War Memorials in Suffolk

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TF4710 : WW1 memorial in the churchyard at Walsoken by Adrian S Pye TL7174 : Mildenhall War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TM1739 : Freston World War One Memorial by Adrian S Pye TM1644 : Detail of part of the bronze sculpture on the Memorial by Adrian S Pye TM1644 : The Suffolk Soldiers Memorial, Christchurch Park (detail) by Adrian S Pye

War Memorials are something all of us pass every day but how much notice do we take of them and do we think of the people behind the names inscribed thereon. Some memorials have already been damaged or forgotten.
By assembling this collection which can be used as a basis for research, I hope that generations to come will have some reference to those who gave their tomorrows for our today, and that their sacrifice may not be forgotten in the future.

Any mistakes for which I am responsible can be rectified by emailing me at the link above and telling me about them.

Norfolk Memorials are available here > Link.

Acton to Athelington

Image Parish Location Grid Reference WW1 WW2Notes
TL8945 : Acton, Suffolk World War One and Two War Memorial by Adrian S PyeActonchurchTL 892 45225 +82 + 2Details - LinkExternal link
TM1448 : Akenham War Memorial by Adrian S PyeAkenhamChurchyardTM 1479 488130Details - LinkExternal link
TM4656 : War Memorial and Moot Hall, Aldeburgh by Adrian S PyeAldeburghNear the Moot HallTM 4655 56888426 Details - LinkExternal link War Graves LinkExternal link
TM4656 : War memorial plaques in St Peter and St Paul's church,  Aldeburgh by Adrian S PyeAldeburgh churchInside the churchTM 4635 56858527See above for details of casualties
TM4656 : Aldeburgh Lodge School 1914 - 18 War Memorial by Adrian S PyeAldeburgh Lodge SchoolAldeburgh churchTM 4634 568428- see Orwell Park School
TM3441 : 1914 - 1918 War Memorial in Alderton church by Adrian S PyeAldertonInside the churchTM 3428 4166135Details - LinkExternal link
TM0444 : Aldham Roll of Honour 1914 - 1918 by Adrian S Pye TM0444 : Aldham Roll of Honour 1939 - 1945 by Adrian S PyeAldhamInside the churchTM 0408 444141Details - LinkExternal link
TM4560 : Aldringham WW1 Memorial by Adrian S Pye TM4560 : Aldringham WW2 Memorial by Adrian S PyeAldringham cum ThorpeChurch(yard)TM 4516 6021118 Details - LinkExternal link
TL8750 : WW1 War Memorial at Alpheton by Adrian S Pye TL8750 : WW2 War Memorial at Alpheton by Adrian S PyeAlphetonInside the churchTL 8734 504783Plus 1 civilian. Details - LinkExternal link
TL8671 : The Ampton War Memorial taken through the window by Adrian S PyeAmptonChurchTL 8660 711841Details - LinkExternal link
TM1654 : Ashbocking Roll of Honour by Adrian S PyeAshbockingInside the churchTM 1696 545051 LinkExternal link
TM4899 : Ashby St. Mary's (Suffolk) War Memorial by Adrian S PyeAshbyChurchTM 4893 990330Details - LinkExternal link
TM2162 : Ashfield with Thorpe War Memorials by Adrian S PyeAshfield with ThorpeChurchTM 2102 626041Details - LinkExternal link
TM1664 : Aspall War Memorial by Adrian S PyeAspallChurchTM 1672 649230Details - LinkExternal link
TL9338 : Assington World War One War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TL9338 : Assington WWII War Memorial by Adrian S PyeAssingtonchurchTL 936 388191Details - LinkExternal link
??Athelington----10Details - LinkExternal link

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