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Catchy numbers

152 months ago
Landscaping, BMW engine plant, Hams Hall
The other week, for the first time since I became a member in February 2009, I downloaded the spreadsheet of all my submissions. That was in the afternoon and, apart from a mealbreak, I was engrossed for the rest of the day, remembering past walks and bike-rides. It all seemed perfectly straightforward except for the column headed Hits. Hits - an assortment of numbers including zeros. What? Then the penny dropped. Hits! OMG. Top hit, with twice as many strikes as the next on the list, was...
image id numbers excel spreadsheet output

Three years up

152 months ago
Pillbox on Nunhide Lane
This will be my third year as a member of Geograph and I managed to pass 10,000 images get up to 25th in the all time leader plus 7th in the depth, became a moderator and a shortlister for Goty (sorry donít hold with the Poty name) and stood up in front of you all at the convention and did my first presentation which I like to thing went down well The year has seen a lot of inroads into tracking down the pillboxes on the stoplines. The first success had to be the Sulham Valley which runs...

152 months ago
Corrie Spout
Who cares?

Snowy weekend

152 months ago
St Marys at night
After the success of last weekend I wondered what I'd be doing this one. Reading was beckoning for some Christmas shopping and places I had taken photos of. I'd let the dog out at 7:30 then went back to bed for five minutes only to wake up again around 8:30 and 2 inches of snow outside, Reading did not look such a good proposition. I ended up taking some photos round the village of the snow, not that I found it very inspiring. Night shots looked a better prospect thus around 20:00hrs I...
snow churches villages cholsey

A good weekend

152 months ago
Pillbox at the farm
Today was a good day on the pillbox front and filled in a couple more pieces of the jigsaw which is the redline. I managed to visit three, a church and bag a bench mark. The first two pillboxes were at Shifford. The first on the farm Photo and the second at what I called the quarry Photo. I got permission from the farm to visit theirs and told them I was going to cross the fields to visit the second. That turned out to be on another property so I hope the owner forgives my...
pillbox bench mark church

A bad weekend

152 months ago
Right side visible
Last weekend was a bad one on the geograph front for me I ended up getting a few photos of a triangulation point I had been after for while, this weekend at least has started off better. After taking the train to Reading I noticed on the way back a new bridge being built over the railway at Goring. So after getting home I went to investigate and it turns out that network rail is going to demolish the bridge at Spring Farm and build a new one. Photo The demolition starts on the 1st...
triangulation pillar bench marks

The Canon's revenge

152 months ago
2010 : A432 passing The Bell Inn, Old Sodbury
Have just had an afternoon of frustration east of Chipping Sodbury, got all lined up for my first shot of the A46, pressed the button, nothing! Camera switched on, all settings OK, nothing. Battery fully charged, nothing. Played with various controls a bit, pressed the button again, it fired! Jubilation. Tried again, nothing. Played with various controls again, pressed the button again, it fired! Tried again, nothing. Got eight shots that way, got home, downloaded them, they were all...

Old Culham Bridge

153 months ago
Reflections of Old Culham Bridge
The 28th November was a good weekend for me as I finally found out where the two pillboxes were at Old Culham bridge. I'd looked all round the place for them and it turned out they were both built on the old bridge. On one end was a Type 28 Photo The other end had a Type 28A built over the support. Photo Photo. It finished off with me getting a photo of the Bench mark on Sutton Bridge at the Culham Cut Photo The only thing I missed was a bench mark on...
bridge pillbox

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