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Oh no another mill.....

By Ashley Dace

I'm afraid so, after two weeks of exams consisting of practically my whole two year A level squeezed into 10 weeks I was mentally exhausted. Mum asked me to come home for 6 days before the new term starts. So I booked tickets back home to Norwich. At Peterborough my train was delayed by 20 minutes so I took out my camera and photographed a few freights. Even a class 37 diesel on a special move to Norwich.
TL1898 : Freightliner - 66505 by Ashley DaceTL1898 : GBRf - 66711 at Peterborough by Ashley DaceTL1898 : Class 37 - 37611 by Ashley Dace
Thursday was spent resting and watching TV before later on I was looking at what to do on the Friday. I had wanted to do the Pingo (glacial ponds) trail near Watton so planned a journey there, Garboldisham windmill was on the way but appointment only so I phoned up and arranged a meeting for the morning.

I was greeted by the owner who let me in free to roam. Inside was a delight, the 1830s machinery all intact. Also original 1780s plaster and timbers bearing the names and dates of previous millers. Garboldisham doesn't work like that at Stanton (5 miles away).
As I was on a motorbike I soon froze on the journey there, legs and fingers numb. I decided to visit Thelnetham down the road before turning back home.
Only Stanton and Thelnetham Windmill to visit internally then this little cluster of mills is complete.
TM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - External View by Ashley DaceTM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - Tail by Ashley DaceTM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - Governor by Ashley DaceTM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - Brake Wheel and Sack Hoist by Ashley DaceTM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - Stones by Ashley DaceTM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - Great Spur Wheel by Ashley DaceTM0080 : Garboldisham Post Mill - Roundhouse by Ashley Dace

TM0178 : Thelnetham Windmill by Ashley DaceTM0178 : Thelnetham Windmill by Ashley Dace

Fri, 28 Jan 2011 at 17:40
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