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A salutary tale

By Richard Law

Briefly, the tale behind the taking of this picture near Aberporth.
It was, as you can see, a lovely, sunny day, and after an hour or so, I'd had enough of sitting on the beach (a common enough affliction amongst Geographers, I'd wager.) So I thought I'd 'just have a look around the corner, over there, dear' and see where that took me. Well, after 20 minutes scrambling along the rocks at low tide, I'd rounded the corner into SN2552, as the Research Establishment boundary fence doesn't come down to sea level. It had involved a little bit of simple, low-level traversing, nothing very technical, felt well within my grade, but eventually, just about where this picture was taken, I'd clearly reached an impasse, as the next few yards involved a very reachy and steep black wall up and over a cave. "That's far enough", I thought to myself, took the picture, and set off back down the slab below me.
That, however, proved easier said than done; I must have missed the line that I'd taken coming up, and soon found myself on damp rock, with feet scrabbling for non-existent grip. As any climber will tell you, it's much easier to go up than down. Sure enough, the inevitable soon happened, and the feet pinged off; the handholds weren't enough to hang onto, and I was off into the drink.
Thank God it was low tide, and only thigh deep... and most importantly, the camera stayed dry, so both myself and the image have survived to tell the tale. My advice to anyone else that wants to get into SN2552? Get yourself a kayak!

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Tue, 14 Jun 2011 at 08:39
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