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Geograph's 14th birthday town walk in Gloucester

By Rudi Winter

To celebrate Geograph's 14th birthday, a group of Geograph-ers followed Phillip Halling's call to come to Gloucester for lunch at the Fountain Inn, followed by a town walk. Phillip guided us around the cathedral precinct and the docks and treated us to his detailed and interesting commentary on all aspects of the city's history from Romans to mediaeval times to early industry.

From the pub in Westgate Street SO8318 : Westgate Street, Gloucester by Rudi Winter, we walked through College Court SO8318 : College Court, Gloucester by Rudi Winter to Cathedral Close SO8318 : Gloucester Cathedral and Cathedral Close by Rudi Winter, then around the Cathedral SO8318 : Gloucester Cathedral grounds by Rudi Winter via the Little Cloister SO8318 : Little Cloister, Gloucester by Rudi Winter on the north side to Miller's Green SO8318 : Cathedral Close, Gloucester by Rudi Winter, where the Parliament Rooms and Almoner's Lodgings SO8318 : St Mary's Gate and Almoner's Lodgings, Gloucester Cathedral by Rudi Winter are located.

Outside the cathedral precinct, we visited St Mary-de-Lode church and the ruins of St Oswald's Priory, then returning to Westgate Street. Walking past the Shire Hall SO8218 : Coat of arms of Gloucestershire, Shire Hall, Gloucester by Rudi Winter and the former Blackfriars' Abbey, we then approached the docks with its mills SO8218 : City Flour Mills, Gloucester by Rudi Winter and warehouses SO8218 : Victoria Warehouse, Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter. Victoria Dock SO8218 : Victoria Dock, Gloucester by Rudi Winter is now a popular moorings and marina, and many of the former warehouses are used as office space now.

The oldest of them, North Warehouse SO8218 : North Warehouse, Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter, stands at the northern end of the Main Basin SO8218 : Main Basin, Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter, next to Gloucester Lock, the connection to the River Severn. I discovered a working split hopper barge SO8218 : Split hopper barge "Teme", Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter here, as well as an old steam crane SO8218 : Steam crane, North Quay, Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter placed in front of the warehouse to represent the machinery which would once have been operating on the quays.

A walk along the Main Basin SO8218 : Main Basin, Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter followed - at the southern end is the Mariners' Chapel and the National Waterways Museum in Llanthony Warehouse SO8218 : Llanthony Warehouse across the Barge Arm, Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter, where a steam dredger SO8218 : Steam dredger "SND No.4", Gloucester Docks by Rudi Winter can be seen moored in the Barge Arm. After a quick sprint along the east side of Victoria Dock to catch up with the rest of the group, we met at Southgate Street beneath Kyneburgh Tower SO8218 : Kyneburgh Tower, Southgate Street, Gloucester by Rudi Winter and walked back towards the city centre and St Mary-de-Crypt church and the original Crypt School SO8318 : Crypt School, Gloucester by Rudi Winter.

From here, it was only a short stroll past Emperor Nerva's monument SO8318 : Imperator Nerva, Glevum by Rudi Winter and the Cross (the centre point of the city since Roman times) to the New Inn SO8318 : New Inn, Gloucester by Rudi Winter, a mediaeval inn built around a courtyard with first-floor galleries to accommodate visitors to St Peter's Abbey, where we disbanded.

Many thanks to Phillip Halling for organising this meet and for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for history and for presenting it so well.

For a group photo from the trip, see Link . You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page Link .

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