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The Taking of Dulslouch and Laight Moor

By Andy Farrington

The last two green squares in NX07 were either side of Loch Ryan so a planned assault started with the capture of NX0073 on the North Rhins Coast. The journey to bag this square began as part of a longer walk during the Newton Stewart Walking Festival between Cairnside and Kirkcolm Link and ended at Dulslouch with a shot of the North Rhins Coastline to Corsewall Point.

NX0073 : Dulslouch by Andy Farrington in NX0073

The last green square in NX07 was on the other side of Loch Ryan to the east, so four days later I took myself off to Little Laight Hill above Loch Ryan to walk across the moors and forest to get NX0771 on Laight Moor.

This journey was a bit trickier and started at the Taxing Stane NX0670 : Laight-Alpyn - The Taxing Stone by Andy Farrington in NX0670;

followed a farm track across the moors to the edge of the forest NX0671 : Woodland Fence by Andy Farrington in NX0671;

through a farm gate NX0671 : Boundary Gate by Andy Farrington

and along the line of a stane wall NX0670 : Source of Polymodie Burn by Andy Farrington NX0671 : Drainage Channel by Andy Farrington that bordered the forest,

and finally to a small triangle of moorland to the south of the wood at Laight Moor and a picture of the forest

NX0771 : Laight Moor by Andy Farrington in NX0771

Two green’uns in four days with Loch Ryan in the middle to finish NX07. I couldn’t complete this report without doffing my cap to my fellow Geographers who did much more leg work than I to complete this hectad, so hats off and well done also to Billy McCrorie Link and Mary and Angus Hogg Link

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