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Epic Fail

By Ashley Dace

Today was supposed to have been a day of good results, a cycle ride up the Grand Union canal out of Leicester before seeing GWR Rood Ashton Hall on a charter train. It started off well, the canal part was perfect, sun and a nice photographic subject. I turned off the canal heading for a bridge north of Syston. Without realising I took a wrong turn and headed in the wrong direction. Then, wobble wobble wobble. I had a flat (later two!) with no pump or repair kit.
I decided it wasn't far to walk so I had a go at finding the position, I found a railway line but oddly it had a level crossing. I was thinking that this was the Peterborough offshoot and thus I had the wrong one but then an East Midlands train unit went through and I realised I was on the right line. So I waited until well after it was due. Later packing in and thinking the EMT must have been on a special working. The long 9 mile walk home seemed a horrible prospect but it had to be done.
Thankfully I found a hardware store and bought a pump, this gave me 5-10 minute runs before repumping. Eventually making it home I have just fixed the two punctures.
Really gutted I missed RAH, I haven't seen mainline steam from the lineside for at least 6 months.
But you win some and you lose some, that's geographing. I have learnt my lesson; fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

Sat, 12 Feb 2011 at 18:47

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