What happens when we learn that a contributor has died

Published: 22 March 2016
Please note that use of the terms us, our, and we refers to the Geograph trustees or their representative, Ruth Sharville, who kindly volunteered to administer on these sad occasions. Thanks are due to both Barry and Ruth for their help in this delicate area.

On learning the sad news

When the family or a member informs us that a fellow-member has passed away:–

1. Confirmation may be sought at our discretion.

2. We may reply at our discretion.

3. In the case of a company member, the Company Secretary should be notified promptly so that records may be amended within 14 days, as required by law. email: secretary@geograph.org.uk

4. The member’s death can be reported in the forum; it may happen anyway.

5. We do not pass on the condolences of Geograph members to the family. If the family registers on the website they may read members’ tributes and recollections.

Amending our records

The member’s profile page is treated as follows. See How it works below.

6. Login details are not disclosed.

7. The member’s email address is removed.

8. The line Site Member since: [month year] becomes Site Member: [month year] - [month year]. The second date may be the month and year of the member's decease, or the month and year that we were informed.

9. Links to personal websites are retained unless removal is requested.

10. Text may be added to the profile page on request; see for example the late Michael Ford’s profile: Link

11. Requests to remove any or all of the member’s photos will be politely refused.

Contact details are retained in an archive in case of legitimate enquiries.

Agreed by the trustees, March 2016

How it works

Barry has given Ruth access to an online form by which she can edit any member's profile. First she removes the member's email address: it is retained only in the archive. Then she adds the date on which they died, which can be to the nearest month if the precise date is not known. This automatically amends the member's profile page to show the dates that they were a Geograph member, and changes ALL links throughout the Geograph website which say Contact the Contributor. Clicking on such a link will bring up a message saying: We don't have valid contact details on record for this user, you can fill out the form below, it will be sent to the Geograph team, who might or might not be able to help with your query.

May we request…

If you are a contributor, please make arrangements beforehand for someone to let us know that you have passed away. This could also be the time to consider remembering Geograph in your will.

If you know that a contributor has died, please let us know either directly by contacting Ruth Sharville or via Contact Us. The link may also be found in the left-hand sidebar.

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With contributions by Barry Hunter and Penny Mayes. (details)
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