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2019 summary

By David Howard

2019 was probably my busiest Geograph year. I reached 18th on personal points (I didn't aim to, I just went out most weeks), and went further in a day and back in Britain than I have in my whole life (although Brussels is the record). In fact it was because the Eurotunnel was on partial running through August as it was so hot and told passengers not to travel if possible I chose Yorkshire as an alternative. It was a good idea in principle, but I didn't allow long enough to get there as compared the A1 and routes through Lincs with motorways, but the A1 was jam packed until Peterborough TL1295 : Green on Oundle Road, Chesterton by David Howard, losing well over an hour, and was almost dark when I got to Filey TA1080 : Muston Road, Filey by David Howard TA1080 : House on Muston Road, Filey by David Howard. I aimed for Scarborough but Filey was almost the same for the map coverage and too late to go beyond once I got there. Crossing the Humber Bridge was a real highlight as well TA0223 : Crossing the Humber Bridge by David Howard.

Half the trips were for pre-Worboys signs, few are posted here but can all be seen on my Flickr account LinkExternal link in their own album. I don't want the wrong people to know where they are and remove them. It meant my first visit to the Malvern Hills SO7845 : Barnard's Green Road, Malvern by David Howard SO7845 : Court Road, Barnard's Green by David Howard SO7842 : The Malvern Hills from the corner of Blackmore Park Road by David Howard, which I found even more scenic than mid-Wales SO1263 : The A44 looking towards Llandegley Rocks by David Howard SO1462 : Llandegley Rocks from the A44 by David Howard SO0167 : Access road to Great Castle by David Howard where I went to get into square SN SN9667 : Llew Williams,  Rhayader by David Howard SN9667 : Village sign for Cwmdauddwr by David Howard SN9667 : Rapids on the River Wye, Rhayader by David Howard. Northants had a particularly rich set of old signs and I found more and more and went a few times SP8991 : ADM Flour Mill, Corby by David Howard SP8490 : Cottingham village by David Howard SP8490 : Corby Road, Cottingham by David Howard. I even found one in Walberswick TM4974 : Public toilets in Walberswick by David Howard TM4974 : Ruins of St Andrews Church, Walberswick by David Howard TM4874 : St Andrew's Church, Walberswick by David Howard when I went for lunch and found one almost outside the shop. I then found one of the originally numerous bunch of unclaimed squares on the Dengie peninsula in Essex TL9501 : Foxhall Road north of Southminster by David Howard, which was then down to a single pair, included one which wasn't fenced off and only a quarter of a mile from the road. The only hurdle being waterlogged from the previous day, it took me ten minutes to reach, carrying my GPS waiting for the numbers to click over from TL9801 to 9800, and had double confirmation from the phone's geotag. As soon as I took the first photo I uploaded it to Geograph to guarantee it got there, and was actually registered as a first soon after I got back home TL9800 : Field in Asheldham by David Howard.

So it went far better than I expected, a couple of punctures from laybys with potholes and an island without any signage sticking out into the road, the only other hurdle being three weekends of solid rain, when I chose lack of traffic over being dry. Apart from Yorkshire I managed to avoid any other serious holdups, and never mind getting lost as if I keep taking photos they all add new squares and the GPS gets me back on track eventually.

SU1355 : High Street Upavon by David Howard SU1382 : New roundabout on Peglars Way, Wichelstowe by David Howard SP0524 : Roel Gate by David Howard SP3609 : Oxford Hill, Witney by David Howard SP3804 : Pull in on the A415, Brighthampton by David Howard SU4188 : Reading Road, Charlton by David Howard SU3591 : Houses in Goosey by David Howard

My previous 2018 blog has plans for 2019, which were completed early and extended for the rest of the year. 2020 has fewer left, a probable sign in Derby and Wiltshire, another first geograph, and if I really feel like it another myriad in SS which I have been near to but couldn't make a detour after driving to Exeter already. Otherwise I will just keep getting new squares and look for more signs.

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