River Devon with its tributary the River Smite rises near Eastwell and joins the River Trent at Newark.

SK7928 : The River Devon, Eaton by Kate Jewell SK8039 : River Devon at Bottesford by Kate Jewell SK7848 : The River Devon, near Cotham by Kate Jewell SK7853 : River Devon by Richard Croft SK7853 : Newark Marina by Bob Danylec

River Smite
SK6931 : River Smite between Hickling and Colston Bassett by Kate Jewell SK6933 : River Smite by Derek Harper SK7238 : Thorough Bridge, Whatton by Alan Murray-Rust SK7641 : River Smite by Tim Heaton SK7744 : River Smite by Richard Croft

River Idle

The River Idle rises near Markham Moor and joins the River Trent at Stockwith near Misterton.


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