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Mission complete

By David Howard

My 13 year long Geograph mission was completed on the 24th of June 2019. It had stages, the first was compass records, going almost as far east as it's possible in Southwold TM5176 : Beach huts in Southwold by David Howard, the south coast in various places SZ8897 : West Front Road, Pagham by David Howard TV4798 : The Esplanade, Seaford by David Howard, north to Harrogate SE3055 : Harrogate War Memorial by David Howard and west/southwest to Exeter SX9292 : Shops on South Street, Exeter by David Howard. Exeter also completed the longest reasonable distance between two points, as living in a corner of the map in London can't equally travel north and south to get long spreads but east to west is all that's possible, with east being fixed as stated already.

The next step was to get as many myriads as I could get without staying overnight, which I can't be bothered to do any more. Also most of my friends and family who used to share the driving to Lancashire which was the first destination, due to relatives living there, are no longer around and had to ask around online when I went to Harrogate SE3055 : Bettys Tea Rooms, Harrogate by David Howard last year. I picked up SN in Rhayader SN9667 : Llew Williams,  Rhayader by David Howard and TA in Caistor TA1101 : Plough Hill, Caistor by David Howard and now the only two I can do the day trip to without wearing myself out and spending most of the day stuck in a train are SS and SD which I may venture to next year if I feel like it.

That means there are no more long distance journeys left on my list. I am now working through every pre-Worboys sign in the southern half of England, and started them since July with a few coming up next. It has included Walberswick TM4974 : Walberswick Green by David Howard which rained solidly as soon as I got into Hertfordshire, where I had been right next to before I knew it had any (two, one turned up after I got there), and Weston by Welland SP7791 : Mickleborough Close, Weston by Welland by David Howard where although I checked in advance going for the first direction sign found there was indeed one the other side of the same junction, so I returned there and skirted the edge of Leicestershire SP7692 : Slawston Road, Welham by David Howard SP7191 : Melton Road near East Langton by David Howard to make the most of the new territory. I also spent most of an afternoon in Bristol where there were seven pre-Worboys signs, one was impossible as the city centre was coned off for road works but got the rest with little trouble, knowing every time I got lost I was picking up more squares. ST6173 : Whitehall Road, Upper Easton by David Howard ST5774 : Imperial Road, Woolcott Park by David Howard ST5576 : Houses on Bell Barn Road, Stoke Bishop by David Howard

Otherwise I look for new squares wherever I feel like visiting, and try and take decent pictures locally in between. I can never run out of material so as long as I can leave the house I will continue taking photos. My next long visit is planned to France which will appear here as far as the tunnel.

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