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An amoosing story - but don't milk the puns

By Lewis Clarke

WOULD you heifer believe it? A herd of cattle caused a cow-tastrophy in Broomhill this morning after escaping from a nearby field.

Residents of Broomhill Road, Southfield Way and Beech Tree Drive in Tiverton were woken by the sight of up to fifty black and white cattle causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to their gardens.

Police were alerted at 4am and were helped by the farmer to return the cattle back to where they had escaped from.

Gordon Mears from Broomhill Drive was left sweeping up the damage this morning: "By the time the police had woken us up they had got all the cows out.

"It hasn't done the lawn any good at all and they seemed to have taken a liking to my trees."

Dave Laurence who lives at the end of Beech Hill Drive and whose lawn was covered in hoof marks added: "When I first woke up I thought somebody was trying to get into our garage, but then I started hearing animal noises.

"I went to the window of our front room and was horrified to see about half a dozen cows on my lawn - it was like a cattle drive coming through."

"I kept looking at them from my window for around five minutes before they went back up the road."

His wife Heather added: "Our hedge used to be like a soldier's haircut but now I don't know if we are going to be able to repair it.

"I know my husband was startled as he is not used to cows. He decided discretion was the best way to react to them.

"This morning we've been trying to get the garden back into shape, but they've done so much damage it's going to be difficult."

Nobody is sure how the cows escaped or ended up where they did but Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Broomhill Marshall Howes believes they came from Bakers Hill: "The theory is that they came from one of the fields on the hills near here, but

how they got here I do not know.

"Some of the cows went along Beech Tree Drive and others went up the hill as you can see lots of cow poo on the road.

"They've done a lot of damage - I think there must be at least 1000 worth in Gordon's garden alone."

Not all residents were worried about the damage done though as Matt Burd from Beech Tree Drive was able to see the a-moo-sing side: "I don't have to worry as I've got a gardener, although I'm sure he won't be very happy to see the state

of my lawn.

"Unfortunately I missed it as I was at work with Marbles Cleaning this morning - it's a shame as if they were here earlier I could have had fresh milk for my cornflakes.

"It makes me laugh as I used to have an ex-girlfriend who bought me some deodorant once which attracted loads of large heifers, so if they're still turning up on my doorstep I must have still got it."

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