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A search along the Kennet

By Bill Nicholls

It was a weekend I had the chance to go and find some more pillboxes. The plan was to go to the Kennet and find the ones between Colthrop and Newbury then the next day go to Buscot and finish my Thames trek. Things as usual did not go to plan.
On Saturday I drove to Midgham lock and walked along the towpath to Colthrop passing some gravel workings SU5466 : The elevators by Bill Nicholls before finally getting to the pillbox I was after SU5366 : Embrasure by the canal by Bill Nicholls. Iíd seen photos before so knew what to expect. I then noticed a large hopper SU5366 : They have landed by Bill Nicholls like thing in the distance so went to see if a better view could be got, that never materialized but I did notice a hole in the fence so went for a look then spent around half an hour wandering round what might have been part of the old paper mill. I have declined to post the photos as I really donít want to have someone emailing the site complaining but you can read it in my Blog.
Back to the car and off to Midgham church SU5567 : St Matthew's church Midgham by Bill Nicholls which was quite a nice one even if it was plainly Victorian. I did take notice of a stained glass window SU5567 : Two brothers by Bill Nicholls which will feature again in another blog but at the time I did not know this. From Midgham it was down to Thatcham and Monkey Marsh lock SU5266 : Monkey Mash Lock by Bill Nicholls where a pillbox awaited along buy the lock SU5266 : Front of the Type 22 by Bill Nichollsand as it turned out, what looks like a base of another but the icing on the cake was finding a gun pit SU5266 : The whole side by Bill Nicholls everyone else seems to have missed; admittedly is was well overgrown and filled it but is still there.
Last trip was to the Nature reserve SU5066 : The Discovery Centre by Bill Nicholls where another three were shown but sadly I only found one but when I got home I located the other two so a return is on the cards. Sunday was a visit to Buscot on the Thames to finish off my Thames pillbox search but on arrival I found my camera had lost it charge and the battery was flat. I was gutted to say the least and having forgotten my back up compact I only had my camera phone and sorry I could not stoop that low even though the picture quality is very good. Time to go home.
I did get back on the following Sunday the 22nd and finished my Thames pillbox hunt but that is another Blog.

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